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Yep, he spends more on daily food than I did on holiday! He's on older German guy so probably not into partying it up every night which is par for the course if you're expat. I haven't been to Jomtien for years but have always thought it to be a bit cheaper than Patts and certainly not so busy. Perhaps all that's changed now - I have no idea, but my next trip will include a stay in Jomtien in prep for the 'Big Comeback'. At least, that's the plan.......

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Was looking on Baht Sold and one real estate agency is promoting some great deals.     Some of these places have enormous resort style pools.   If you are sponsoring a girl who is living in a shitty, run down room, you can upgrade her quite inexpensively and make her happy.  Perfect if your ladyboy likes to swim or use the fitness center!    Note, these places tend to be a bit further out than Thais like to walk but no problem, just buy her a cheap used motobike and she is all set!



Atlantis: From 7,000 Baht/month

Laguna Beach Resort 2: From 6,000 Baht/month

Laguna Beach Resort 3: From 5,000 Baht/month

Park Lane: From 7,000 Baht/month

Paradise Park: From 7,000 Baht/month

Lumpini Jomtien: From 6,000 Baht/month

Dusit Grand Park 1: From 7,000 Baht/month

Seven Seas: From 6,000 Baht/month

Supalai Mare: From 7,000 Baht/month

Amazon: From 6,500 Baht/month

Majestic: From 4,000 Baht/month

The Residence Jomtien: From 10,000 Baht/month

Angket Hip: From 10,000 Baht/month

For those who want to live in Pattaya, I saw an ad for 9 Karat on Soi Arunotai for 5K a month and even cheaper for nearby Nirun Condo.  You access this area from Pattaya Klang by Big C Extra or from 3rd Road by walking past the area that has the strip of gentlemen's clubs.

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20 hours ago, ring_master said:

Some really good prices there - probably cheaper now than they were 20yrs ago especially when you throw in the free wi-fi, TV, fridge etc. Karat condo always had a bad rep, though it might be better nowadays.

I reckon 9 Karat and Nirun are far from high end condos.

One can now buy a studio at the Laguna Bay with a resort lagoon style pool for 700K. It's in a Company Name though which is dubious way for farang to own condos.   

I took a stroll there the other day.  It's a on the wrong side of Jomtien 2nd Road around Soi 9.  I saw soi dogs and a dodgy karaoke joint but the condo certainly looks nice..


Afterwards, around sunset, I went to the Night Market on Beach Road and Soi 9.  Somehow, I've never gone there before.  You can have a bite or a brewski with an excellent view of the bay.  Guys who like the Pattaya Beer Garden, might like it there.


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Nirun has never been that bad, quite the little community in fact. I looked round a studio once (about 10yrs ago) and it was renting for 3.5k. Small though and too many Thai neighbours.

Many of my friends bought condos back when they were cheaper, but buying anything through the registered company route is very dubious - it's simply a loophole and one that they may decide to close at anytime. Where I used to stay, in the Centre Condo at South Pattaya, a guy I know had bought 55 in all just to rent out. Bumped into him last year and he has sold everyone of them since, so clearly the market for them has crashed with the shear glut of them. Personally I would never buy anything that I couldn't afford to abandon - all visas are issued at the discretion of a senior immigration officer, a double edged sword if you like, because if they don't like the look of your face then you won't be living there much longer!

Jomtien does look a better, quieter example of where to stay though I have considered the Darkside mostly due to a couple of KiT's youtube clips (below). It's an area I've never explored (at all) but some seem to like it and I need to know why!


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