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  1. The-Sith


    thanks. I'll look into that. The whole thing is a bit far fetched. But there are companies now that are developing that for civilian applications. But I am wondering why everyone is being coerced into taking the vaccine when there are alternatives to reducing the impact of covid which have been tested for decades on tens of millions of people and are much cheaper. it's that spare time reading (RESEARCH) that let me discover in January 2020 of the espionage in Canada by the Wuhan Lab and the CCP. That wasn't from a conspiracy site. And this gave me and people who trust me early warning in late January what was coming down. We were wearing masks 5 weeks before anyone else. Which is the period so many people got it in US major cities. Next prediction..... China will continue to give zero transparency and protest any requests for it...... making non sensical arguments like its ”impossible it could be from a lab” or it's ”racist”. The response from the West will be Coordinated Denunciation and more evidence emerging including scientific evidence and reports..... followed by Coordinated Santions against China. Then......who knows.
  2. The-Sith


    GRAPHENE!  I know this is pushing the envelop TOO FAR on this Forum. And so this may elicit a virulent response from some. But just so you are aware of this, I am posting the information here (I haven't made any conclusions personally........ needs much more research on my part):  Graphene is a single atom layer (thinnest you can get) material that is used nuerotechnology (and other applications). Waves can be received when it is in your body/brain and this is being developed to treat Parkinsons and other neurological diseases. https://humansarefree.com/2021/07/graphene-based-brain-control-technology-is-real.html  I know....I know..... many guys are starting to get pissed off right now. And I haven't even said anything except give information what Graphene is and what it can do. JUST LIKE MY POST BACK IN JANUARY 2020 WHERE I SHOWED CHINESE SCIENTISTS WERE STEALING VIRAL PATHOGENS FROM CANADA AND TRANSPORTING THEM TO....... THE LAB IN..........WUHAN. My point back then was to "softly" point to the source of the virus. Instead of saying directly "This virus came from a lab in Wuhan"...... which back then it was being reported as being naturally occurring from a "wet market". In fact....at that time very few people even knew that the only lab in China to research this level of coronovirus was in one city...... yes Wuhan!!! Back then people would have had the same virulent response if anyone had suggested: "this virus is from a virology lab in Wuhan"...... I would have been attacked and pissed off everyone. But its now 18 months later and probably 50% of you are now open to the possibility that the virus emerged from that Wuhan Lab. Although some are still clinging for hope that it cannot possibly be this horrible. So I'm not going to say anything else now about "Graphene". I just highlight it to you so you can do your own research about "Graphene"..... just in case some of you are wondering WHY the vaccine is being forced on us. In addition to the fact that most of the vaccines do work....to protect us from this somewhat risky disease..... here is an additional "potential" explanation as to why it is being pushed so hard on us. Why we are being cowered into taking it. Why we are being shamed into taking it. Why we might even be forced by governments into taking it. ...... roll up your sleeves fuckers!
  3. mmmommy..... Taco Bell! I think 20 or 30 years ago I would have been excited. but if you put that kind of thing into you now it's like drinking directly the Pattaya tap water.
  4. I just earned a Reacting Well badge on LBR! plus some other badges...so I'm also honored for whatever other Rom award I get. The main thing is......I was deep in the doldrums like everyone else .....until put in a lot of effort to break out of my despair about 10 months ago. It was hard.... but soon I started getting momentum and it led to living the best times ever. I'm not showing off about this..... I'm intentionally trying to give fellow BMs a kick in the butt to get their motors reving. To provide some info....and remind everyone what's possible. Because the mind has a way of getting lost in clouds of negativity during these times. Everyone has had a hard time. Everyone has reduced their LB numbers.....some to zero. But amazing fun times are available.... notwithstanding the general situation. Rom I hope you document the entire Maid Boning Bible Study adventures....along with pictures.....on LBR. We need inspiration!
  5. covid has made us search new ways to do things..... I've been banging American trannies and traps and also shifting a lot of focus into scoring hot GGs. My sex game is at a new level this year.....mostly because the depth of interaction I can have with someone of my own culture is more expansive. I.e. we can understand common complex things. It's perfect timing too.....so many young trans in America that are sexy.....but the men here are not cool or advanced enough to appreciate them. Maybe some guys their own age can understand them.........but older guys in America (above 35) are just too old school and lame to know trans are amazing, beautiful and some of the best sexual action available. So these beautiful Western flowers are lonely and need love. And The Sith is there to help. But also it let's me see the nuances of why Thai and Laos and other Asian LBS are so refined and special as well. Nothing beats them (except maybe the big cock Latina lovelies!!). I am just developing my network of babes in the West...... because I don't think travel to Thai will be like it was before.....for at least next Spring. At the earliest.... who wants to wait till April 2022 to fulfill their desires?
  6. hey @seven any links to the stories about the guy who dressed up LBS as CCP military officers? and where he got robbed?
  7. ......you can guess what happened next. I think the main point is..... ladyboy sites are about having sex with ladyboys (usually for money). That's suppose to be fun! So let's keep things fun and positive and not take things too seriously. We are here for a good time....not a long time.
  8. how about those BM on Forums about sex with ladyboys who post about everything......EXCEPT FOR STORIES ABOUT SEX WITH LADYBOYS FOR MONEY. Like Soidog. This just posted today by me today; https://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/41162-interested-in-what-to-expect-from-having-the-company-of-a-ladyboy/?do=findComment&comment=1243138 SoiDog, You do realize this is an internet Forum about having sex with Ladyboys for money…… right? Yet it’s so curious. Not a single post about sex with Ladyboys from the most mouthy poster on this Forum!!!! Not a single recent trip report, not a nugget about any sexual encounter. Just a grumpy old man on a soap box bitter about how youth today are no good, or judgement about some other BM’s post, etc….(as if you have nothing better in life to do…..like spending your time using your dick instead of being one). Actually, it’s become super obvious to a growing number of BMs that there is a reason for this. To quote the Bard: ”Me Doth Think the Blue Pill no longer Works for the Dog”…….and that’s why yee protest so much.   Quote Edit Prev 2 Next Page 2 of 2
  9. my vote is P&G be inducted into the Hall of Legends. He has always adorned various Forums regarding ladyboys for many years. Unwavering. He is the only BM I can say has transcended every site.....irregardless of politics. Plus he has scored LB action in just about every South East Asian market. Where some may specialize in PI LBS, or Vietnam LBS.... P&G is an expert in all of these. Any thing else that I missed here? let's put it to a vote. I vote YES.
  10. vaccine vs no vaccine? GG vs Post Op? Illegal Laos vs Legal Isaan? Pipe Hitter vs Clean?
  11. The-Sith


