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  2. Here's a couple of confidential videos that came to my hands this week end. Yes, it's possible to organize a ladyboy party or your birthday in Vietnam. I will keep on investigating and try to fiind the boss of the troop to check what can be bargained. Meanwhile, enjoy. BPBH1.mp4 BPBH2.mp4
  3. 4 ladyboys partying during the blocus LBPartying.mp4
  4. Just want to remind you guys that in order to see a reply box to post you need to first join this excellent club. On my laptop there is a JOIN CLUB underneath the Vietnamese lady on the right. This will vary according to your device and browser. It might be in the middle on some phones. I'd suggest that you take a few seconds and click the Join Club button now.
  5. June 9th : Ngọc My's and Bạch Xà's birthday Ngọc My Bạch Xà
  6. As in other SE Asian countries, Vietnam is experiencing a 4th wave of covid19. Vaccines are coming lately and the government negociated contracts with Astra Zeneca to start vaccination campaigns. (Poor Vietnamese people. They must deal with AZ !). Here is a a press release from BBC Vietnam dealing with new decisions. It confirms what Daisy told me about a lock down starting tomorrow for the next 2 weeks. Covid-19: TPHCM giãn cách xã hội 15 ngày - BBC News Tiếng Việt Translation by MSEdge The most worrying seems to be a new strain, a "Viet
  7. May 6th : Trang Ngọc My's and Ái Vy's birthday Trang Ngọc My Ái Vy
  8. Hopefully, I have found the correct settings for an easy reading of the following video. This is a mix of Tiktok videos made Vietnamese ladyboys using a Vietnamese song Có Phải Anh Đang Trêu Đùa Em Đấy Không . CPA2.mp4
  9. April 16th is Kim Mỹ Nữ's birthday. KMN will organize a party at B.O.M. bar tonight.
  10. April 15th : Bé Mi's birthday (Lâm Bé Vy / Tuyêt Mi)
  11. Kate announced Summer is calling !!! Bikini party tonight at Senorita bar Saigon !!
  12. Hopefully both of these beauties will have their birthday wishes come true! Thanks for posting P&G, a trip to Vietnam in the future is a must.
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