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  1. i,d do that. woodie i would do that. thats what he is thinking. i know ive seen the look on my face 55555
  2. Only in Thailand . Lol.
  3. markm

    Three times a day!?

    3 times a day makes sense . the right hand can cheat on the left hand and then you can have a threesome.
  4. do the same good service great rates
  5. Yes only half the girl that she is today
  6. my mate did it 4 months ago. piece of cake he said. but i suppose you never know
  7. No problem randi. . No offence taken. Just making a point
  8. no offence randiuno. 2. i always find the word whores distasteful. many are sweet nice girls , some are nut jobs and some in between. some are professional courtesans, speak many languages ,spend hours in the gym , dress immaculately, have the best manners you could take them home to mother. but it is a job as any other. i have known lawyers and investment people and share market traders, online traders with less ethics and scruples. just an observation. and what are we ? we enjoy the service but then run them down. again no offence just an observation.
  9. sorry if he was in the bar i would walk out. up to them as they say , but not my cup of soi milk
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