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  1. She is also involved in fraud according to the media. So deserves to be deported and face trial.
  2. Bit like your current POTUS, memory like a elephant 555.
  3. Wow! Am I supposed to clap with endless joy and happiness. LIKE YOU!! 555
  4. Its true 555. Really Seven your not hard core 555. Ah I get the feeling that Jimbo is putting the feelers out, his bridges are burned. People have very short memories I think.
  5. Yes, well you like the change don't you, out of monger's check bins The Fagin of ladyboys, you know the direction of the 38th parallel. Jog on. Take your cuntish rants somewhere else.
  6. Sounds a bit commie to me, informers 555. Oh they gonna rush and tell you their business aren't they.
  7. Is it me or can I see pattern/trend emerging here 555.
  8. Oh i just noticed this rich tourist's policy has been running for decades then went by the way after the currency reset in the 90's. Saying mass tourism is bad for environment 555. Well I think the Thai's have done a pretty good job by themselves with plastic waste.
  9. It really doesn't matter if the idea is viable or not really. What it does indicate though there is pent up demand amongst mongers to get back. They will be the first back. The vaccination programme is doing well from the photo's I've seen. But its really about about having the doses and jabs into arms. Really surprised that the Thai's have not ordered Sputnik. Seems to be a success where its has been deployed. If one Federal state in Germany was willing to buy it, then it does the job :-).
  10. Funny, I was discussing this with a BM along similar lines a couple of months ago, just make pattaya zonal, use the steel fencing they use around building sites. Stock drop off area and check points for temp and vaxx checking. In the past I've spent entire holidays just in soi 7 and 8, was enough to keep me busy for a week. The road layout of these two sois, it practical. On pattaya klang there is intersecting soi (lbs call it 7n8) the bar complex that was on Pattaya klang has been levelled. Not sure if they have built on it though, that could be goods in/out. Further up you have soi leading just to soi 7. That could be where people have access/egress checked accordingly.
  11. Yes I agree with you Duke its a great place to visit, easy to drive into the city centre unlike Birmingham or London. Excellent rail links, plus the metro. Great History and culture. Clubbing not been their for years but I did go the Hacienda in the late 80's on a few ocassions. They have filmed movies in the city, did the New York scenes of Captain America in the Northern Quarter & some scenes of Sherlock Holmes (RDJ vrsion).
  12. My Auntie was a millionaire, seriously. I thought I was tight 555. She had a hardware shop in the city, nothing to look at from outside. But she was a exporting machine 555. PS. She despised the EU more than me and that's saying something. She was exporting all over. As for prices like that, they would get a serious hand bagging off her. If Gin would of been overpriced she'd of flipped 555. Hell hath no wrath like a woman's scorn. 555. Her house was a time machine, she had a gas fire in her bedroom from the 1920's FFS. Rom, seriously mega rich people your describing are tight as fuck 555.
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