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  1. Up again this week to 45.88 Baht.
  2. Quietguy


    I wouldn't do that! His partner is a nurse who has told him he shouldn't have done that, but his justification is that unused doses are thrown away at the end of the day.
  3. Quietguy


    In UK booster vaccination program is planned for Autumn, probably at same time as the Winter flu vaccination. There are now walk in vaccination centres where you can just turn up and be vaccinated, no questions asked. So I could get third jab now if I wanted to. I know of one person who has had four!
  4. Too chilled for me. If I'm in Naklua I'd prefer TJs.
  5. UK £ also up, to 45.34 Baht.
  6. I couldn't see the newest vid earlier. But I can now.
  7. bb is only posting these for bbg!
  8. As bbg hasn't yet posted Quinn's invitation to Emmy's Birthday livestream (well he is getting old and forgetful), I'll post it for tomorrow night Wednesday 21 July from 10pm Thai time. Hey @blind boy gruntplease edit as this does not show on your thread.
  9. Yes I would still like to go, if only for some sun in January/February. I'd be happy if there were some places where I could listen to some live music in the evening, preferably Country. But I might go anywhere sunny if there's not too much hassle with testing and quarantine.
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