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  2. Yes you are right.....those were the glory days of LB Mongering! And I checked thru the microfiche.... there was a spotting of Yeti and Noon. See the evidence below. Rom, you and I both share a special affinity for this peach of a girl. Everything with her was perfect. But I guess after being desecrated by that Sasquatch of Sukhimvit........The Wookie of Walking Street........ anyone would turn to the pipe. Poor girl.
  3. That machine might be the faulty one.
  4. Man in Chaing Mai harassed for not wearing mask ! Looks a tad like Jimmy Cargopants !
  5. Careful Grunt - t'other week I ventured into the Royal Garden Plaza in Pattaya - bit off your patch I suppose - but on entering - the little machine not only took temperature and emitted a gob of gel - but took your photo as well ! Coming to a 7-11 near you soon !
  6. not unless BBG is very very sure about the vaccine QG... which means that i'll wait and see what side-effects if any happen to people. some side -effects could be terrible... Duke 007 might wake up with 'i luv liverpool' tattoed on his arm tomorrow..... i find it difficult to trust that vaccines have been developed so rapidly. Therefore i'll wait, not planning on going anywhere anyway. Other than Sweden mayhaps. strangely enough, i had an example of the madness prevelant in the world first hand two days ago. it was about 2.30 pm, i rode down on my electric Harley to 7-11, it was purty h
  7. It's going to be LiveStreamed!
  8. Three transgender women were beaten and humiliated at a bar in Benin. https://www.observers.france24.com/en/africa/20210505-videos-showing-three-transgender-women-beaten-and-forced-to-strip-in-benin-go-viral
  9. Will bbg get vaccinated?
  10. Hola amigo El-Sith, I did say in my OP (and quote above) I used to see the Apeman in Pattaya holding hands with GGs on Walking Street and once at that big mall towards sois 1 or 2 (was it since demolished?). To spot him, one had to pay close attention because he had the going-bald look while on his movies he wore a thick head of hair wig. From what I observed from the distance, he seemed like the typical farang punter being attentive to the GGs with a view to enhanced quality sex... There was nothing in his public behavior that made him stand out relative to the other farangs on the prowl .
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  12. I spent most weekend nights during 2005/06 drinking on the street bars of Sukhumvit and never spotted him pass by. Certainly an elusive creature or maybe I was just too pissed to notice him ;)
  13. You'll be good Amigi, mine went off without a hitch earlier this afternoon, "jobs a good un"
  14. I'm wondering about a third wave here in Mexico. About a month ago, the authorities were vaccinating people 60 and older, including foreigners with permanent resident status. It's a slow process; they vaccinate a cohort of about 40 people sitting in chairs but make them remain sitting for 30 minutes before a new cohort is accepted. Some folks reported waiting in line for 12 hours! Just saw a sign for the 50 to 59 age group. Saw an interesting nasal vaccine being developed by Mexico
  15. I agree. Many folks seek out information that reinforces their individual biases, an echo chamber if you will (Similar to a few guys here- The USA is evil, all other countries are perfect, 555!) We have lost the Age of Enlightenment dictum of "I disagree with what you say, but I respect your right to say it." Now is morphed in to "I disagre with what you say, so shut up!" 555. BOT, I saw this video of how to get through to anti vaxers. Their doctor is the key...
  16. I can't believe in a Forum of Ladyboy Lovers.........no one has first hand knowledge about this fucking legend.  What is he, a Saskuatch? Captured on film yet no one has really seen him in real life.....roaming the Dutch forests forever a fable with half truths.....multiple nicknames...Cowboy, Apeman, Big Foot, etc..... It's been decades and the Right to Information Act allows for release of personal info decades later. Someone who has first hand knowledge of this Yeti please speak up!!! 
  17. Nice one amogo , I have my second AZ jab on June 4th so have booked a holiday abroad for June 8th, it's a wee 3 night trip to a City called Edinburgh , really looking forward to it with all its history and whisky bars. Costing only £20 for a return rail ticket from Manchester and with 10% off plus a free upgrade staying at the Grassmarket Hotel with my 'genius' status with Booking.com, its an absolute bargain. Also been looking at a Corfu trip end of June (dependant on Boris's traffic light system) and Turkey at end of September. Pattaya is almost certainly off my radar
  18. May 6th : Trang Ngọc My's and Ái Vy's birthday Trang Ngọc My Ái Vy
  19. I have my second jab this afternoon of the Astrazenica so that's one hurdle out of the way for the return to Thailand at some stage in the future.
  20. Once the water buffalos get their jab, Farang will have their chance. In the meantime it is time to hunker down.
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  22. Looks like the pecking order is: 1) Thais at risk 2) Other Thais 3) Soi dogs 4) Farang
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