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  1. I'll be back to a ladyboy country. I don't know where and when. We are fairly well off so far, but they gonna make us work hard to recover corporate debts as weel as our social safety debts. As soon as I can, I'll have to be back. It might be more than the end of an era. The crisis is not over. Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. If only this corona could sweep out a few arrogant assholes.
  2. Coronavirus in Vietnam Vietnam has been impacted by the covid-19 epidemic as the neighboring countries. What's original is that VN remains a socialist republic with a family spirit when the safety of citizens is at stake. Earlier this month, VN suspended visa procedures and started implementing measures against covid-19. Foreigners or Vietnamese citizens coming from foreign countries had to be isolated, either at home (VN citizens) or in designated areas for quarantine. The army was ordered to help the health sector to implement the measures decided by the government. Then the Prime Minister decided to ban flights from abroad. Elder people (over 60) were requested to stay at home to avoid being contaminated. Unnecessary services had to be closed starting with bars, restaurants and karaoke to minimize most of the crown. The above measures have been taken since the beginning of March. On 29th, the PM issued a new directive in 12 points to order what they call "social isolation", in other words a lockdown. People have to stay at home and participate in a program of medical declaration. Public passengers transports are now prohibited since people must stay at home (except for medical purposes, to get food or go to work). State agencies employees shall work at home using information technologies. Boarders are now closed and controlled by the army. The ministry of public security is in charge of order and public safety. The army will help health services and control isolation facilities. Soldiers will be responsible for separating new cases and isolated cases. The lockdown of Vietnam started 6 hours ago at midnight local time. The originality of VN is a process called medical declaration. I don't know how it's been implemented for Viets but foreigners had to upload an App in their smartphone and use it twice a day to fill in a medical check so that medical services can intervene if information suggests that the person is covid positive. The Vietnamese population is requested to actively participate in voluntary medical declaration. I haven't found official figures of cases and casualties except those given in Wikipedia. Since mid February, more and more ladyboys stated they felt sad. A few of them declared they were looking for a new job and most of them moved back to their family. Although they didn't say it, they had stopped working in bars and cabaret, perhaps even before the People's Committees closed them down. A few ladyboys whose family is poor decided to stay in town. When they felt like changing their minds, they were stuck and couldn't go back home. They are in a pretty fix. The Vietnamese social safety won't pay for joblessness. They must live on their savings. I know one who has no saving. She kept on looking for guests but only aggravated her debt in her hotel. When she tried to quit, she couldn't. Another one spent her money for her recent mammoplasty (verified). She's broke now. She made a budget for her food but feels in troubles since she can't pay for her rent. I don't know how the country will recover with so many unpaid jobless people.
  3. They will use the hotel as an hospital when local hospitals are overcrowded. This is what they started doing in Spain. Given they decided measures lately, their medical services will become busy within a short period of time.
  4. The Grim Reaper will come and ask seniors to pay for the bill. The longer the party, the more salted the bill. Here, many people believed they weren't taking too much risks breaking governmental advises. This week, the Pharmacy placarded "Sick people must stay in the street. They will be served outside". Yesterday, I heard ambulances twice. Everyone is free not to respect discipline at war but bullets will catch those who played too much.
  5. OMG ! This is Jessie Ca. I managed to hook her up last week. Here is her instagram : https://www.instagram.com/Jessicadragqueen/?fbclid=IwAR247vD4xKvkRRJygCXbVxUtDpfVPlns4hTCBGUgLMxgIV0FlT7BS1wWco8 She's a 34 years old ladyboy. She's worked hard as a make up artist till last week, then the Vietnamese government decided to close bars, restaurants and karaoke. Since then, they also closed all non-essential business. I don't know if she was in p4p, but she's in emergency now. Someone was declared Covid+ in her neighborhood last week. She was scared to stay in quarantine if the corona comes too close to her apartment. Her parents live 3 km away from her place and she fears to contaminate them. (As far as I understood, the VN government uses a system of health declaration to track cases. Every one must fill in a report every day, or must report when they have a symptom to be checked ASAP. Military health units joined civil health units to reinforce their control power). Moreover, she had no saving. She was crying for help. On March 24th, her last message said she wants to die. There is no lockdown in VN but the administration has no financial means to help all these people made jobless by the decision to close non-essential business. I felt very bad for her. I had to sponsor ladyboys I had met first. Thanks heaven, many ladyboys working in all kind of shows went back to their family in the countryside or in middle class areas. If not, they stay in their rooms like frozen by their unexpected situation. If you like her, you can contact her on Viber. She may be like a puppy looking for a master.
  6. Nobody visits this country but I did. Hmm Chisinau ! Chișinău (Kishinev in Russian) should be pronounced as English words "kiss now". That was an amazing soviet type city with friendly young police officers holding a check point on the road before I entered the city. The country is full of pretty dolls (GGs) with dark hair and light brown or green eyes. If the situation is getting worse, it might be interesting to try again a trip over there, spend nights in hotels copying the Western 5 stars hotels in the 1960s with additional concrete at every level, pimps in the office ad great deals in the rooms. I found a copy of my visa and an old bank note.
