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NFL 2018

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Here are Super Bowl futures odds.

Risk 100 bucks on the Broncos to win 4000!

Risk 100 bucks on the Seahawks to win 6000!

EZY Money or a fool's errand.

And how about them J-E-T-S?

Risk 100 bucks to win $20,000

Preseason has begun and players are already taking a knee!

New England Patriots    +650
Philadelphia Eagles    +850
Pittsburgh Steelers    +1000
Los Angeles Rams    +1100
Minnesota Vikings    +1100
Green Bay Packers    +1400
New Orleans Saints    +1800
Houston Texans    +1800
San Francisco 49ers    +2000
Atlanta Falcons    +2000
Los Angeles Chargers    +2200
Jacksonville Jaguars    +2200
Oakland Raiders    +2800
Kansas City Chiefs    +3000
New York Giants    +3300
Dallas Cowboys    +3300
Carolina Panthers    +3500
Denver Broncos    +4000
Tennessee Titans    +4500
Baltimore Ravens    +5500
Detroit Lions    +5500
Seattle Seahawks    +6000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers    +7000
Indianapolis Colts    +7000
Washington Redskins    +7500
Cleveland Browns    +8000
Arizona Cardinals    +10000
Buffalo Bills    +10000
Cincinnati Bengals    +10000
Chicago Bears    +10000
Miami Dolphins    +15000
New York Jets    +20000

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Are you ready for some football?

Thursday is opening night in the NFL.

Nike is airing an ad Thursday featuring Colin Kapernick.

Nike's stock dropped 3% which is attributed to backlash over the ad and to some people now boycotting Nike.


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The Browns win their first game since 2016!

Trump passed off Stormy to Big Ben in Pattaya style.

Daniels says NFL's Roethlisberger 'terrified' her

Daniels says she saw Trump the next day after they had sex when he invited her to a club in the VIP section of a golf course (it was in a club at her hotel). That is where she met Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, she says. He was chatting with Trump, and at the end of the night Trump asked Roethlisberger to walk her up to her hotel room. She says he asked her for a "good night kiss." She refused. She says he pushed lightly on her door as they stood outside her hotel room.
"I was terrified. I am rarely terrified," Daniels wrote, saying Roethlisberger responded, saying, "'Come on.'"
She closed the door and writes that Roethlisberger "stood outside, not leaving" while knocking at her door for several minutes but eventually left.

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