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  1. Sorry Rxpharm, I couldn't follow their speech. I gave you a like since I found it funny to listen to their teen age speech. I felt like reacting since you posted one is US-Vietnamese. OK, her parents were born in Vietnam but she's American-American. Thông báo.
  2. So you're starting building my legend among naked ladyboys in the Phils. Shame on me ! Here is a video from a poor ladyboy whom I help when I can. She's very pretty, but she won't send me a video in which she's naked. 8761.mp4 I hope guys will enjoy waiting for your next video.
  3. 8 or 9 years ago, a guy posted pics of PI ladyboys with messages written on their bodies. I don't remember who the guy was but he wrote messages like "slut" or "sex slave" and the least I can say is that I didn't like it. I was just back from the Phil and wouldn't imagine myself doing the same with the ladyboy I was with. So, when I first saw your pics in LBR with messages written on ladyboys bodies, I didn't really like. Since then, we got to know you better. You're a crazy guy and that's probably why we like you. We all like having fun with ladyboys and you go very far when you do it
  4. It could be justified for the Latina sissy since it wouldn't be such a high price per lbs or kg. But I second you. I used to pay US$ 5 to 10 for a great BBBJ when I lived in the USA. At the time I shagged alternatively GGs and shemales, something came naturally to me. When I had to do with a GG in her 20's I wouldn't f... her unless I would lick her pussy till she has an orgasm. I was proud to see so many girls saying I wouldn't do it, they had never received a cunnilingus and then experience it. Anyone who hasn't tried yet, here's a new challenge for the next couple of years : find
  5. 70796.mp4 70797.mp4 70801.mp4 70806.mp4 70873.mp4 The above videos titles are all "Paris, transgender nightclub in Pigalle". These are actually the Escualita nights organized in a Nightclub in Pigalle a neibourhood where there used to be cabarets, bars, gangsters, police officers, sex shops and prostitutes in the old time. No one knows who's behind this Escualita organization. They created a website with a chat in February 2001 as low debit Internet was just
  6. I am sober like a monk who has taken a vow of chastity. Covid that forces me to do this. If I didn't endanger older people, I would be fed up and live with the risk of catching the virus now. I can confirm that that whores in the Socialist Republic are sometimes desperate for rent money or just medical care money for their transition. The Covid crisis kept me very busy as a monger. I am also busy writing new trip reports and information. You'll probably see what in March.
  7. It's hard to comment since we don't or can't know where in Europe you have settled down. Not all the Tgirls from South America working here are old trannies. You probably haven't searched correctly. The difference with a trip to Thailand or the Philippines is that you are going to pay more expensive prices for a short time, but you won't spend money for an airline ticket. When traveling, you start with a €500 to €800 expense but will compensate by paying lower ST prices. On the other hand, if you get scammed or are not satisfied with the service, you lose more in the scam. This reminds me m
  8. P&G


    You won't have a better life blaming China again and again for the Covid-19 pandemic. It exploded first in China, but studies showed that virus was already in Europe in November 2019 and not only in Italy as Lbdabbler said. Scientists on duty have also analyzed the Covid-19 DNA. They rendered a definitive diagnosis. Covid-19 was not made in a lab. It's a 100 % natural virus. You can't expect China to be ordered to compensate the damage caused by the pandemic. It's against international laws, and we have no evidence that China is responsible for what happened even though they might have t
  9. 2 sisters popping into the p4p scene in the same time. SN3858.mp4 SN3250.mp4
  10. It's never been easy to find relevant information about South American transexuals, either Brazilian or Latinas. I had read once upon a time (in the 2000s) about a TS brothel in Brazil but have lost the link. there had been a few press releases before the football (soccer) World cup and Olympic games in Brazil, then nothing. I prefer not to mention what I remember of the scene. I searched in youtube a couple of months ago. All that I found was videos depicting trannies fighting in Brazilian streets or ugly Latina transsexuals. Meanwhile, I had found 2 videos in Youtube dealing with a par
  11. I received confusing information earlier this week regarding the covid19 in Vietnam. The country has been hit by the 3rd wave. Daisy told me they had to quarantine in HCMC, in other words they were submitted to a new lock down although I had read nothing like this. So I searched carefully the website of the Ministry of Health to try to find out what. New cases were detected in large cities, in Hanoi, Hai Duong, Da nang and in the north of HCMC including the district 1 (the actual centre). The vice minister of health went to Hai Duong province and decided to apply all the provisions pro
  12. The last ladyboy you shot said 1,000 for 2/3 hours. This is no BS. She came to my room for a ST end of 2015. She stayed 4 hours. She's really a sweetheart. I don't know if she will go back to Pattaya after the covid crisis since she was already a bit old in 2016, but she's someone you can trust.
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