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  1. Download this youtube vid. Download a video editor for your phone: Open the downloaded youtube vid Strip out the sound you need and save it as a mp3 file. Save the mp3 file on the phone Change your ringtone settings to use the mp3 file. Enjoy :)
  2. I don't know why a time stamp app (Thai Govt approved) is not accepted and put the watermark on the image by the flo test: Name Date Time GPS location
  3. Its common practice, to produce a TR after you have returned. He's on holiday FFS, why should he post anything to appease the readership here, after the way he's been treated? Crying himself to sleep tonight on his huge pillow! 555 I'm sure there's a few on here, but no need, its the way he is. Its harmless banter taken the wrong way. If you can't handle it, then there's something wrong with you and not him. In the meantime let the man monger to the power of 10. In essence, his brutal putdowns can be interpreted as harmless, more as terms effection When you have a stilson thrown at your head @ -20C "sort it out cunt" in the Donbas And that was from my fayther! So his comments can be construed as non aggressive.
  4. I contributed a lovely picture of a police ute outside a bar in Jomtien from this season's cherjam collection. That was enough excitement for some bm's 555. No 1,000 words, the picture said it all.
  5. It may be of interest to you, my last exchange with him he was using "soiled dog" phrases. I'm wondering what they were doing together at the time besides posting?
  6. @Rom Your meme, looks like absolution in progress to me.
  7. Nice. "All I can do now, is try to make up for Petesie's departure with my own content contributions. Rom"
  8. I'm not banned, why would you think that was the case? Besides we had a non hostile interaction regarding Joy Division/New Order last week. I would say my posting this week, bar one post has been anodyne?. In case you have not noticed I have made a request for the forum rules, as to do my upmost not to upset anyone in future. I could expand this post, but shall refrain.
  9. @Mod1 The Forum rules if you please.
  10. I have no intention of doing so. Not a member of the club anymore, incase you haven't noticed. Thought you learn't your lesson last week, looks it was not the case. Old people tend to forget 555. You bitter olde fart
  11. I was under the impression if you post content on a forum it then owned by the forum as stated in rule #27 @ LBP? The individual was amongst a group of moderators who fostered a culture of what you described in your post. He could of rode out the storm, its not as if he's been in this situation before is it. I'm sure the moderation team could of turned his thread into club thread and he could of exercised the control he needed too. There is a new TJ's bar thread up and running, a banned bm from LBP and its being well received by the board. Plenty of good stuff coming on here now, the chinese ladyboy thread is a good example.
  12. Fenton

    New 20 Baht Notes

    I think they briefly dabbled with Polymer notes in the past, during the financial crisis in the 1990's. Ive got a 50 baht note somewhere (been over 10 yrs since I last looked at it) in my kennel. Was in Phuket at the time.
  13. With regards to insurance paying for treatment. I'm assuming you would have to pay if tested "+" on day 1 and the insurance would settle the claim if you tested "+" on day 5?
  14. Test and Go starts again Feb 1st. https://thethaiger.com/hot-news/tourism/test-go-registration-back-on-travellers-can-apply-for-entry-starting-february-1 Slightly tweaked, looking at the post above.
  15. A Friend drove past on her bike earlier. I doubt she went into the area.
  16. Heard on the Grapevine there is another meeting on the 21st, obviously you have Chinese New Year (Feb 1st) looming on the horizon. So some cautious optimism here. The olde omicron has seemed to have surged through my area, just getting odd cases presently (touch wood).
  17. I could swear blind one of my dogs knew my Dad had cancer. Unfortunately the diagnosis was too late. But this was years before. Not a trained sniffer dog, he was a Jack Russell multi purpose hunting dog. They can sense epilectic fits/seizures as well.
  18. Stick to your guns Lance. I'm doing great thanks.
  19. Acually No. Quite the little grass aren't we.
  20. If the other Scotsmen was as open and transparent as you, instead of spreading his crappy "thought speak" 555. Keeping it real makes a refreshing change.
  21. Fenton


    https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-uk-latest-news-covid-omicron-live-12507015 Jesus!!
  22. Fenton


    I was reading somewhere its mutated again Deltacron, obviously saving on Greek letters. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1547215/New-covid-strain-omicron-delta-coronavirus-deltacron-mutation-cyprus
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