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  1. a wise statement DC
  2. I had plans in place to be there in June, I'm not too optomistic about being there for Christmas & New Year, If i dont see Christmas there It will be the 1st time since 2011, but heres hoping
  3. I'm often asked why i know the city so well, Its because I walk, I am always taking everything in, and get a sore neck looking at all those high signs 555, seriously, If anyone is staying in Central Pattaya, there is no need to get the bus or moto taxi, you can even walk to the dolphin roundabout in 15 minutes from Buakoa easy
  4. I often walk from Jomtien Beach to Klang, It really isn't too much of a hassle, If i'm honest, I find that tourists and workers, infact anyone in Thailand are really lazy, even in the village. I will add to back this up that i am currently under Lock- in In Scotland and walking an average of 7km per day, I burn off the calories that I am going to drink at night
  5. WOW! I canny believe what i'm reading about being scammed etc, the 2 posters in the above post should really take a good look in the mirror. FFS you both really need to have your heads looked at.
  6. one was a healthy 21 year old girl
  7. Oh dear ....Ignorance is bliss
  8. ffs i canny believe this shit, Covit takes no prisoners, it does not discriminate!
  9. Good to hear from you tonight Herbeth, nice to know that you w ill probably survive this Covid, long live Delerious Bar
  10. I hope that was a spelling mistake, as for the First Minister of Scotland, she has been immense through this, A stateswoman of the highest order
  11. lock down in the UK, they don't say the word in order not to cause panic
  12. I find it very irresponsible and I say that as a guy that could drink for Scotland, ffs in this crisis we need to play safe. Morons the lot of them
  13. ah the same man that scoffed at me when i canceled mine,......Keep on Keeping on!
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