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  2. The 4th wave hitting the south of Vietnam has turned up to be a real slaughter. I don't have much information but I noticed information posted by ladyboys in a social network or sent by my friend. In less than 2 weeks, I saw 4 times ladyboys announcing a grandfather, an uncle or a grandmother has passed away. Today, I was informed that Miu's grandmother died of covid today in the hospital. Miu can't do anything since she's locked down at home. I think that Miu is a strong person but circumstances and the event itself make her having a bad time anayway. 10 days ago, I was told that both Jessica's grandmother and grandfather died of covid; her father is also contaminated. I thought I would write more about Jessica but I have no time for this week end. She has been brave since the first lock down in April last year. She would deserve a medal or a nomination in the Romscar legends.
  3. After her surgery, doctors hadn't a clue on whether Sang would survive or not. They decided to let her sleep in an intensive care room where she stayed 24 hours before she woke up. Shen then stayed in the hospital under medical surpervision, her mother being the only authorized person to visit her. However, information saying that her health remained unstable leaked into the press earlier this week. I received netter news in PM and heard eventually that Sang was back to her room, my source being one of her roommmates. Here she is enjoying her new life in severe lock down conditions. This a a photo no one will find in the official press.
  4. Ididn't really know Chau Kim Sang. I had noticed her in pics of bar ladyboys in HCMC. Last year, a ladyboy friend had told me about her being sick then I didn't hear about her. My friend warnt me this week end that she had been brought to the hospital in emergency for a surgery. Chau Kim Sang actually suffered from meningitis. Here are more details in a press release : Source : Vietnam.net More press information : Người mẫu chuyển giới Kim Sang nguy kịch - VnExpress Giải trí Người mẫu chuyển giới Kim Sang nguy kịch - VnExpress Giải trí Quynh Phuong posted this video from Vietnam Beauty Queen : VN Beauty Queen.mp4 According to my friend who was her roommate, surgeons declared they weren't unable of diagnosing her chance of surviving. She has left been aslept in the intensive care. My friend didn't tell me about her bone cancer. many HCMC ladyboys knew her and feel impacted since they fear a fatal issue while the covid crisis is maintaining a sad atmosphere in the city.
  5. Covid19 : disastrous fallout in Saigon At the end of May, the Vietnamese government had taken measures to slow down contaminations by Covid variants alpha (British variant) and delta (Indian variant). It had been explained that Prime Minister's directives 15 and 16 would be applied where the situation requires (Chỉ thị 15 & 16). Since then, many «non essential» businesses and shops had been closed. As usual, night bars and discos had been the first ones that had to close, then inhabitants of Ho Chi Minh city waited for reopening complying casually with social distanciation rules. However, more than the half of the population was jobless and needed to save money. Most of the ladyboys working in bars went back to their provinces. However, bar ladyboys are less than 10 % of the ladyboys in p4p. Another population of ladyboys that was impacted were ladyboys working as models in all kind of shows and fairs. Businesses that employed them couldn’t work any longer. Another group of ladyboys didn’t feel affected at first. These are unemployed ladyboys who make 100 % of their income meeting customers. Ladyboys in «the industry» started feeling nervous however, since they were losing customers and competitors started placing adds. As a matter of fact, ladyboys with a regular job such as sales ladies in shops had to find money and started placing adds in the same websites as «escorts». Moreover, a website got saturated and couldn’t accept new adds what destabilized the industry. A few ladyboys whose jobs were suspended easily found activities in charity organizations. Although the population of Saigon seems to be rich, the city is also full of old people with low incomes. I saw videos and pics of such ladyboys packing food to distribute to old people. Meanwhile, food supplies started slowing down. It was due retrictions in transportations as well as small shops closing one by one since they couldn’t find food at affordable prices. This triggered a new kind of crisis made of food shortages and prices increases. I could see that ladyboys would eat fewer and fewer meat, then less vegetables and last week, many would eat instant noodles only to avoid starving. I was told that charity organizations stopped being supplied in food. In the same time prices started increasing. For example, 10 eggs costed 21,000 VND 2 or 3 weeks