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  1. A bit of a bone for you horn dogs :)
  2. The ass ain’t too shabby either ;)
  3. Think Lily needs a lesson in physics.
  4. That’s pretty good one hand typing then ;)
  5. Ya should have gone to the beach earlier ;)
  6. Maybe it’s all best left to your imagination ;)
  7. And then there may well be a whole new set of problems he will have to clear/clean up ;)
  8. Easy enough to do also :). Here she is taking her dildo for a walk .
  9. I like to think, hope, that some time next year, likely late in the year, we may be able to trickle back in some form and walk those same sois again and the wonderful memories they hold for us. And then we can create new ones in the changed world that we find there.
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