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  1. Portugal http://www.tgatas.net/destaques.html http://viptransex.net/destaques.html Trannies/shemales were reported in Lisbon around the Avenidad Duque de Loulé (information confirmed in 2016)
  2. Hi Cherjam. Nice to read from you again. Long time, no see.
  3. No, I'm not, but I studied Portuguese with a Brazilian teacher. The first time I heard the pronunciation of "Kim Jong Un", I understood, it would be easy to name the next one "Kim Jong Dois". I thought using Spanish that is almost the same but "one is "uno". Today, I saw Kim Jong Seis posting (unless [Harry] Cover iss one of the first four) and heard Kim Jong Sete barking. Let me take a guess : Coca Cola had stolen your Viagra pills from your pocket.
  4. I had contacted in 2016. This dirty slut promised BJ with anulingus. But as soon as I landed in BKK, I put on a black shirt and took the next flight to Siem Reap, Cambodia. I never returned to the shithole since then but kept in touch with her.
  5. I would have preferred something more simple : Kim Jong Un Kim Jong Dois Kim Jong Três Kim Jong Quatro Kim Jong Cinco ... What allows many possibilities to name their followers as Mr Cover. ( Anyone able to understand this one, please PM me to get your reward )
  6. As far as I know, it's not prohibited to be smart sometimes (unless maybe one has lived too long under the PY pressure). Rom's post is all very clear and easy to understand at first reading without any risk to be mistaken, even for me, without using a translator. When a c... doesn't want to understand, he can't understand.
  7. Chaiyapoon Inn in soi Chaiyapoon. I had a room without window at the first floor. No lift but I didn't use the stairs either. The receptionists at night were ladyboys. Canterbury Tales Cafe & Bookshop https://www.facebook.com/Canterburytalespattaya/ They also rent rooms at your target price. There is no reception after 6 or 7 pm. You access rooms using stairs behind the building that has no lift. They also rent rooms a little bit further in soi Chaiyapoon in a building without reception.
  8. Great great post indeed. I haven't read such a great post on Pattaya for several years.
  9. P&G

    Boob Job

    You can't love a hooker without accepting to be confronted with the dilemmas that go with it. You pay, she doesn't need you any longer and she will leave you. Khop khun kháp Mr Sponsor. You pay, she stays with you but asks you more and more every day or she will leave. You don't know what's strength and what's weakness in your behavior. She will let you down and thanks again for sponsoring her. You refuse to pay but you still like her. You will curse the whole world for quite a long time. I am convinced you're this type of guy. You refuse to pay and forget about her. There is nothing great forgetting someone you like but it happens when loving prostitutes.
  10. KKKKKK (in Thailand, you say 55555 but Vietnamese people are poor, so they aren't rich enough to use such high numbers as 5. This is why they say KKKKK). I know the truth, I even have some evidence since I can still see my legs on the pic but you wouldn't believe me coz you were in a bad mood when logging in LBR before posting. If you had been smart, you should have read my above answer : put your fingers in and out, do it several times and don't be shy to insist. This lovely slut likes it. You can collect as much as you can and bring it to the lab for DNA analysis. You'll get an obvious answer to your objection. I am not sure you will feel more relax after you know the truth though.
  11. P&G

    Delirious Bar

    It seems you brought to light a certain business reality in force mainly in Pattaya. I am afraid, however, that your wisdom is reaching its limits. You shouldn't underestimate the firepower of those you're pointing out.
  12. Easy :pick up some DNA and bring it to the lab. Needless to use a Q-tip for that. Put your finger inside and push it as deep as possible. I certify it was very clean before I barebacked her.
  13. P&G

    Just Joined.

    I did not say you said it either.
  14. Hanoi Sorry to read you didn't enjoy your trip so much in Hạ Long bay and Cat Ba. It's a real lottery when you purchase your trip in Hanoi. I could have gotten an expensive trip with overnight in a junk but it was fairly expensive. I had one including visiting a cave (poor) one night in Cat Ba, then a boat trip in the islands including canoeing, snorkeling, lazy time, stop in a monkey island and passing along a fishing village. Instead of riding back to Hanoi, I paid one more night in my hotel (25 $) and picked up a bus to go to Tam Cóc. Cat Ba was empty. Anyway, even in high season, there is no ladyboy over there. The young manager of my hotel just asked me to warn her in case I would meet some one in town and bring back a guest (no overcharge but safety). It had been nice to chat with this local North Vietnamese lady ( Diệu Hằng's her first name meaning sweet moon).
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