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well, well, well,... this thread started with me getting sucker-punched, then with me showing what a considerate sucker indeed I am, but now has taken a turn for the constructive---my favorite topic: nude sissies.   

Here are some pics and vid clips of one such sissy who just swindled me out of 10 bucks, not realizing how much she could have milked me for if she joined my AC fan club... she is a white-pinoy mestiza who thinks she is above the Fields ladyboys and can only be found at the Megadance where she plays hard to get.  She does have a big soft ass like a white woman and there is nothing she won't let you do to it... salad tosser extraordinaire... big juicy caucasian cock way fatter than that Cartoon floozie I fucked before she got the bolt ons...

'nough blabbing, Here's RUN from AC:



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