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A BRITISH tourist has been found dead in a Bangkok red light district hotel room with the safe ransacked.

Dad-of-two Luke Ramage, 31, who is feared to have been murdered, had arrived in Thailand just hours earlier.

He was found sprawled on his bed. There was bruising around his shoulders and legs and sign of a fight.

His luggage was still packed and the room’s safe was open.

There were no valuables inside and cigarette packs were scattered on the floor.

Police say a friend of Luke, of Consett, Co Durham, raised the alarm at the Bavana Hotel — then vanished.

A source said: “The receptionist found the body. She said a friend staying in another room told them the victim had a problem.

“She went up to check and when she came back down he had disappeared. The man was dead when police arrived. There were signs of a fight.

“The safe had been opened in a suspected theft. There were only cigarettes left.”

Hours before his death Luke posted a Facebook photo of himself with two pals in a Bangkok bar.

He wrote: “Keeeeeemon. Boys on tour.”

Luke, who works for a cleaning firm, was planning a trip to Phuket and was also due to head to Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Laos before returning to Thailand.



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