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  1. P&G

    Stunners 2020

    Have a nice threesome with 2 ladyboy sisters.
  2. This troupe of ladyboys made their first show since the recovery after the covid. Photos : courtesy of Huynh Anh
  3. We just explore the philosophical interest of the subject as well as its cultural aspects. I heard about it during a lecture dealing with Le Père Goriot by Honoré de Balzac. I didn't remember having read these few lines said by Rastignac. Actually, I had found the whole story boring and side comments of no interest. But the teacher explained in a few more details the allusion to this crime consisting in killing by a simple act of will and without leaving one's hometown or ever being suspected an old mandarin living in Beijing and whose death would bring some advantage. It had been presented to me as a debate of 18th century. I've done some research and found allusions to Rousseau and Diderot but Diderot just raised the question of an empirical foundation for morality. It seems that Rousseau didn't write it either as pretends the character of Balzac. (After all, Rastignac can have said BS too since he's not a perfect character). The idea was later connected to the idea f the perfect crime by philosophy teachers. Actually, I was surprised to see it mentioned in a few 19th century novels. I am not going to explain all that I have found since yesterday since it's fairly confusing, but the idea started in the 18th century and was taken up by the authors of the 19th century. The novel of Eça de Queiros is a new version of the murder of the mandarin. Balzac and De Queiros give the crime a mobile : make money. Originally, the perfect crime has no purpose. It's a free crime in the meaning it's just committed for pleasure. I guess the new version has been declined since the end of the 20th century. How many ladyboys and farangs died of HIV because idiots spread it for the pleasure of barebacking ? Why not add a few deaths with the Covid19 ? It's criminal but it won't ever be prosecuted nor suspected. So let's just have fun.
  4. I am surprised that you know this novel of the XIXth century since most of those who read it hastened to forget it. But I really mentionned the kind of debate initiated during the XVIIIth century by Diderot . Balzac just mentioned it when Rastignac met Bianchon and asked him "Have you read Rousseau? […] Do you remember this passage where he asked his reader what he would do if he could get rich by killing an old mandarin in China by his own will, without moving from Paris? ”. Actually, Rousseau never wrote anything on the mandarin murder. However, either the murderer earns a big amount of money or even nothing, this is about the same. Anyway, the question is "are you ready to risk to make someone die just for the pleasure of a short time ? ". ANother one is : are you ready to contribute to the prolongation of the epidemic just for a few minutes of pleasure ?
  5. Here we go again. In the 18th century the great debate was : if you could commit a crime here and now that would consist in killing a mandarin at the other side of the world without any risk to be seen, denounced and even less risk to condemned, would you commit this crime ? The victim would be an Asian man that you don't know and you'd commit the crime for no other reason than to commit this crime without purpose. My country is in the top 5 of fatality rates in the world. I don't know anyone who knows anyone in the world with it. If I am infested, I am likely to an older family member and make a good heritage if this person dies. What else ? Would you hold up a bank to make easy money, would have rapped a girl during the war when you knew you wouldn't be caught ? It seems that we live in an era that flatters loosers of all kinds. Just let loosers behave like loosers and wait for your time to shag a ladyboy.
  6. Bars actually open 2 days (nights later). It's been impressive since they remained empty till last week end. I hardly dare post the photo I had received after that first week end : a couple of ladyboys without make up attending an empty bar. Then, the first customer came : a Japanese guy working in Vietnam and having stayed in Vietnam for the lockdown. Ho bless this happy man. As a matter of fact, girls and ladyboys make money only on commissions on the drinks they sell. So they keep on starving as during the lockdown. Last week end, a few of them decided to stay together and a couple of mates. (The European looking guy ain't Snoop Dag but a Vietnamese as was confirmed to me). Only 2 work in the same bar. Another one was a drag queen artist. I don't know about the other ones. This week end was a bit better : 3 customers. If you're optimistic, you will say that business is increasing. If not, you can also say they are in a pretty fix. It must be hard to make ready and make up to attend at empty bar every night in the middle of girls (there is no specific ladyboy bar in VN, only bars with girls and sometimes ladyboys). Felines are evil creatures. The lone wolf left the territory of the lynx and others who saw themselves as lions. He found a peaceful valley. When the disease came, the prey left their burrows. The lone wolf was lying in the shade on the grass. He began to lick his lips while observing his territory. His next hunt will be hot.
  7. There is ladyboy action in Krabi, but I preferred when I had been there with a ladyboy picked up in Bangla road (2013). You can find a lot of attractive trips departing from Krabi or Ao Nang. Just be careful that Krabi is about 9 SM away from Ao Nang. Please note that Koh Phi Phi is a part from Krabi province. Regarding ladyboys, you will ladyboys mainly in Ao Nang : At RCA entertainment . As a matter of fact I didn't like the ones I saw from far. I had tried a girl in a bar, she was just a GG. Snoop dawg should explain you better if he remembers his time over there. At Central Point. You will find the blue dragon cabaret. After the last show at night, the ladyboys of the cabaret freelance on the beach road. Beware of scams though. I had found a ladyboy in a massage shop. She was funny but not really a hottie maybe not a pro of p4p. I contacted a ladyboy in Thaifriendly. She was tall, not so pretty. She was actually working as a chef in a 4 stars hotel and was looking for a boyfriend. Chemistry didn't operate. I found 2 ladyboys using Wechat, one in Krabi and one in Ao Nang. The one I had found in Krabi was OK. She came from Bangkok and took care not to stay too long a time. The other one had worked at Check in Bar before. She came to my hotel for a ST and get her 1,500 baht. You must be careful of tourists scams in Ao Nang. It seems to be a part of the local culture. I will post about it later. Thanks heaven I was fairly experienced in traveling in Thailand when this happened.
