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  1. yup, a famous japan movie, so i'm told by Emmy... i got no idea! but to get you in the mood i'll go all japanesy.. Domo Arrigato, Kawasaki, Tora tora, Mount Fuji, Tsunami, Hirohito,and that word i forget that means suicide pilot. ah! kamakazi... Sayonara ...
  2. ah! i can understand then why you seem a little depressed recently BB. But don't worry, you have a lot going for you to help you through these dark days... after all you are the forums ace snapper [one day you might be even offered a job at the Pattaya Mail ! } oops...i'm not helping very much am I? But never forget that you are a founder member of the Annabelle club. Not only that claim to fame, but you also learned recently that you could be related to The Cowpoke! Do you recall his story about his great x6 grandpa [ one Seamus O'Poke from County Cork] being in the British ar
  3. don't be depressed BB... you must have a 7-11 near you to help through the dark days?
  4. i wouldn't go anywhere near his feet......
  5. watch your back Quinn... you have a rival...
  6. Cowpoke, have a word with PD will you? explain to him that covid should be taken seriously! me? police volunteer? more chance of me going out and buying a Hazmat suit.... or a dolly parton album.....
  7. and welcome to new club member DeeDee Breezy. thanks for joining.
  8. yes.. .it's sexy nurse night! lord have mercy! can Matron Emmy control them? will she even try?
  9. absolutely perfectly composed JImmy. poetical
  10. some of you may wonder why, when you hear that i'm going to sue Quinn for theft and damages. the above photo is proof that he has nicked my walking stick therefore forcing me to walk into a plant pot..
  11. wrong! ... i got it ! and the empty Leo bottle too.... all offers considered......
  12. well done BB... it is in fact the old Katty bar on jomtien soi 4. now the Mao bar if you look very closely you can just about see Annabelles keks rotting on the roof.
  13. i duuno about any surgery but it might be worth remembering that lily has been on salon beauty courses... could well have realised that less is more [make up wise i mean.] she looks top-class to me... mind you she would even if she was wearing one of QGs hazmat suits.
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