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  1. Sad Sad Sad will so miss this little lovely bar, tucked away in beautiful jontiem had two great Meet & Greet and met many nice people & Woof Woof here where else will be able to get not one grumpy old git but two and beautiful boys who look like girls and have naughty bits and long hair and wear dresses and heels ? I liked Emmy, always had a soft spot for her - I think she is lovely She had some beautiful girls working for her, who were friendly ,pleasant, and treated everyone like a friend, even made me feel young again As Jimmy says was a nice place to stay I hope she gets set up somewhere (like jimbo) and not be lost to us all Good luck Emmy, Teya & Sunny Be Happy Grunt you still owe me a drink - I hope to live to claim it when (if) I get back to LOS
  2. Correct Never a Boy Scout always want to be a girl guide like you Blind Boy Never very good at improvising or really never very good at much other than cricket will put some more photos on later if I get chance
  3. Sitting here in a cold 13degrees. cloudy and miserable day. Bored and thinking of the bars and people I know Decided to put some of the few photos I have left of Thailand on the forum, what an amazing country, when you away from the flesh pots so here a few photos General view of Chiang Mai Buddah at the Bhumibol Dam Station to North of Bangkok Mountains at Chiang Mai Ants eggs at roadside (no i did not partake) Back Packers Hotel Hua Hin Bangkok main station Bhumibol Dam 8th Largest in the World Boiled eggs with formed chickens in them (how can anyone eat these) Chiang Mai Airport from Wat Phrathat Chiang Rai at night Donkeys on Hue Hin beach elephants painting bowl of flowers Chiang Mai Bang Bang Station Eva Air at Suvarnabhumi Flood Damage near Bangkok 2012 So there thats taken 30 mins My best wishes to you all. Hope you are all well and Covid free Seem to have finished up with a girlfriend i was not really chasing - she is back near Buriram now asking if I am moving to Thailand - some chance So am looking forward to returning hopefully before i die but when and how remains a good question. Never been to Buriram so that would be good, she has never been to Chiang Mai, so that another great car trip. Waiting to hear how you get a BJ with a mask and face shield How many bars will re-open? Just have to say I do miss the Country - some of you old farts and the lovely boys with long hair, short skirts and high heels
  4. Love Thread F**king a Rom Thread Just to say to all you weird and wonderful folk after 12 weeks of lock down in Wales. I am finally crawling up the walls, still only allowed to drive 5 miles. Have not put anything on forum as nothing has changed But I am alive which is good I am pleased you old ones like blind boy grunt, stoolpusher and likes are all still alive Just had a look at some of the early post on the other forum about Covid - they make fine reading as most of what the members sayabout only a flu no big problem - noting is stopping them from seeing a bar with ladyboys etc.etc. - well i TOLD YOU So. The Positive is I got a loan from Bank on Bounce Back which i would never have got before the virus My Ebay is doing better than before I have saved stacks on hotels, planes and Thai ladyboys Cannot see myself on route to Thailand until a vaccine or summer ; that is if the General will let scumbag farangs like me back into the country Cannot belive I am replying to a thread by Rom - I really am sinking to the bottom and loosing it
  5. Sad to say that all finished over a year ago she drank most of the money i am afraid But life goes on as I am now stuck in my bungalow for 8 weeks while we wait for the First Minister to let us do something here is my new friend and in her heyday
  6. Disgraceful always knew you was a pervert Hi Jimmy hope is all well with you in the colonies I not on the other forum at the moment had a run in with the great Kendo who did not like me pointing out that many of the photos are not using the 2meter distancing so he took off a lot of my comments So only on here at the moment Like you I very much like the chinese girls keep well and safe
  7. my top 6 TJ Why Not Katty Bar New Bar Baby Boom Sweethearts Mainly because older guys are accepted and the girls will talk to you and you dont get talked to like a second rate citizen
  8. I had a great time in Phuket in June 2011 and went back in 2012 Much enjoyed C & D the girls were fun, but I was a bit frightened and only just on my LB path in 2011 -to this day I regret not going with Annie - wow she woke up parts that other girls could not reach. I never got up enough nerve to ask her. Stayed at the Summer Breeze ( 171, 12 Soi Sansabai, ) which was in good place and gave really good service. Went to the beach, to the clubs and the shows, took a taxi for day around the island. Had one of my best days of my life when I went to James Bond Island ( Khao Phing Kan ), felt so car sick on the mini van, went to a monkey Temple first, then some caves but stayed above ground then to the island - never seen anything like this - so beautiful - great day out, Patong was vibrant and in your face. Took May 2012 had fun and the usual LB tantrums - got thrown out The Tiger club which really piss me off, only later did I realise it was beacuse the security knew she had taken some drugs, but then I was an innocent old man. To be honest I like Phuket because lots to see and do in the day, as well as a lot of choice at night - gather that it is no longer what it used to be or so some say on this forum. Simon's Cabaret next 3 at Fantasea entertainment venue with dinner, thai dancing & show, also outside like a fair, a wonderful night's entertainment Artist's Shop Patong Para Sailing General Patong views inside the shopping center The airport Now you see I do like Pussy Temple on day trip where the caves were Patong On boat to Island mangrove swamp next 4 of Khao Phing Kan Island Bedroom & sitting room at the Summer Breeze and last and not least JIMBO - looking his usual sexy self Edited just now by annat
  9. Good to hear things are well and all are good and fit (Sunny looks very fit in last photo) - it is not easy for the girls who did not get home or who had hoped the pickings would be good when most of the others left. My friend Tong, just got home a few days before the total ban and is not coming back, she will open a hairdressing saloon in the next village. I wonder how many, now they are home and into village life will stay put? Grunt - You have a better half - unbelievable amazed gobsmacked WOW Finally I only just found this I am sure it a Grunt look alike
  10. Annat