ago, then the price increased to 35,000 VND last week and reached 70,000 VND before the week-end. After one month and half living with substitutes for regular jobs or usual activities, a new deal totally degraded living conditions in HCMC. On July 8th, Prime Minister Pham Minh Main decided to implement directive 16 in HCMC from July 9th (last Friday). In other words, no one is allowed to go out, street vendors may no longer sell food in the streets and many shops selling food had to remain closed. Food supply is under the control of the Vietnamese administration. The people who could use cars rushed to supermarkets. Supermarkets (grocery stores) aren’t the cheapest places to find food in Vietnam opposite to Europe but they were the only places that could still provide Vietnamese people with meat and vegetables. This is how prices suddenly skyrocketed to unacceptable levels for low class people. Anyone found hanging in the street without official authorization from Friday shall be fined 3 million VND (about US$ 130.00 / € 111.00). Steet vendors shall be fined 15million VND ((about US$ 645.00 / € 555.00). The most fragile people had to suffer from these decisions. I saw the panic among ladyboys. A 30 years old ladyboy was given my contact by a mate of her and asked me for 7.5 million VND for SRS and become my girlfriend (LOL). Not so funny, an 18 years old sweetheart declared that covid had impacted her life as she would have never figured it out. I helped her pay for her rent and she has no money to purchase food. She’s waiting for help in her room. Today, I read about the new organization. Only a couple of designated by the police persons are allowed to go out and purchase food for the inmates of their building. A friend of mine told me that Jessica is one of them. Some people have no money to purchase food, so she uses money sent sent by sponsors abroad to purchase them some food. I am trying to know more about her bank connection. Help is needed and welcome even small amounts. (*) Empty supermarkets pic : A ladyboy preparing packages for charity : Would you like to have this dinner ? It was actually the only meal shared by 4 people who were happy to eat it. Links : Giá cả ở Bình Dương 'leo thang', nhiều loại thực phẩm khan hiếm - Báo VOV (baomoi.com) TP.HCM giãn cách toàn thành phố theo chỉ thị 16 trong 15 ngày từ 0h 9-7 - Tuổi Trẻ Online (tuoitre.vn) Ngồi la liệt trong siêu thị chờ thanh toán ở TP.HCM - Kinh doanh - ZINGNEWS.VN Thủ tướng: Thực hiện Chỉ thị 16 với TP Hồ Chí Minh là quyết định khó khăn nhưng cần thiết | VTV.VN TP HCM giãn cách xã hội 'quyết liệt' theo Chỉ thị 16 từ 0h 9/7 - BBC News Tiếng Việt (*) : +84906676021 in WhatsApp or Line.
  6. Video sponsored by Asiatica Travel Au Coeur de Hanoi.mp4
  7. Here's a couple of confidential videos that came to my hands this week end. Yes, it's possible to organize a ladyboy party or your birthday in Vietnam. I will keep on investigating and try to fiind the boss of the troop to check what can be bargained. Meanwhile, enjoy. BPBH1.mp4 BPBH2.mp4
  8. 4 ladyboys partying during the blocus LBPartying.mp4
  9. Just want to remind you guys that in order to see a reply box to post you need to first join this excellent club. On my laptop there is a JOIN CLUB underneath the Vietnamese lady on the right. This will vary according to your device and browser. It might be in the middle on some phones. I'd suggest that you take a few seconds and click the Join Club button now.
  10. June 9th : Ngọc My's and Bạch Xà's birthday Ngọc My Bạch Xà
  11. As in other SE Asian countries, Vietnam is experiencing a 4th wave of covid19. Vaccines are coming lately and the government negociated contracts with Astra Zeneca to start vaccination campaigns. (Poor Vietnamese people. They must deal with AZ !). Here is a a press release from BBC Vietnam dealing with new decisions. It confirms what Daisy told me about a lock down starting tomorrow for the next 2 weeks. Covid-19: TPHCM giãn cách xã hội 15 ngày - BBC News Tiếng Việt Translation by MSEdge The most worrying seems to be a new strain, a "Vietnamese strain" of Covid19 that is an hybrid of British and Indian strains. I read information about vaccination campaigns in some locations in the north of Vietnam. I don't know what vaccine they use and what is the the vaccination strategy. It seems that priority is given to factory workers in areas where the Ministry of Health identifierd clusters (ie Bắc Ninh, 45 km - 27 SM north east of Hanoi.). The above is the press realease that fits at most with news that Daisy transmitted me today.
  12. May 6th : Trang Ngọc My's and Ái Vy's birthday Trang Ngọc My Ái Vy
  13. Hopefully, I have found the correct settings for an easy reading of the following video. This is a mix of Tiktok videos made Vietnamese ladyboys using a Vietnamese song Có Phải Anh Đang Trêu Đùa Em Đấy Không . CPA2.mp4
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