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  1. Yeah, that's the best attitude/approach at this point. Careful of the motorbike grab and go schemes around Bui Vien and in Nha Trang.
  2. Frankly the situation here isn't great. If you can find a venue for a show that may be your best bet. Vietnam is just not that open minded about the 3rd gender at this point. Most of the lady boys in Vietnam are pretty strongly associated with grab and go motorbike robberies. I'm sure there are exceptions but the image exists for a reason. My only two attempts at anything here resulted in 2 minor robberies - no violence, but frankly it's just not worth the hassles. There are a few working in the Bui Vien, Do Quan Dao area. Basically, the main tourist bar zone. I wouldn't fly here for any of what I've seen over the years.
  3. Good to know about the 700 baht possibility. Guess I'll have to book a ticket back to BKK sooner than I thought. Yeah, I've never bar fined anyone as it just seems to up the price into a zone that seems to expensive for me. I'm sure a lot of guys like the bar stool conversation etc... Cheers
  4. I was just recently in BKK and in the Asok to Nana stroll area. It seems quite active with free lancers without even needing to go into Nana for anyone wanting to avoid too much of a scene. I was walking up the Nana plaza side of Sukhumvit with the bigger hotels (opposite McDonalds). between 7-8pm. They were coming off of the BTS like crazy. I think they were all going into Nana for the night shift. On another note: I've definitely seen this pretty looking lb hanging out in front of or in the McDonalds on Skvit. Hard not to notice! Wondering if anyone's enjoyed her or has any info.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yeah, Bangkok would of course be expected to be the big spot and as you say, you want to go to a place where people are hanging out. I appreciate the idea about Huai Khwang. Looks like an interesting place to check out anyway and I've been near there but never right in the market...worth checking out! Foggy. Yeah, I've seen a few beauties in makeup areas for sure but approaching them in that setting seems a bit awkward. I guess you could indicate you were looking to buy some makeup for good luck on the next one or something!! The ladyboys in Siam Paragon's department store/makeup area used to have some real stunners....always worth a walk through even though I didn't need anything in the department store!
  6. A multi-part question for anyone hanging around and not too busy. There used to be here, and there, a thread on Pattaya's femboy scene. Is that all but gone or are there parts of Pattaya where it exists still? I was in Pattaya about a year ago and met a nice ladyboy on Soi Buakhao. She was a bit out of ready-to-go, but seemed genuinely into having a farang guy to hang out with. Barely cost anything to hit a hotel. Played with my dick forever. I also see that between Buakhao and soi 3 there are a ton of inns, rooms etc.. All looked pretty low cost. I'm wondering if there's a good crossroad/cross street in that area to grab a room and just meet ladyboys in the area? I'm assuming most places are lb friendly and the thaifriendly lb's likely know the area? Thanks again for any ideas - I realize this isn't a simple question like where's the best bar for this or that.
  7. azza33 is correct. There were as of several years ago, a few bars near the corner/intersection of Hooker Hill and Dunkin Donuts (if it's still there). The area was essentially being taken over by Korean gawkers who wanted to check out the exotic foreigner area. It was really becoming a mainstream club and restaurant area with little chance of survival over time. Real Estate development was basically ruining it for adult fun....The few lb's you'd see there were probably not even Korean but Thai or Filipino imports. The couple of times I ventured in one of the clubs it was unfriendly and beyond expensive...high pressure etc...I'd avoid South Korea for fun anyway...I thought it was a bummer on most things.
  8. I guess this is a two part question but might start up some interesting responses. I noticed going through ThaiFriendly that quite a few of the tgals are listed as in BKK and Bang Na. I'm wondering if there's a reason for that? Maybe it's just more affordable housing or something? I was wondering if it was a good place for more casual meetups with lb's or if anyone could recommend good spots for non-pro connections? It might be nice to meet someone under different conditions. I go to Bangkok a few times a year it seems. The last time I hung out not far from Lumpini park and was sort of thinking it might have some informal coffee shops etc. for lb's? Well, any thoughts would be great and I'll post on any interesting stuff next visit (coming soon more or less). Cheers.
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