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New Heavyweight Champ

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I saw this coming, honestly. I've always been suspicious about Joshua's ability to take it ever since the Klitchko fight. Everyone said how tough he was back then to take a pounding and go on to win the fight. But all I saw was a lucky escape. Also, I'm fucking convinced he's on steroids - gives him a wonderful physique but does nothing for his mind. Also, I think he's been groomed too much - told how great he is and that he's the best heavyweight of a generation. The look on his face at the end of the fight said it all. It was like he wanted his corner to come and take him home. I saw the same look when Mike Tyson got put down by Douglas. They just can't take the punishment.

Andy Ruiz looks like a hard fucker. I bet you could knock him about all day and not make a dent. Total respect to the man. He's on top of the world at the moment.

I do feel sorry for Joshua though. He comes across as a really decent fella.


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Are you sure he was a 45-1 dog?  i read on ESPN that he was "only" 22-1.  Either way its a stunning upset.  Back when Tyson was destroying people and he fought Buster Douglas only one Vegas casino made a line and it settled at about 42-1.  There is an ESPN documentary of that title I believe.  have a look its really good as are all those ESPN docs!!

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