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  1. Yes you are right.....those were the glory days of LB Mongering! And I checked thru the microfiche.... there was a spotting of Yeti and Noon. See the evidence below. Rom, you and I both share a special affinity for this peach of a girl. Everything with her was perfect. But I guess after being desecrated by that Sasquatch of Sukhimvit........The Wookie of Walking Street........ anyone would turn to the pipe. Poor girl.
  2. I can't believe in a Forum of Ladyboy Lovers.........no one has first hand knowledge about this fucking legend.  What is he, a Saskuatch? Captured on film yet no one has really seen him in real life.....roaming the Dutch forests forever a fable with half truths.....multiple nicknames...Cowboy, Apeman, Big Foot, etc..... It's been decades and the Right to Information Act allows for release of personal info decades later. Someone who has first hand knowledge of this Yeti please speak up!!! 
  3. Seven..... Very good eye for cock. You are still keeping your Cock divining rod sharp. Z and Y has a cock. And guess what? She is the only "Pro" on this list. She came right out and told me she is an escort and told me her price. She is the one that refused to suck my dick w out a dome ....and I almost threw her out. And then I told her to just fuck me and things worked out in the end. Although I can say she was the lamest amongst all these beauties....... yet being a beauty herself. An
  4. Today.... I'm with No. 5 who is also the girl in the last picture. No make up.....Vegan. Totally natural and healthy. It's so great to be a guy!!!!!
  5. Thanks Pdoggg! Yes, you somehow managed to get E correct. You should see how E looks now as a girl. Super foxy. Also N has a cock too. There are more cocks in this group! Who can spot them? As for L..... this is 100% GG and definitely the best fuck I have had in the past year. She fucking totally rocked my world and blew my mind. I was a total mess afterwards because I never experienced sexually what her and I had together and the same was true for her...... according to how many times she came and what she told me. L K and X......same girl. She is C
  6. By the way..... there is only ONE full fledged P4P in those photos that came right out and told me she was an escort and had a fee ready (although there are a couple of others who probably qualify for that too). And she was DEFINITELY the lamest! Insisted on a dome for a BJ..... I almost kicked her out of my place. Can you guess which one is the full time P4P Pro?
  7. It will pass Rom. Guys always want something new. You now have access to 'this' because of the pandemic restrictions have forced you to seek alternatives. Eventually you will get bored of 'this' and have access to 'that' and 'that' will be the new thing....till you move on to something else. This and That is the nature of having testicles. But what healthy male doesn't get turned on by MILFs? It's just normal because of underlying oedipal feelings. It's the same reason The Sith is scoring hot 20-something pussy at break neck speed..... because the corollary is true as ww
  8. The snatch these past few months has been spectacular. In Florida, I'm hooking up with Americans, Italians and Latinas. Oh those Latinas! I always believed Thai women (and LBs) and other Asian women were God's gift to man everywhere. But now that my nose is nessled deep in the asses and pussies of Latina babes I have a new found respect for femininity and the magic of vag. And the softness of GGs. Those natural bossoms bouncing on my face as she rides my cock. Most of the girls get bent over and I start licking their asses and pussies from behind within the first 10minutes
  9. I was under the assumption most LB chasers also get into pussy. I think it requires two things..... a. Access to young pussy (18 to 30), and b. Access to pussy that isn't the dry westernized white Karen style females which make any man who has spent time in Asia realize how bad western men have it. We get a & b in Thailand and a number of ports of call in Asia. And also it's available in some US locations like LA, FLA, NYC! And I have to tell you guys..... I have been ripping through some of the hottest GG poontang of my life over the past 9 months. Plus trans girls..... and
  10. Also there was that other infamous couple.... I didn't know them. The owner of Guess Bar and her farang boyfriend. What were their names again? And I guess Solstice and his squeeze he opened up Sensations with and then announced to the world on international TV he loved ladyboys and was making a partnership and business out of his love. Then backtracked many years later. It's good that posted media is not permanent. In the eyes of the world.....once a cock sucker..... always a cock sucker.
  11. Yes Dieter..... I remember their pictures being posted on the internet. I didn't know him.... but he look kind of like a timid guy with a little pencil moustache..... perfect for a young, verile raging hormone girl named after a Horse and a Gun to totally plow over and convert into an asset and visa machine. This is all 100% conjecture on my part.... so if anyone knows details from courting to marriage ceremony to living together to break up..... it would make for great reading! I remember Lusi sent me a picture of her when she first broke out onto the scene......... damn...
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