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  2. Yes you are right.....those were the glory days of LB Mongering! And I checked thru the microfiche.... there was a spotting of Yeti and Noon. See the evidence below. Rom, you and I both share a special affinity for this peach of a girl. Everything with her was perfect. But I guess after being desecrated by that Sasquatch of Sukhimvit........The Wookie of Walking Street........ anyone would turn to the pipe. Poor girl.
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  4. That machine might be the faulty one.
  5. Three transgender women were beaten and humiliated at a bar in Benin. https://www.observers.france24.com/en/africa/20210505-videos-showing-three-transgender-women-beaten-and-forced-to-strip-in-benin-go-viral
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    Sweden second country after France to donate vaccine to COVAX (vaccine program helping third world countries). Makes me proud. Not selfish like Engerland. If rich countries donate say 1 or 2 million doses each to Thailand we can get over there and enjoy ladymen. Its a win win. (In all fairness we gave away our AZ supply ) . Happens to be the very same brand Thailand will start manufacture soon. So if any of you Pattaya swots would be interested and aren't afraid of blood clots I'll be happy to send you some. I know BBG don't believe in the hype though.
  9. While I think Australia has handled this pandemic, especially their citizens, lets say not so good, this is resonable. Expats should find their needs where they're at, imo. Problem is they cant go home to get it as they face 5 years in prison. You couldn't make shit like this up. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2021-04-30/australians-flying-home-from-india-could-face-five-years-in-jail
  10. Header and 'Livestream Tarts' not showing - No problem - they can be found on other forums. ! 55555
  11. blind boy grunt


    quite possibly! life can be confusing when one is living through the 13th spike/22nd wave/ whatever...
  12. after Sunday 2nd, livestreams will revert to their normal Weds/ Sunday nights.
  13. Hi everyone. Welcome to Emmy's Bar Livestream tonight theme Kittens Costume Choice.
    Have fun with us.
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    Emmy's Bar-Ladyboy bar
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  15. This clip is something Stoolpusher would be interested in!.
  16. This is the OP's choice if he wants to play with it. As a matter of fact, I didn't find much satisfaction when I discovered them in the 2000s.
  17. She is so hot. Thanks for sharing it. I followed her.
  18. I find it hard to believe that this wasn't a put up job. Aren't the governor and the PM on the same team? (and I'm not talking about two Grimsby Town players' on field head butting). Maybe done to "prove" something? Then in a later Bangkok Post article a police spokesman said police couldn't arrest every mask violator. Sadly the covid drama rolls on.
  19. Fantastic, I love His videos
  20. The picture below was apparently taken within the last few days inside Nana Plaza. I'm not 100% sure (and please do correct me if I'm wrong), but I *believe* it could show the construction process inside what used to be Mercury and - in the background - Mandarin bars. The wall that separated the two bars has been removed. Mandarin's red grandstand type of seats are still there but look now a bit lost inside the bigger bar space. Mercury was sold to Mandarin last year already and demolishion of Mercury begun in mid-2020. I haven't seen nor heard anything since about the construction progre
  21. rxpharm


    Here's part 3 of the video series from PolyMatter - very informative and possibly explains US Vice President Kamala Harris' recent comments that future wars will be fought over water.
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