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  1. Man in Chaing Mai harassed for not wearing mask ! Looks a tad like Jimmy Cargopants !
  2. Careful Grunt - t'other week I ventured into the Royal Garden Plaza in Pattaya - bit off your patch I suppose - but on entering - the little machine not only took temperature and emitted a gob of gel - but took your photo as well ! Coming to a 7-11 near you soon !
  3. Header and 'Livestream Tarts' not showing - No problem - they can be found on other forums. ! 55555
  4. Quinn


    Was reported to me first hand - mobbed with punters at the closing stages. ! You probably passed by 2 weeks ago before it kicked off. ! 5555 Chill !
  5. Quinn


    Update. Change of plan. Supposedly big move on Saturday by Plod. Home Alone. Rumour reaches me that at the World Jet Ski Thingy in Jomters at the weekend - where they weren't allowed to use the seating - punters stood on the pathway - several deep and shoulder to shoulder - many sans masks - and - word has it that approx' 140 Covid cases reported. Not however reported in the local media - or even The Pattay Mail. !
  6. Quinn


    A few on Jomtien Beach last night. Two Plod stopped off and small number of drinkers moved away. Fairly quiet by 10 o'clock. Will be down there on Saturday.
  7. Quinn

    7/11 Stamps

    Heard this last night on Jomtien Beach - which was quite busy. Of course it's always been illegal to drink/party on the beach.
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