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  1. I am a long term resident and citizen in Europe. I started mongering ladyboys in Asia in 2011. Before I had already shagged Asian ladyboys in Spain and Switzerland. So far, I found ladyboys in Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket , Hat Yai, Koh Chang, Si Sa Ket, Ubon, Khon Kaen, Udon Thani, Chayiaphum and Chiang Mai for Thailand. I also shagged ladyboys in the Malaysian peninsula in KL (2 locations), Kuantan, Penang and Ipoh, in Borneo in Kota Kinabalu, in Singapore, in Cambodia (Siem reap, PP and Sihanoukville) as well as in 7 locations in Vietnam. I created a closed club in this forum (highly sele
  2. It's really tough to make romscars or talk of excellence in our "community" this year. I will just add my 2 cents : we'd better focus more on ladyboys or BMs who promote ladyboys than on BMs of the community, either in the romscars or in other posts. Having said that, if I feel like criticizing Rom, I will PM him first. I guess that Rom is also trying to attract the best members he velieved would post at LBR (The Sith, Snoopdawg). I also agree that LBP or PY should be mentioned only in high standing satirical posts. I would like to add an original vote for the Bar owner of the year
  3. Sorry not to have added my vote earlier since I had been busy completing a language learning program till yesterday and I have lost the habit of logging in at LBR for several months. I was first surprised when I read the op for 2 reasons. The first one is that Romscars are back already. (I can't realize that the whole sh... started 8 months ago). The second is that I didn't understand how you (Rom) organized the process this year. You got used to proposing nominees in several categories for inductees but you hardly proposed 2 this year, one of them being your personal decision. So you eventual
  4. They're growing old and forgetting the time they loved Thailand as a country where you could get anything for hardly no money. It's sad to become old in one's mind.
  5. AIs there anyone in Saigon / HCM now who'd like to meet a newbie ladyboy in the scene ?
  6. P&G

    Manager Drinks

    This is simply the last episode of the bar system. it touches me one without moving the other. I understood a long time ago that the majority of bar managers want to pluck customers attracted to ladyboys as quickly as possible. I do not judge but I decide and I act. When I realized I was viewed as a ham, I moved towards new horizons.Only those who accept to be ripped off are actually sucked like this. Others should see bar managers for who they are and what they do: they hold you affectionately pretending to be friendly but they only think about making dough whether you come out satisfied
  7. P&G

    RIP Ice

    Instead of turning a blind eye and being complained every time a ladyboy passes away from this old virus, maybe it would be better to get them to use condoms rather than wallow in the bestial pleasures of bareback. Perhaps she deserved better than chattemite prayers.
  8. Some people will never change in America. Not such a long time ago, human beings could be killed like rabbits for the sole reason that they were niggers and now, they make justice forget a murder since the victim was a ladyboy. How come US can't understand that human rights are the same for every human being ?
  9. P&G

    Douche Dead

    Khmer rouge ?
  10. What does not kill her makes her stronger (hopefully). Although her business has been down since March, Jessica is still looking pretty and surviving without money and without possibility of visiting her parents who live in a close neighborhood. A friend of mine reported me she's OK. I guess she's still thinking of starting over with her troop when drag queens shows will re open. Jessica earlier this week
  11. Is it really a challenge ? Objective : find in less than 5 minutes 10 ladyboys aged 40 or more. Result : 40 ladyboys. Here are 10 of them : 1) Pakky , 42 years old, Pathum Thani, Khlong Luang 2) Toy, 45 years old, Ubon Ratchathani, Khuang Nai 3) Nunies, 41 years old, Chiang Mai, Fang 4) Matanew, 42 years old, Chiang Mai 5) Anon, 43 years old, Chiang Mai, Hang Dong 6) Marisabarn, 45 years old, Chumphon, Lang Suan 7) Rabbit, 45 years ol
  12. Is it mandatory to speak English with other farangs when in Thailand / Malaysia / Cambodia / Vietnam ?
  13. Germany will probably order a second lockdown in the next few months. Why would they accelerate easing easing of restrictions ?
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