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Welcome to the most comprehensive-in-scope Ladyboy Review site on the web. Hiring a femboy for the first time in Thailand? Looking for that perfect Ladyboy for a hot date? Want a fabulous ladyboy to help around your home? Well, you have come to the right place! The Ladyboy Review was designed for all the ladyboys, katoeys and femboys in Thailand and throughout the world to have a place to showcase their goods and for men who enjoy them to chat, talk and hookup!

Are you a client looking for the newest or best katoeys in your area? Or, are you a ladyboy looking to get a few clients or a long term boyfriend? Or are you just a client who wants to tell the world about the amazing ladyboy you met last night in Nana Plaza? There is no better place to do it all than RIGHT HERE!!!

Inside you will find Ladyboy Review listed for your area and from around the world. Client Reviews of local hotties and gals or the latest femboy or shemale to hit the scene, Photo Galleries, Chat, Email and message boards for discussing escorts and ladyboy reviews with like-minded individuals.

No membership is required to browse this site. That includes access to all reviews and to all profiles including contact access. Free & easy anonymous membership is required to post reviews and is a prerequisite for access to the message center.

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