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  1. This guy is nut to go to Đà Nẵng now. A town has been quarantined in the area of Hà Nội because of the corona virus. I received messages informing that schools closed in Đà Nẵng 2 weeks ago and this show-off went there to shoot his video. He'd rather choose another time to do it. He didn't even show a night bar.
  2. I remember most of these cartoons. Every one found them funny. You had a great talent to appease tensions in discussions and calm down flaming.
  3. Wonderful TR Rom. I tried to wait till you TR ends before posting comments but I already posted a few in this thread and a couple other ones. I found it great to see how you manage to find ladyboys or GGs in whatever place you visit. No, it's not prohibited to mix ladyboys and GGs. I also wished I had seen "G-rated" pics with ladyboys' faces. You probably know I like this kind of pics. On the other hand, I don't really like pics of nude bodies with messages written on them, but as posted in another thread, it's not because I don't like it that I am going to hate and snitch you. I am convinced that haters use these arguments to flame you since they daren't post why they hate you. They shouldn't criticize the age of your ladyboys. I was told about PY members posting about ladyboys anyone could contact and check they are underage. It's sad to tell a ladyboy she has to wait for a few more months or the next year and then discover that she is no longer a new by in dating farangs and using drugs such as yaba before she reached her 18th birthday (no joke, just read their posts and double check with TF contacts). What haters don't like is your independence. You needn't ask for a rent in their rooms to feel comfortable in Pattaya. You needn't rush to their bars and ring the bell to hope for a ST with a passable ladyboy. This is nothing good for their cash register. They chose to open a business under the sun to make easy cash without any regard for the value of money they receive from mongers who stayed in the farangsland, but they fear too many farangs to follow your example. This means you're showing us a good way. You needn't their help to find ladyboys in Negros. You go there and find. I wish to ask you for a few more questions : Did you know before going you would find ladyboys over there ? If they are not in P4P, how do you contact Pinoy ladyboy ? How did you know about the boat trip ? Did you plan it before going or find it in a local travel agency ?
  4. Erratum : this is not Lenin, but Ho Chi Minh , of course.
  5. I travel with a Samsung A7 (purchased last year) and an old Lenovo tab that I connect to hotel WIFIs. I also carry a bridge camera. In my bad days, I prefer to use the Samsung camera for the quality of the pics, but the bridge is good to make photos and videos at night. I have no connection to transfer pics except copying micro SD cards into my tab. But the most important for me are Apps in both my tab and smartphone. I use an app to make hotel reservations (a branch company of Agoda). I needn't look for girlfriendly ladyboyfriendly hotels in website. In Thailand hotels who don't accept ladyboys are very rare. In Vietnam, no one will be able to tell me whet hotel is ladyboyfriendly. I am the only one to decide and make decisions. I also uploaded a few secret apps. I don't know how I would do it without these apps in Vietnam. I am now looking for new ones. I can't imagine I could be mongering without using 4G technology. I don't define myself as a monger2.0 but as a 4G monger. Those who can't are prisoners of bars to find ladyboys (and a few bar owners still try to drive mongers2.0 to their bars). The world has evolved since the 1960s.
  6. It would be interesting to know what you don't like with siliconed ladyboys. I don't like too much silicone. I don't like flat femboys either. But I sometimes prefer a ladyboy with big silicone bolts on or a flat chested femboy. I don't know why.
  7. Transsexuality is accepted in Iran but homosexuality is punished by a life sentence. Be careful.
  8. As far as I know, Thaifriendly ain't a paysite and it's an easy way to get ladyboys' Lines.
  9. P&G


    I have deleted the message I received this week end. That was a warning from Vietnamese authorities. School and universities will be closed in Đà Nẵng for 8 days till next week end. It's been confirmed today by the Hanoi Times and the Pan Pacific Agency.
  10. You're being a little bit harsch. Jimbo seems to have improved for a few years : no scam reported since Phuket, no longer regular customers whispering backwards his gurls consume sympathomimetic substances. Even his Grumpiness looks cleaner on his pics as an old man who lived in the streets would after he found a home to sleep in a bed and sisters iron the shirts he wears every day.
  11. P&G


    "Corona virus is becoming too much in my poker game" (Angela, HCMC)
  12. Change your way of mongering. If ladyboys are ready to shag for money in this bled, use your 4G apps, hang around the town and it will come on its own.
  13. This is what makes your trip (and trip report) even greater. Instead of filling posts saying "I have been in the same bars as my forum mates", you're telling us new adventures, new places discovery, new ways of traveling and new ways of meeting ladyboys. I had the feeling this could be possible after my trip in the Philippines but I had decided not to go back there since no one had been able to show another way. I didn't believe it would be possible. Well, you've done it. I might change my mind in the next few years. Glad to read this. Don't worry too much for Rom. He might be smart enough to find a boat captain able to make this trip without going through the icebergs.
  14. This is a crazy trip. How did you decide to push to this part of Negros from Manila ? It's not an attitude to criticize other BMs' ladyboys pics. Anyone can flame down anyone's pics since ladyboy seldom look like perfect girls. Not even going to PY, I could flame Pattaya threads' pics when I see their ladyboys compared to those of my photo collection.
  15. Great post indeed. Actually, I knew nothing about Portugal but didn't want to let an empty space about this country. Brazilian shemales follow all kinds of prostitution network to Europe. Brazilian and Argentinian shemales sometimes migrate through Italy since their family came from this country. Then, they advertise they are Italian, but no one is fooled by their assertion, neither immigration officers whose controls they probably want to avoid or customers who can easily recognize the Brazilian accent. I guess that for most of the countries, there can still be plenty of websites or information to add, even countries I visited at most.
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