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If Anyone wants to help me move some of my videos to a new hosting site ( open to options ) basically do it all actually as i do not have a pc or fast connection i would trade a free lifetime membership for it , my vast library should be on a memory stick also but another Solid cloud (solid cloud?) would be nice , just as i have put my youtube on odysee synced i would like the same for my non yt vids etc , cinederose@gmail.com if interested or comment i guess 

and why i am here wtf is it with those Big Bangkokladyboy forums and pattaya lb forums - i am not a member there but youtube analytics tell me some of my video links are there and its a Source site , ok nice but verification emails never come so i can never see them as i have to become a member there to do it , not that i am that interested but seems someone is batting for me over there  , sorry if i mention them as i know you guys have your feuds and dramas and they are big lb forums but they pop up in analytics more often then ladyboyreview on youtube and i post here a lot , So i am curious whats behind the curtain if its not taboo here to ask  


New videos premiere on subscribestar and patreon also new youtube soon 

Cine :) 


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