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  1. looks like a young grunt in Liverpool shirt
  2. Nearly all I think are LB an odd GG pops up occasionally But New's sisters bar is to be GGs
  3. Annat

    Why Not Bangkok

    happy Birthday old man Only if I could be there - just starting another 17 days lockdown maybe next year or the one after happy returns T
  4. wow if i looked like that could have been a girly but looked like this if I can down load on this bloody site
  5. Grunt you are like long lost brother, getting the land safe for my return I am totally and utterly enamoured with a gesture of this kindness keep well
  6. That is some hot Pussy really beautiful Teya is looking much more girly and pretty
  7. pity photos are few and far between nowadays and Grunt seems to be on holiday or has he been sent back to UK!!!!
  8. very much the English cow and calf farming, believe this one is due next year do not think the Thais are into a lot of milking, they take them for walks to find grass on common areas, under trees and on road sides, very much like the old rural and traveller way in the UK These cows are very expensive by Thais standards, I might be wrong but 20000 to 30000+ bhts each
  9. Does this prove there is life after death and that ladyboys are beautiful
  10. Cows and Cassava On farm near Buriram. Love these animals big floppy ears, they are taken out each day to find grass, or the grass is cut and taken to them indoors especially during the heavy monsoon weather. notice the beautifully hoed rows of the cassava They also grow rice and have rubber trees, told that rubber prices are up this year
  11. My friend is back looking after her small farm, a couple of brown cows with floppy ears, some pigs, a few rai of rice , cassava,rubber and veg, she lives about 6km north of Buriram airport. Hard life up at 5 some mornings to go mushrooming, unlike my previous village which had a lot of water and they did a lot of fishing. Funny always seems to be the Ladyboy that looks after the family, her mum has got one of each boy who leave to set his own family, sister who has child (which the LB looks after) she is the teacher and the ladyboy who is a hairdresser. Never seen a construction
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