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  1. Fenton


    I was under the impression it was a fairly common practice in Sweden. The chip is used for payment on public transport. But this type of system can be used for other purposes. Opening secure doors, clocking in at work, IOT etc. The fact you mentioned 5G, is it just wifi in a public space or the whole network? Anyways you have said you have an iphone and they don't support 5G networks, so you would not be able to take advantage of the speed. Coming back to vaccines, im sitting on the fence currently. We had an Omicron outbreak at work last winter, I was one of the few employees who tested "-" for the rona whilst it rampaged through the workplace. Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti vax. But I was bombarded with SMS's to have a booster. If the NHS had their way, I would of been jabbed 4 times now. However, I will get jabbed in the fall or if it was required as a condition of entry for LOS (does not appear to be the case).
  2. Fenton


    Are you chipped? Augmented? Just curious :-)
  3. No The glass has to be titled at 45 degrees, fill up to 3/4, let it settle for 1.5 mins - 2 mins, until its dark. The glass should then be straight and finish off the pull. Voila! A pint of the dark stuff.
  4. Fenton


    Can't see them placing heavy restructions again. Maybe more testing and masking, should an out break occur.
  5. Fenton


    Book your flight if you can get a good price. Its insured with travel insurance or credit card anyway. If its cancelled you can get your money back, eventually.
  6. Fenton


    I don't think anybody cares anymore QG. I feel come Autumn/Winter we are going to have problems though. Higher energy prices etc. People economising. People in confined spaces to keep warm.
  7. I was not referring to that image. Does not look like piles either. More like a sebaceous cyst.
  8. Something is not right on her scrotum, L.H.S looks like a flat large wart. Gential warts can take many forms/profiles Not always on the anus.
  9. Pitbulls have a bad reputation, but its like the saying "There are no bad dogs, just bad owners".
  10. As long as there are no screaming babies on board, its all good.
  11. Yes its my airline of preference Duke and yes its a very good airport. One minor complaint is turn around times are shorter. I used to like chilling out in the business lounge. Free Food and beer. I spent 18 hours in it one trip, each way. Hit the jackpot with a business class upgrade as well (on the way there, A380 the bar is amazing) . Only went for this flight coz it was cheaper, but had inherent value.
  12. Was it the new airport at Istanbul? Once it completed, it will have the equivalent capacity Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson. I think more players in that region of the world. Prices should start being competitive again. Saudi Arabia for one, Oman another.
  13. It gets me excited filling it in on the plane. I shall miss the ritual.
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