  7. I second you but As Rom explained before I post, he spent thousands of hours into his TRs and Romscars cartoons. I understand his frustration. His cartoons are small works of art and the way Kims hoovered these reveals they are just cybervandals without sensitivity. I had the same reflex to save or rebuild TRs. I find it difficult to criticize works of art. Hopefully, we'll see more cartoons by Rom and when he's finished with old cartoons, he will make new ones without reference to another forum. If I could add a word about posting in general, I find that too many reviews deal with farangs instead of recommending ladyboys or warning about their poor performance. We'll see how it turns when Rom's has exhausted his stock. However, I take this opportunity to congratulate Rom for passing Kim Piggly Wiggly for his number of likes. Great performance.
  8. The Sith posted first in the former former of Asian-TS that is now the ladyboyforums.com/asiaboard owned and mastered by Crag Rocket (Canadian). Then in posted at ladyboyforum.com . He's got a great imagination and is prolific in posting. I didn't read all his posts since I was too busy at that time and his style wasn't easy for me to understand. I like his smart mongering. He is able to find a ladyboy student in BKK rather than a bar girl or a freelancer. IMHO, he would be able to find ladyboys in Negros as you did. I'd like to read from him in Issan. I am surprised he hasn't been tackled at PY yet.
  9. In Europe, we have been confined since early this week except in Holland. Confinement started on Monday at noon. We are allowed to leave our home only for serious reasons (going to work, getting food, taking care of vulnerable relatives, health reasons, sport within 500 m from home). We need to fill in a statement saying what's the purpose of our journey and keep it with us. Police and troopers are patrolling. Anyone controlled without his/her statement gets a fine of 135 € (US$ 145). It's prohibited to gather and talk with people. In grocery stores (only ones remaining opened), marks on the ground show distances to respect with other people. Some people used the waiver to have a walk in parcs, at riversides or on the beach. It is prohibited. troopers use helicopters to control the beach. In other cities, drones are used by the police to warn people chatting with each other in the street they are not allowed to gather and must use their phone to chat. Tonight, we saw a country fellow doctor who stayed in Wuhan to take care of people. He believes our measures are not sufficient and that we need more discipline to follow instructions. We saw that BJ decided to close pubs and restaurants in the UK at last. Yesterday, we saw that the governor of California decided confinement for the population. This is the beginning of wisdom and the beginning only. We see numbers increasing exponentially, especially casualties in Italy and Spain. Idiots who were proud to show off they were not scared shaking hands with anybody now take a great risk. We saw a care giver crying on a TV report. They must clean beds after some one dies and then choose someone else to give care. They must choose who will be left without care. We also saw that US students go and party in Florida for the Spring break. It's not only criminal, it's some kind of collective suicide. Last week end, I found ridiculous a lady leaving a grocery store with 3/4 months of food in her cart. Now, I realize this not paranoia, it's just elementary protection. I post the above since many of you guys are American. You can still choose to protect yourself.
  10. Are you an expat in Pattaya Pdoggg ?
  11. Yes he could. I wish he would train ladyboys and look after them to come to my hotel and serve my breakfast every morning in my room. It's not prohibited to ask. Seriously speaking, I guess that organizing such an event is a real challenge with enough stress and worries to ask him to do more. If he stopped, he probably felt like having rest, but he's back probably because those who replaced him were not up to it as he was. I am happy to know more about Rossco. I had seen wrong or poor information in the past and I find communication better since he took over the management this year.
  12. Kwan doesn't only have ability in drawing cartoons but also to use a certain kind of language. If birds could sing salted words he posted, one would sometimes hear cacophonic warblings in the forest. Kims hoovered after weeks as they're used to, but memory keeps what had been deleted in servers disks.
  13. I remember SD's first TR I read that dealt with a trip in the south with a ladyboy named Sugas, then a visit in Pattaya and a meeting with a ladyboy somewhere in Issan. SD proved it's possible to monger and meet ladyboys out of the scene most of PY BMs believe is the only one possible. I tried to read most of his TRs at PY when I had time to. Thanks to his TRs in the early 2010s, I knew it was possible to explore Thailand and monger without staying parked in Pattaya or at C&D in Patong. My dream tour consisted in finding a ladyboy in BKK or Phuket and travel with her in the islands of the Andaman, what I managed to do once in 2013. Then my life brought me to Malaysia and I had to surpass myself to find ladyboys over there, what I kept on doing back in Thailand. This kind of mongering was not accepted at PY where they need people to repeat again and again we have to use their accredited business to monger. Amazingly, SD has continued to have an exit visa at PY while other BMs were drily called to order by the Kims. After Kim Piggly Wiggly banned me a first time from PY, I had been sorry to read in SD's TR that he had walked several times into a street in Siem Reap and passed along the shop with the best ladyboys I knew in town. But I wasn't in PY to help him. Thank Kim Piggly Wiggly. When SD had been in Malaysia, he dared mention me in his TR and again the Kims didn't dare correct him. I had been delighted to see his pics of street art in cities where I had been. Although I had noted how pleasant a place Georgetown was, I hadn't stopped to make photos like those he had posted. His last TR I read completely dealt with VN. After reading this poor experience, I dared (and still dare) adding to my signature I am the only PY BM who's fucked Vietnamese ladyboys in Vietnam. The padawan I was reached the level of the former master. Thanks for showing us the light side of mongering Jedi SD.
  14. This reminds me why I ain't fond of PI ladyboys. One day I fuck a girl-to-be and the next month, she's a handsome youngster male.
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