  8. Does it have to be in English ? Holy sh... that'll be too hard for me. OK, I cheated a little bit, I hope it's not too bad though. I dreamt a trip… in Bay of Maya Saw wonders … in Ayutthaya Lost my soul … around Pattaya Crazy old Siam, crazy old Siam Clouds are drifting across the soi Night is full … of pretty katoeys Spring’s a fuck with a ladyboy Dirty old LOS, dirty old LOS Found my soulmate … under the full moon Kissed my gurl … in soi Chaiyapoon Fucked my love , in a short time room Gloomy Thailand, gloomy Thailand Went all the way, up to Lamphum Left my love, next to Chaiyaphum Then departed , from Suvarnabhum Bye bye Thailand, bye bye Thailand If it's worth a little something, you can read it with the music of the Pogues.
  9. This is amazing. As The-Sith registered at LBR, it reminded of this thread you opened. Just a little bit on my previous experience : before I started reading about ladyboys I had a few experiences with forums dealing with P4P. What I noticed at first is that every forum has to do with some kind of entropy. At first, I saw forums as a virtual place to share information. I remember a few tips collected in an old website that later became worldsexguide that lead me direct to the right contacts to pick up girls discreetly in an unknown country. It seemed wonderful. The only rule consisted in posting a feedback so that information would be kept updated. Fair enough : I find, I use, I maintain and all the community members find their profit. After a good experience once in this old website, I never found well organized information in p4p forums. I mainly found confirmations of informations found on the web in pages like Stickmannbangkok, Wikisexguide, the Thailandredcat and stuff like that. (as far as ladyboys are concerned) When I first visited Pattaya, I understood I had nothing much to expect from such a shithole. I realized after a few years that PY even made me waste my time with their inappropriate advises. As a matter of fact, I started doing good in Malaysia. I used a thread in PY to store information found on the web as I would have stored this information in a blog or a notebook. Why did I mention The-Sith ? A couple of years or more ago, I posted some information in another forum to the attention of The-Sith. I found out the information without having become viral had been used by a couple of guys who publicly posted in PY they hate me. Since then, I think twice before I post something. Forums should be useful when used as some kind of blogs in shared property. But due trolls , PY, buzz, flood, heroes and other shits, I came back last year to a more classical method. I spend 80 % of my time out of forums to find useful information, so 80 % of my information is well locked up in a blog from which information won’t leak. Even having opened a closed club, I am careful about details I post since my priority remains that I want to protect my playground. I still accept to share with members I deem are smart enough to create synergy in the future. It’s nice to joke, to celebrate, or share pictures but creating synergies should also be one of the goals of forums. We are mongers2,0, I am not surprised that mongers left forums and prefer to share photos in Whatsapp, Wechat and all these messengers. As a matter of fact, I think that monger2,0 is becoming out of date. Monger4G (and soon 5G) is the future. Is it worth exchanging photos in smartphone messengers ? I don’t think I will do it. This must be a different atmosphere from forums. In the old times, travellers would gather in bars ad backpackers’ hotels lobbies to exchange information. Then came the Lonely Planet Guide and other books in other countries. In mongering, bars remained the same, at least for mongers-travelers. Then came the forums and new websites such as Thaifriendly, Planetromeo, Thaiflirting … and apps such as Badoo, Tinder or Thaifriendly. Bars become less useful and so do forums if they focus only to bars. Everything is changing fast. Either we can adapt or we stay frozen in old timers positions and loose advantages (as late as possible as far as I am concerned).
  10. I got the news less than 1 hour ago. Ladyboys bars will be open tonight in Vietnam. Vietnam had released lock down on April 30th, but non essential businesses remained closed. Vietnam had started restricting travels mid February and had started quarantines in March. They had also developed a performant testing policy. End of March, bars and restaurants were closed, and a severe lock down starting on April 1st had been ordered. Vietnam declared zero casualty of Covid19. Vietnamese staff bringing food in a quarantine center.
  11. I find this so called modus operandi quite normal. Create a human relation and not a cattle purchaser relationship. I just wonder how you manage to do it in the bar environment with all these parasites begging for a lady's drink or a rapid ST to add a BF on their board. I am going to look for a couple of pics of older ladyboys. You'll tell me what you think about their look. The Sith posted in several forums before posting at PY. I still wonder why he chose this name. I have always seen him as a real Jedi in the galaxy of ladyboys. It's obvious to me that the Sith and Rom are not the person. I couldn't read all his reviews when we posted in another forum at the same time (I had too much work at that time and his style is hard to read for me), but he brought something fresh in the galaxy. I didn't read him at PY either. That was a real pleasure to share and exchange with him. Yes, you're old school. Let's say you belong to the last millenium.
  12. Welcome to this side of the ladyboy forums galaxy The Sith. Rất vui được gặp lại bạn.
  13. P&G

