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  1. P&G

    RIP Ice

    Instead of turning a blind eye and being complained every time a ladyboy passes away from this old virus, maybe it would be better to get them to use condoms rather than wallow in the bestial pleasures of bareback. Perhaps she deserved better than chattemite prayers.
  2. Some people will never change in America. Not such a long time ago, human beings could be killed like rabbits for the sole reason that they were niggers and now, they make justice forget a murder since the victim was a ladyboy. How come US can't understand that human rights are the same for every human being ?
  3. P&G

    Douche Dead

    Khmer rouge ?
  4. What does not kill her makes her stronger (hopefully). Although her business has been down since March, Jessica is still looking pretty and surviving without money and without possibility of visiting her parents who live in a close neighborhood. A friend of mine reported me she's OK. I guess she's still thinking of starting over with her troop when drag queens shows will re open. Jessica earlier this week
  5. Is it really a challenge ? Objective : find in less than 5 minutes 10 ladyboys aged 40 or more. Result : 40 ladyboys. Here are 10 of them : 1) Pakky , 42 years old, Pathum Thani, Khlong Luang 2) Toy, 45 years old, Ubon Ratchathani, Khuang Nai 3) Nunies, 41 years old, Chiang Mai, Fang 4) Matanew, 42 years old, Chiang Mai 5) Anon, 43 years old, Chiang Mai, Hang Dong 6) Marisabarn, 45 years old, Chumphon, Lang Suan 7) Rabbit, 45 years ol
  6. Is it mandatory to speak English with other farangs when in Thailand / Malaysia / Cambodia / Vietnam ?
  7. Germany will probably order a second lockdown in the next few months. Why would they accelerate easing easing of restrictions ?
  8. As announced by Vietnamese ladyboys last week, a "second wave" of Covid19 is hitting Vietnam. I had posted about it in this post. The epicentre is in Đà Nẵng and the nearby province of Quang Nam is severely infested too. According to information from the Ministry of Health, the first case of death - case 428, was recorded on July 31 as a 70-year-old male patient with a permanent address in Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province. According to informations from ladyboys, a second lock down has been ordered. Bars are now closed It's time for those interested to start sponsoring Vietnamese ladyboy
  9. The bad news came out tonight at the Southeastern Asian time : there is new Covid19 outbreak in Đà Nẵng, Vietnam. I have found no confirmation in press releases but 2 ladyboys passed me on the information. According to one of them, Chinese people infected Vietnam again. More seriously, it turns up that (a) new clusters appeard in the area of Đà Nẵng in Central Vietnam. According to our experience in Europe, after a first wave about 1 % of people remained infested without symptoms of Covid and the virus kept on traveling. Here, people went on holidays and forgot or decided not to respec
  10. P&G


    A new club dealing with a bar was created this week. That's all very well, but this guy is flooding the "Recent Topics" window on the right of the first page. I first believed that the forum had been changed to asingle bar forum. Isn't there a means of restricting such announcements. We gonna lose informations just because a lemonade sellor wants to promote his brandy bottles.
  11. Just my 2 cents in this thread : I share most of Rom's judgment on both "the apeman" and Nigel. I agree that Nigel had no respect for ladyboys and probably acted as a "farang racial supremacist" treating ladyboys as cattle and idiots to be exploited. I have rather a moderate judgement about "the apeman". I agree this dude looks off putting but what do we look like ourselves in our 50's and 60's ? I found he had a differet type of behaviour with ladyboys. He made them laugh and treated them fairly well. I could see he was playing a game with them and managed to highlight them as ladyboys.
  12. P&G

    Stunners 2020

    Have a nice threesome with 2 ladyboy sisters.
  13. This troupe of ladyboys made their first show since the recovery after the covid. Photos : courtesy of Huynh Anh
  14. We just explore the philosophical interest of the subject as well as its cultural aspects. I heard about it during a lecture dealing with Le Père Goriot by Honoré de Balzac. I didn't remember having read these few lines said by Rastignac. Actually, I had found the whole story boring and side comments of no interest. But the teacher explained in a few more details the allusion to this crime consisting in killing by a simple act of will and without leaving one's hometown or ever being suspected an old mandarin living in Beijing and whose death would bring some advan
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