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  1. I heard Sailor on the Moon is the first part of the sci-fi trilogy that climaxes with Seamen in Uranus! Condom? Sans condom? Ladies choice!
  2. Perhaps he is referring to 7 inch Dongtaner? But seriously, the Pratumnak 7/11 with proper tables overlooking the sea is similar in many respects to the Pattaya Beer Garden. Btw, the tables are out front and people were drinking beer. Bars still closed and restaurants can't serve booze.
  3. Thailand’s Heath Department has recommended that lovers and spouses avoid sex, if there is a risk of getting infected with COVID-19, and avoid sex with strangers. Director of the Office of Reproductive Health at the Health Department Dr. Peerayuth Sanukul, said today (Wednesday) that having sex during the spread of COVID-19 infections is a health risk and, therefore, they should consider the risks and consequences to themselves and others in society before having sex. He said that, if a person has tested positive for the virus, or is awaiting the result of a COVID-19 test, they shoul
  4. The Dongtan police box if now 24/7 fully functional. Supposedly many things that you needed to do on Soi 9 can be done here. BBG is the new Jomty Police Volunteer whose main duty is making sure everyone masks up!
  5. Hint: The Olde Rogues Retreat is not on Jomtien Beach Soi 3 nor Soi 7.
  6. In the interview, Nick says that Bryan of Nightwish approached him about opening a bar so I reckon a good chunk of the money behind the bar comes from Bryan or Nightwish.
  7. 10 PM Thailand time here on Ladyboy Review!
  8. Choice A- Getting your temperature taken with their spurting oral thermometers. Choice B- Getting your temperature taken with their finely calibrated anal thermometers. Choice C- Getting a jab of your favorite vaccine. Different strokes for different folks! What do you want from your Nurse?
  9. Just want to remind you guys that in order to see a reply box to post you need to first join this excellent club. On my laptop there is a JOIN CLUB underneath the Vietnamese lady on the right. This will vary according to your device and browser. It might be in the middle on some phones. I'd suggest that you take a few seconds and click the Join Club button now.
  10. The Phuket Sandbox experiment commences July 1st. However, it was confirmed today, that bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment will remain closed in Phuket. Anyone want to play in the sandbox?
  11. That Leo bottle is usually inserted somewhere. I sure hope it's not up yer bum. If so, if that special hiding place becomes public knowledge, it won't fetch much at the upcoming Sotheby's auction.
  12. The Makkasan stop on the high speed line will be only one stop from Swampy. By contrast, Makkasan is the 5th stop on the existing rail link. Most farangs probably use Makkasan or Phaya Thai which is the 7th and final stop. In the other direction the Pattaya Darkside station is the 1st stop from Swampy.
  13. This also surprised me because the feeling of some punters is why should a White Knight pay a bar so that his girl can quit which they claim is a slaveholder-slave relationship. Perhaps a somewhat better analogy is that a player under contract in the NFL or Premier League can't jump to another team without appropriate compensation. But from a browner's perspective they don't want their top girls being bought out of their bar given that the recruitment process can be quite difficult. And I would think it is often the most popular girls who get bought out. Scott was saying that staff
  14. This would make it more viable for Pattaya residents to fly out of Don Mueang. Not sure if I would use it for Swampy instead of the Jomtien Bus. The Pattaya station will be somewhere on the Darkside. Perhaps it will link with the Pattaya monorail. Although if Bolt prices stay as low as they are now that might be OK. Perhaps Grab will buy Bolt. I suspect Bolt's Thai business model is based on Grab buying them out.
  15. Agreed! Extremely interesting hour long interview with excellent insights into the Pattaya bar scene.
  16. The missus is spending sometime upcountry with Mom. A good ideas not much Covid up there. She is hardly spending any money as the farm provides their food and there isn't all that much else to do up there. As simple, quiet, peaceful lifestyle. It's not all rice, they have a mango tree. Better than McDonald's!
  17. Pdoggg


    During the first wave and second wave, it didn't seem necessary to take extreme caution. But Thailand's Third Wave is different. So I have drastically cut down on unnecessary socializing and keep to myself for the most part. The good news is right now it is fairly safe in Pattaya and the restrictions are not too onerous. But the outbreaks in factories, migrant camps, and densely populated slum areas will eventually work their way down to Pattaya. So a few more months of prudence before waiting for my jab is what I'm doing.
  18. I don't think the missus and I have the right skill set to run a successful bar, especially a bar with bargirls. I guess in some ways it would be fun to own a bar but I suspect the thrill evaporates quickly.
  19. Saw a Super Bowl there. It was a dedicated sports bar with a wide variety of sports on different screens. In another recent video, the always busy Triangle Bar is in trouble but staying open. I think the open/close decision has allot to do with lease details and how much key money was sunk into the place. One guy I met who recently opened a business says now is a good time, as you can get in cheap with no key money, and slowly evolve the business breaking even and be well positioned if tourists ever return.
  20. Celebrity “Uncle Pon” has now become a prime suspect of the murder of his three-year-old niece Chompoo in a notorious unsolved case last year. Three-year-old Nong Chompoo had gone missing from her home in the Dong Luang district of Mukdahan province on the morning of May 11th, 2020. Her parents and local residents spent four consecutive days searching for her until the body of Nong Chompoo was discovered without her clothes in the woods 5 kilometers from her home at Phu Pha Yon national park. Uncle Pon became a rising star in one stroke after being interviewed daily on several local
  21. RIP Josh. my sincere condolences to his family. He really created something special with the Boom.
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