    I think that it being from a lab is so patently obvious that it boggles my mind that people would fall into the mental gymnastics to try to fit into the narrative the media was laying out to us. it's like a radioactive fall out at Chernobyl and some how you believe that ”OH no....I don't believe in conspiracy theories of it came from the plant in the center of that city......... it has to be from meteors or some other [blah blah blah ....INSERT SOME BULLSHIT HERE] which I believe because my media told me so” TOTALLY SHAKING MY HEAD HOW JUVINILE WHITE PEOPLE CAN BE ..... especially after they had the experience of dealing with Asia and dealing with prostitutes and coming to the BIG REALIZATION THAT PEOPLE LIE. if anyone reading this fits into that camp.....Go take a red pill and chalk it up to being naive .....in the past. just like the first time a hooker ripped you off when you were a bright eyed dummy.
  12. The-Sith


    so @rxpharm on this discussion of the source (wet market ”officially fed story of 2020” versus accidentally lab leak ”conspiracy theory”), where is your thinking today in June 2021? (Just to clarify, an accident is NOT a conspiracy. it's a blunder. But the term ”conspiracy” has been used to shame people into daring to think about, in my view, what really happened.......A human government blunder. A blunder so bad that it paralyzed the earth. Every human impacted severely in a immensely negative way. So where do you stand now? (and I'm asking because I like to reverse engineer how the media winds impact the minds of intelligent thoughtful people such as yourself, and how long people hold on to ideas when emotionally attached to them.....even past their logical expiry date).
  13. I met Kendo one time at KRU and he seemed pretty cool to me. And Scott was at LBWVB event and same with him. I don't know them that well.... but they both had balls to get up on TV and irreversabley declare their fondness for cockyKatoeys in third world jungles. Just that deserves a prize.
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