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  1. My friend is back looking after her small farm, a couple of brown cows with floppy ears, some pigs, a few rai of rice , cassava,rubber and veg, she lives about 6km north of Buriram airport. Hard life up at 5 some mornings to go mushrooming, unlike my previous village which had a lot of water and they did a lot of fishing. Funny always seems to be the Ladyboy that looks after the family, her mum has got one of each boy who leave to set his own family, sister who has child (which the LB looks after) she is the teacher and the ladyboy who is a hairdresser. Never seen a construction
  2. Annat

    Why Not Bangkok

    So looking forward to seeing the bar in its new location Especially fancy an evening with Balloon and Pay You look very dapper in your jacket and proper trousers - now you got such a wonderful bar and Nam always looks so nice, you will have to get rid of the shorts and T shirt become a gentleman and impress us. all the best to you all
  3. How many people can afford to be away for 90 to 280 days - leave your home, leave your pets, leave your work, leave your life. Afford to pay for flights, 14 days in quarentine from 75000 to 200000 bhts (with nothing to do but sit in room, eat in room, no guests) Have to be able to prove hotel booked and paid or condo hired or proof of ownership property. plus pay what the Thai Embassy will charge, faff around with them for weeks getting visa. Then pass Covid test 72 before leaving and when landing I am semi retired and approaching 70 but cannot afford to leave for 90 days p
  4. me chastising you oh dear I said "even cargo pants has put in a pennys worth ", if you think that is having ago wait for a real one if you are naughty colonial boy. still remember you with your rucksack, sandals and shorts wandering off into the Jontiem sun on your way back to your home, a sad and forlorn figure thinking of Sunny. It was a good time - hey Jimmy behave yourself
  5. Annat


    In 1976 best bar in town was Dolf Rix's who was situated near start of modern WS on a pier into the ocean. Poor old Dolf told me he had not been back to Germnay since 1945 - wonder why
  6. even I find this good fun some really beautiful girls Noey and Natty awake my cricketing parts The janitor has been put in charge so we know all technical points are well covered by him He has gone home tonight and left some junior called moderator in charge know not all agree with this but I find it fun and have enjoyed watching even cargo pants has put in a pennys worth
  7. Never seen you two so well dressed - amazing - real fantasy
  8. Thank you all Cricket only started 2nd week of August we were not allowed to play till then. I decided as I had spent 10 weeks in lock down it was not worth risking it for 4 games. So far we have played 4 rained off 2 lost 2, we have a very good club at losing, one more game in2 weeks and that is the 2020 season. it is likely to be another 7 to 10 weks before I am recovered. It is no fun as we men cannot take the pain - a sneeze is like being knife and a cough like a kick in the balls. 8 nights sleeping in a chair, not much fun and my pussy cannot work out why I am not coming to bed.
  9. yes I can believe that Grunt as long as it is simple us old people can cope like last monday went for walk as told to by medical person. Got to a stile, decided rather than go over, would go to the side where fence had been cut down - silly old man went up this slight incline and then arse over tit, fell on the style step and now have two cracked ribs, sleeping in chair and frightened to cough - wooh keep it simple and Grunt and all of us will understand
  10. Little John These remarks surprise me, I will not delay you by going on about how wrong you are, you will be rushing to next meeting of the Flat Earth Society Big T
  11. I am surprised the Boom has gone. Unlike the other LB bars the Boom was unique If you liked your drink with down and dirty public sex - the Boom was your bar. The rest of the bars offer much of a muchness. The Boom gave you the joy of walking in and seeing a drunken pervert having his cock sucked and everything on view Now I got a lot of agro, when i made this point before. I just do not like it, but that was the Boom. Colywob and gang where at home in the place. Josh was a decent guy (for a Dutch man) and Poo always made me welcome. As much, as it was well
  12. Well the dream goes on and on and on. Like many of you, I am looking forward to a holiday and a visit to my favourite country. I miss the Temples, the towns, the views, the life and maybe the lovely boys with long hair, heels, short dresses and boobs. Next trip should include, visits to Chiang Mai, Lampang, Sukothai, Chiang Rai, the hills and tea plantations and Queen’s Botanical Gardens. When will this be you asked – well your guess is as good as mine, am fairly sure it will not be before July 2021 or even autumn of that year. will I live that long? I shall first h
  13. Lovely house sure you will both be very happy like the Royal purple this old man could be very happy in it have good times and great happiness
  14. Is it very noisy with the bars in this area need to get to bed before 3am - at my age i need my cocoa some nights at 11/12
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