    Bangkok Zoo

    In 1976 took a klong tour on a barge then on the narrow speed boats up the little canals to Crcok farm and then to snale show - i frightened of snakes and did not go in - spent a lot of the time looking for them in case they were up the trees, then back to the rice barge free booze by the time tour finsihed was legless on vodka and had loads of free fruits some of which I have rarely seem since. Sadly the photo of that honeymoon trip disappeared over the years. I wish i still had them, some great shots of BKK and Patts from that period and while typing I remembered we also went crock farm at Patts. Have some more photos of Thailand to put up in due course from 2010-12
  11. Annat

    Bangkok Zoo

    Now I love Zoos and I try to visit the best ones when I can. Some of the best, in my opinion, are London, Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Prague and some of the smaller German/Austrian ones like Karlsruhe, Saltsburg, Colne. I have visited two zoo’s in Thailand; Bangkok which is very pleasant and well worth half a day, nice open space, interesting animals, though I thought they could do with more room, I gather there are plans to move it to larger and more interesting site. The other was Phucket, which was poor, the animals kept in bad conditions and if it was in the UK, the RSPCA would have soon been there. It was the only zoo, I have walked out from, to be honest very heartbreaking. I must try to visit again when and if I ever back to Bangkok. So here are a few photo from my last trip to Bangkok Zoo, I made it a day by going on in a Tut-Tut to the Royal Palace, a wondrous place to visit if you have not been there. 3 month old elephant asian bear elephant not a lot of room fish feeding fish kangeroos the lake which is the centre part of the zoo alligators puma pygmy hippos shark pond tiger large lizards free to roam around the zoo Quote Edit
  12. I was looking through my external disk last night and realised my ex-gf from 2012-2014,looked so different over so many pictures. So I wondered if yours looked the same. Ok, some are without make-up, some are when she was drunk, some when clubbing and after taking things, and some just her at home and visiting places, others when she worked in bars and did escort. See what you think But then she used at least 4 names when she worked in escort, at Cascade and at CIB - May, Benz, Marissa, Melissa and at home Bam Oh yes, out of interest, I wonder if anyone has come across since 2015 - I know her brother was killed in a motorcycle accident and always wondered if she went home to her village near Korat They were the best and worst years of my life, I was up and then I was down, it would have helped if I had ever come across someone who was a substance taker, but I never saw the signs. When my ex-wife ask 'Who has given you the balls to stand up to me' well it was this girl, who i dreamed of a happy life together in Bangkok, dreams are just that - Dreams. Buddahs way, she gave me the courage to get divorced and hope of hapiness and just when i sorted my life out we parted so she served her purpose and I now have a happy life. Quote Edit
  13. Must be some desperate people out there to risk catching this virus by going with a sex worker. Can understand her, as she is getting no money, so this is only way to earn money - but heavens the monger must be thinking with little head rather than his brain
  14. Annat


    read today that a doctor in Bangkok says the ICU units are all full in all the types of hospital and that as many as 200,000 people might have the virus as lots do not show symptons. If true then it explains all the measures being taken by the Government and the Govenors
  15. Illusions of grandeur Page and Plant more like Compo and Clegg or Nora Batty & Les Dawson
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