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American Women

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The World Cup final kicks off in n hour with the American women favored to win.

And Coco advanced at Wimbledon.

Coco, only 15, but a hard muscular body, imagine how strong she'll be in a few years.



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I really hope the Netherlands wins, I like to cheer on the underdog and besides the Yanks have had their turn on top for a long time now 

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7 hours ago, Pdoggg said:

Coco, only

The white sport need girls like her. Go Coco.

I can't help but wonder what's wrong with australians. Saw Nadal-Kyrgios the other day. What a disgrace. Tomic got stripped off his prize money for tanking matches. Hewitt was and still is a complete cunt





Could it be that the Tennis Jerks abuse a poor innocent 10 year old ballperson, throw a racquet at an umpire, get arrested for doing burnouts in their high performance car, and worst of all release a rap album. Or perhaps just some good old-fashioned tanking, and throwing away ability.

And who is to say that the Tennis Jerks won’t deliver them all. And you win if they do.

Sure these guys are super talented, and probably massively misunderstood, but while we wait for one or both to fulfil their talent instead of the bank accounts, you can join them for the rocky ride of being an underperforming Australian sporting star with giant chips on shoulders.





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