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  1. Whoever gave me the haha reaction, show yourself and stop being a a brave anonymous feartie
  2. Well Well Well! Is LBR becoming PY's wee brother? I have read a few topics tonight, but for some reason I am not getting the option to post a reply. It's nothing to do with being a member of a club etc, but normal topics like Brits being banned from traveling to Thialand. It is also very difficult to find a topic to even post this post. An explanation would be very welcome
  3. Duke is a pretend fitba supporter, cant even support his country at this game.... shame on him Alba Gu Brath
  4. WE ARE NOT GAY wait a minute....Am I gay?
  5. I'm surprised that you lot are surprised by this, they are boys after all ( the clue is in the name ) I have been to the village many times and they are brought up to know these skills ( i still think her mix is too strong and could do with some additives, but then again I'm a tradesman )
  6. Cherjam


    Unbelievable that someone thinks because they have a stiff upper lip makes them right and 3 Celtic nations are wrong, We value our citizens and this is why after covid the union will fall, defeated by the same people who wanted to save it, ALBA GU BRATH
  7. Cherjam


    so what, I will be alive, you need to look at Australia before you look at Scotland.... The safe country along with Wales and Northern Ireland , can you see a pattern jaguaur?
  8. Cherjam


    Not true, how much Scottish news and 12.30pm First Minister Nicola Sturgeon adressing my country do you watch and listen to? Be hard for you jaguar with the time difirence from australia
  9. Cherjam


    She is the only leader who has lead, the westminter gov is pathetic and clueless as we will see in 2 weeks when England has a big spike in the virus. Typical tory boy you are wealth over health!
  10. Cherjam


    Thank god I'm Scottish
  11. this is next to Nirun Condo, home to many of our ladies
  12. I hate Jethro Tull,, I will need to take my custom to the poor mans copycat whisky lounge in Soi made In, I'll have a double Grouse please 5555
  13. I must say, I'm a bit surprised by this thread, social distancing and all that. I suppose you will be recommending that we wear a mask and meet her within the curfew hours, like i said, I am surprised by this, reckless to say the least
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