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  1. Well Grunt bum watching again, and at your age DISGRACEFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Had hoped to return in September but now believe that I shall not be getting there till Feb/March 2021, that is of course if I live that long and have any money left. another 10 weeks in this bungalow will have climbing up the walls even a drink with Grunt and Bumblebee looks likes a night of great fun - what has the world come to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep well everybody
  3. Sad for the girls that stayed. With the non-travel how will they get home. Many will not cope - glad at least that New Bar will rise to the challenge when the world settles down I for one hope to be able to have a drink at the new New bar, sad I have had stent done now safe to have fun and the whole world shuts it doors If I live through this I hope to be drinking and having some fun at the bar - pretty sure the earliest will be about a year away. Keep well, keep happy - look on the bright side you have New to keep you active and under control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the best
  4. and what has happened to the village cockerels at 0600 ot the puibarn on his loud speakers at 0530 and of course the village dogs barking on and off all night ha ha ha a few more photos a village event similar to Loy Katong songran village parade our bedroom songran again cane growing the b-b-q- barnin how tall the sugar cane our house or better her house flowers in the garden x 3 Buddah day at the temple 0700 cats when kittens x 2 waffle and her making waffles at the local market and herself sad to say I miss it and I miss the house, the cats, the family and her - but life goes on - well I hope it does with this bloody virus one does not know
  5. your farm well in the wilds not like the one I used to spend time on which was based in a village of 2000 keep well look after yourselves the locqal water works next to the lake cutting a cane field after harvest the lake her house house back of the house a young field of cane village pond
  6. Shame Handbag could not come and isolated for 14 days with me Glad you both ok and it is nice you you looking after the older LB New has good Ji Dee
  7. Annat


    Just know how you feel Told my friend Tong I will Tin Tong in 3 months time even though i have got work to do, Netflix, Amazon, TV and Kindle oh for a beautiful long haired thai boy/girl in a short skirt and heels oh yes still have my dreams
  8. so true remember them Arpil 1916 in Lowestoft crazy night and we had the German fleet as well.
  9. Annat


    lucky man a very beautiful girl should think you still smiling even in this terrible time
  10. Annat


    This forum has a small membership So hope we can keep each informed if our health deteriorates. May be just me but find it supportive to read all your comments and help (except for a few) So I was pleased to here that Grunt is alive and well, many like him and me fall in the category of old and knackered Yes I am alive and so far so good alive a few old photos of pretty ladyboys to cheer your day up
  11. Annat


    Well we are locked down in the UK I wonder how you feel. This is real big time, no jokes , no this just a flu, no I am going on holiday whatever may. Now you not even allowed out your house. The question is not will we conquer the virus of course we will, but affect is this being in your home, especially if like me you live on your own, going to have both on your health and your state of mind. You have 14 days to wait to see if you get the symptoms. Then one might feel a better. I had to go and pick my meds up at the pharmacy today, even though I am in the high risk category, they could not deliver, so I queued outside for 30 mins, woman appears red eyed and coughing, I ask her why she was out, she said ‘I need meds to help me’. I thought great come and infect others. The pharmacy had taken their phone off the hook, and of course left out my injection. Bloody wonderful. So a bit of a rant from me. I just feel, sad, worried and lost. But sure I will make it. Final thought all this is being done to help the elderly as they are at risk, but Italy are having now to put young people at head of the queue and make the hard decision to let the old pass on. Also, Boris is showing leadership qualities I did not think he had – well done to him
  12. I only know one Thai who has saved money, but only after she lost all she had gambling in BKK, now she has big bank balance and just built own house in her village. Then again she is 40+ and not worked in P4P for 15 years and is in a steady relationship for last 14 Most girls still believe 'Its Buddah's Will' and will not save, just keep borrowing money off friends. We will see, but sad for them to have to go home - but I think many of them will be happier at home with family than selling their ar**'s
  13. Sad to say this bloody virus has probaly finished my career, as I am fairly certain we will not play the 2020 season never happened except in the war years and then some cricket was played. Never a no play year before am 70 next year so will do well to play
  14. is this better than Jopling it is really very very good
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