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Gender Transition Visa?

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Hi guys, I know it's possible to get retirement visas, work visas if you doing legal 'work' student visas & Tourist visas.

But how about a two year Gender Transition Visa for individuals who need to access Medical Health care in the kingdom. 

This would allow people from around the world to access modern sergical services in the kingdom without having to rush in and out on a tourist visa. I'd like to make this point to the Thai Government and if any one here has any connections with them. Please ask them to consider my proposal. I call it the 'Zaza Viza'


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There is no such visa for Thailand.  Attempting to suggest to the government that such a visa be created is highly unlikely to succeed, as the Thai government tends not to accept suggestions from foreigners regarding legislation/regulations, with the possible exception of other governments or world bodies.

Also the government would only want medical tourists who can afford to pay for procedures, and not open it to all countries world wide. They are already getting a large number of patients coming in for SRS. Most western countries are allowed 30 day stamp in on arrival, and of course 60 day tourist visas are available, which they probably view as sufficient.

The other issue would be the psychological evaluation and requirement to live as the gender you feel you belong to.  That requirement is to be done in your home country - not Thailand as the challenges of language and adjusting to society living as a woman doesn't prepare you for your own society.

So, while your idea is nice, it is highly unlikely to happen.

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