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  1. May 6th : Trang Ngọc My's and Ái Vy's birthday Trang Ngọc My Ái Vy
  2. This is the OP's choice if he wants to play with it. As a matter of fact, I didn't find much satisfaction when I discovered them in the 2000s.
  3. If you click on the pics above each page of the forum, you will reach this website : Lady Boys Flirt. Otherwise, you can try the followinfg sections of Asian websites : AsianBabeCams.com - AsianCamModels Live Asian Babes - Online Transsexual Models Transgirl Live Sex: The Best of Both Worlds on Cam! | LiveJasmin Have fun.
  4. Hopefully, I have found the correct settings for an easy reading of the following video. This is a mix of Tiktok videos made Vietnamese ladyboys using a Vietnamese song Có Phải Anh Đang Trêu Đùa Em Đấy Không . CPA2.mp4
  5. Being European and having lived as a resident in the USA, I could try to describe differences between Europe and the USA, but I don't think it's worth doing it. If I look for a common weakness that China don't have, I see that individual freedom has been excessively protected against general interest. One of the purposes of a strong government should consist in maintaining harmony between both what has not been the case in both Europe and the USA. You described the USA as deciding policies to please the richest taxpayers. In Europe social democracies opted for reduction in working hours and ri
  6. April 21st : Molly Hana's birthday (Minh An)
  7. "Lieber Alkohol im Blut als Stroh im Kopf". Ich habe doch Angst davor, dass Duncan in seinem Leben nicht genug getrunken hat. ( @Duncan : Just joking). @Rom: you should have depicted him with a rope around his nzck as for LWFM. Who will be the first baby's godfather ?
  8. I don't grant much importance to the future of Thai whores. I have invested neither in a bar nor in a condo in Pattaya or whatever beach station with bars and ladyboys. I started mongering in urope in the local market. Girls were veterans of the "sexual revolution" of the 1960s. Thay had learnt their business from the girls who had supplied services to the US Army before our President asked the NATO forces to go and look in other countries if our whores were serving there. These whores had replaced those who had served in the brothels for Nazi invaders. Then we started seeing new local
  9. April 16th is Kim Mỹ Nữ's birthday. KMN will organize a party at B.O.M. bar tonight.
  10. April 15th : Bé Mi's birthday (Lâm Bé Vy / Tuyêt Mi)
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