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  1. The Undertones were great fun... their songs were mainly three chord progressions so they were quite easy for garage bands to play. One of my favourite songs was Male Model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pYeb7OV8EA That said, I've got another song from across the pond. This one is “Sonny's Dream” by Ron Hynes. He "wrote the song while on a roadtrip with his band in western Canada and based it on Thomas "Sonny" O'Neill, who had taught him how to play guitar and had pushed him play music professionally.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gi_S8uAiosQ
  2. Damn...I'm a bit late too, but have a great trip Quietguy!
  3. Merry Happy Christmas ya'll, and remember
  4. Well this is not good for me! https://thethaiger.com/news/national/breaking-registration-closes-for-test-go-starting-today But some can still get in the country: Travellers registered to enter Thailand under the Test & Go will still be able to enter Thailand under the programme, but no more travellers will be able to register, according to Thai media.
  5. Soju

    Airline News

    Damn Quietguy, that sucks...just to echo what others have said, I hope it all works out for you.
  6. I'm not really surprised about Drinking Street. In Jan. 2019 I stayed at the Blue Sky Hotel and would frequently walk past that complex. It was always empty; afternoon, evening, or night...it didn't matter, there were no customers.
  7. Thought I would add a little more music to this thread-- some island music from God's Country (Canada) of course 555. First from PEI, Lennie Gallant was/is a popular performer who has both Celtic and folk influences. This song is one of my favourites...used to sing this song, Peter's Dream, to my daughter many moons ago when she was a baby. I had to include this fantastic performance by J.P. Cormier & Tim Edey from the Sydney, Cape Breton “Celtic Colours International Festival” in 2019. The ad-lib is, IMHO, absolutely brilliant! Finally, the Newfoundland Band is a group I've just become aware of over the past year or so and have never seen live—the tribulations of living in Asia. Anyway, they absolutely jam here.
  8. I think your interpretation is right Quietguy. My arrival time is after 10 PM so will book a hotel anyway. I was just confused about where we take the ATK test.
  9. Do I understand this correctly? With the new "Test and Go" plan you take the ATK test at the airport and wait until you get the results. If that works out fine you can take a taxi to Nana Plaza your hotel. This right? EDIT: A little more information here but still confusion. https://www.pattayamail.com/news/pattaya-upgraded-to-orange-zone-but-alcohol-sales-uncertain-380764
  10. Wow excellent thread. Bert Jansch's version of Wild Mountain Thyme is top notch. There is a strong Irish music tradition in Canada due to immigration history. Thought I would add some you might not be aware of and I've enjoyed over the years. This is from Spirit of the West, a rather political song from their second album: Further east, from Newfoundland, a popular band and great fun in the pub is Great Big Sea. The song here is called Captain Kidd. It isn't one of my favourites but many people used to request it. As an aside Russell Crowe hangs out with the band quite a bit and recorded some tunes. Finally, Nova Scotia's own Stan Rodgers' "Barrett's Privateers." Many a drunken night signing this in downtown Halifax during my Dal days. Rodgers died far too young and was a true talent: Cheers!
  11. This was a question I had as well. I had a more recent and reputable source to help answer your question but can't find it now. But he the Bangkok Post (October 30th) pretty much summed it up: "Fully vaccinated visitors from the 46 listed countries are required to have stayed at least 21 days in one or more of those countries before travelling to Thailand. They can stay 10 days in the US, for example, another 10 days in France and one day in Hong Kong. The total is 21 days, then they can fly to Thailand, Mr Naruechai said."
  12. Hello Emmy, to answer the question, that young lady dressed as a witch certainly has my attention.
  13. Not too big on the fake contacts either but the fake titties look tasty. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Soju

    Why Not Bangkok

    Yes a nice selection for sure... Ping and Lukpla look particularly "interesting."
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