    Stunners 2020

    She's looking for sponsors. As every Viet ladyboy, she's broke after the lockdown month. I helped her a little bit, but she still needs 6 million VND to delete her debts. This might be a good contact to enter the Vietnamese ladyboys community. It's all up to you. Here are a few stunners I found during the last Têt month and the last 2 weeks. One is like a Cinderella, another one is party barbie girl and the 3rd one is a model looking shy girl.
  14. Shaddup will you. Anyone can find ladyboys without going to a cattle shop like yours greedy grumpy old timer. We're in he 21st century. The OP has the right to ask. I second you. Contacting p4p ladyboys from home is not always a well accepted policy, especially with Thai ladyboys. Your smart remark needs one more point though : although Filipinas want pure love a good relationships, it may be recommended to contact a Thai whore instead since it's likely to provide a more pleasurable experience and cost in fine less money.
  15. P&G


    This is another reason why I didn't include Sweden in my charts. I am glad to read it. Here our national radio says they do it good. They just have the advantage of a low density population. Good news on the horizon Curves start flattening in Europe. Deaths rate are still growing in the worse affected countries but but less rapidly. Vietnam stopped their lockdown last Saturday. Many non essential businesses aren't allowed to open yet but people may go out normally. Quite a few hungry ladyboys have come out for more than a week what made me very busy to pin as many as I could in my address book. A new study is likely to change the deal from today No Bullshit like chloroquine this time. A study conducted in the Paris hospitals organization found that a medication was efficient to significantly reduce the number of patients brought to intensive cares. This is the "first comparative test by lot" which "demonstrates a clinical benefit" of this treatment in Covid patients suffering from severe infection, said doctors who organized the operation. Usually used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, this medication works by blocking the receptor for a protein in the immune system that plays an important role in the inflammatory process. Some patients with Covid-19 experience a sudden worsening of their condition after several days, causing acute respiratory distress. A phenomenon probably linked to an excessive immune reaction of the organism. The medication was tested on samples of the 5 to 10 % of patients among those who are most likely to be placed on artificial respiration or to die. The medication is an the immunomodulatory drug used to cure rheumatoid arthritis (tocilizumab). The APHP (Paris hospitals) hasn't published the study yet but results were communicated to the Authority and the WHO. Although this won't stop Covid-19, it's a major change for every country still struggling against the disease. In the future, the rate of deaths is likely to be reduced sharply. Hopefully more studies results will be issued regarding other tested treatments in the next few weeks.
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