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  1. I am only repeating the words shouted at me in all sois in Pattaya.....makes me feel good though 555
  2. I have it on good authority that the bloke is not only a handsome man but that I am also a sexy man 555
  3. thanks annat for bringing back memories, I too have attended Traditional Thai weddings and have had fantastic times, your post reminds me of one I went to with me Ex girlfrine Ni in Kalasin Meanwhile in Maha Sarakham I almost participated in one myself with my former gf Off formally owner of Mouth Moi bar Treetown
  4. Oh aye, I forgot about them, I wish i could go back there just to delete every post I ever made, they don't deserve my input to still be there
  5. aye maybe, I'm planning 3 days in Jomtien, then go for a week to Vietnam with my click Gus the insurance sales ladyboy from Bkk, then back to Jomtien for 4 more days. I will be around both Jomtien and Pattaya, you will know me when you see me, just look for ladyboys dropping to their knees and worshipping me as i walk past them, Yes! I am the Messiah and a very naughty boy 555
  6. 100% agreed, I had 1 overpriced 95 baht beer and left, no atmosphere and to be honest If I'm paying that price for a bottle of beer, I want to be entertained
  7. I am thinking of going to Vietnam on my next trip, thanks for the info. I think I might take one of my regular Lb's from Thailand with me and have a nice holiday
  8. Cherjam

    RIP June

    I think it happened today
  9. Cherjam

    RIP June

    Sad news reaching me that June formerly of Mouth Moi , Baby Boom and other bars has past away, I'm being told it was suicide by hanging, Rest in Peace June
  10. it was fantastic, sherry cask and can taste the sweetness of it, £40 a bottle, give me a fortnight's check bin and I will bring you a bottle 555
  11. jus for you Herbert
  12. Cherjam

    Boob Job

    she was looking great at Christmas, I like her company when she listens and stops talking 555. Sorry for the thread fuck
  13. Cherjam

    Boob Job

    why has Nicky Jomtien still jhave small? Don't get me wrong i love Nicky's small tits
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