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  1. I spent most weekend nights during 2005/06 drinking on the street bars of Sukhumvit and never spotted him pass by. Certainly an elusive creature or maybe I was just too pissed to notice him ;)
  2. bumblebee


    Thanks for that clear explanation Rx of something that has puzzled me for years, but now makes sense.
  3. Ahhh ladyboys in bikinis. A colourful reminder to the guys of what awaits when they eventually get back to Pattaya whenever that is.
  4. Looks like things are going well SP, great to see you are making a success of it all.
  5. Now that’s going back a while indeed. I was in Nakhon Sawan about 11 years ago or so and the guy I was with lived there. He pointed out the family home of Lusi, he had her number but alas she wasn’t in town at the time, her loss ;)
  6. Congrats Duncan and welcome to the hitched to a ladyboy club :) Enjoy the honeymoon when it eventually comes around.
  7. Not so much biting the pillow in this case as eating the whole damn thing to alleviate the drilling.
  8. Think it might give your hole a new meaning also
  9. Good old Nancy, Kylemore are you watching ;)
  10. Good to hear you are getting sorted Woodie.
  11. @tsvictoriacarol ZSSXI2nj-RKHigTX.mp4
  12. I haven’t hear that particular rumour but it wouldn’t surprise me that it is so.
  13. Thailand Considers Visa Rule Overhaul to Lure Investment, Tourists https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-12/thailand-mulls-visa-rule-overhaul-to-lure-investment-tourists
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