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Super Bowl Prop Bets

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There are some standard prop bets such as will the Pats score a first quarter touchdown and the Rams rushing yardage.    But some exotic prop bets are being offered by offshore bookies.

Will Trump tweet more than 6 times during the game?  The implied odds of the Over is 58%

If Russian oligarch money starts coming in on this one then something fishy is going on.

The Over/Under on how long it will take Gladys Knight to sing the Star Spangled Banner is 107 seconds.  This is priced at 50/50 but a researcher for 538 Sports believes the Over is a great play as women take longer to sing the anthem than men and when Knight covers tunes they tend to be longer than the original.


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I was going to bet the Under but didn't think it would be this far Under!

Managed to wake up for the 2nd Half.

Super Bowl should be played on Saturday Night!

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1 minute ago, ArchieBunker said:

Lowest scoring ever since the Garo Yepremian Super bowl!  Who remembers THAT????


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2 hours ago, Pdoggg said:

Managed to wake up for the 2nd Half.

I got up with 5 minutes left in the first quarter and streamed it online. The US CBS telecast complete with commercials. Kind of wish I hadn't. Lowest scoring ever was kind of boring at least until the 4th quarter. If it wasn't streaming I would have gone back to sleep. Can't seem to make it to bars anymore at 6 AM.

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