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  1. Here it's just called hockey except when played on an outdoor pitch with upside down canes which would then be field hockey
  2. 3 of my faves are on soi Lengkee just around corner from Bukhao, the first one on south side of soi (going towards 3rd Rd) does a great khao man gai for 40 baht (can get chicken fried or poached as usual) and there is a noodle soup stall directly across from it also very cheap and beside that there is a great donair place for 60 baht
  3. I believe you can still get a beer at Nidcha for 60 baht, but not everyone's cup of tea for sure
  4. It does get hot in there, and not always easy to get a seat
  5. Its the only way i have ever gotten to and from Swampy
  6. Good point, deal breaker for me as well and why I never have and never will
  7. 700 sounds like a bargain depending on how many floors above the bar room noise they are
  8. globetrotter

    The Big Breakfast

    Soi Day night maybe?
  9. ' because it looked expensive and a bit shady it was ok because it was time to give little Eddie a rest' 555
  10. I think an old school monger like steady Eddie will get bored there real quickly with the lack of cheap beer and girly bars
  11. Is it still a ladydrink in a gay bar, twink drink maybe?
  12. I know who the top lady is (I know you like'em like that) and know you share a love of a certain football club and the other is hard to tell in that lighting but the tats look somewhat familiar, who is it?
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