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    Not sure how it blows around here but respect to all , I have been documenting the ladyboy scene in Thailand for three years , face to face interviews ,50 YouTube lb videos , 7000 subscribers and dozens of uncensored ladyboy videos (not porn but risky interviews ) I won't mention my channel because I won't pull a cheap plug / promotion on you guys , but happy to help anyone out with stuff , many of you have seen it all , some of you live vicariously , some know the lb around town , some when they see Miley from fantasy lounge with her boobs out on the street ( my favourite interviews ) cannot believe it , some are wise old owls anyway survive the virus stay safe , god bless Cine:)
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    I just got back from Pattaya Beach Road. It's a nice walk with lots of social distancing. In the beginning of my walk it felt like a ghostown as it was so easy to cross 2nd Road. There were girls out and even saw a bunch that I know. But maybe something changed from last night when Stooolie went because I wouldn't use the phrase "usual number of girls". But I only walked from Soi 11 to Walking Street and part of that area is just dirt. There were more substantially more girls on the city side than the beach side of the road. I wore a mask and one glove. Next time may skip the mask as I wasn't talking to anyone except one extremely brief conversation. But the mask makes it easier not to have to reply to the girls who try to engage you into conversation. Not sure if I needed the glove except for the doorknobs and elevator buttons in my building. Curfew? I guess the advantage of a curfew is that people won't be socializing at restaurants. The disadvantage is that people who like to walk all have to it at the same time which decreases social distancing. I walked into Pattaya Beer Garden and there actually seemed to be more customers than earlier in the month. As with barebacking, there are strong feelings about whether one should be outside except for absolutely essential reasons. Should people be permitted to eat at restaurants? Except for the beer garden it seemed the people were using restaurants as an excuse for just gathering. A couple guys on 13/1 were shooting pool. A ladyboy was outside the closed Hunny Bunny obviously looking for business. Should guys be engaging with sex workers during CV times? Guess there are strong feelings about this.
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    The 2018 Romscar Annual Awards for Excellence and Chivalry was a 2-month long production at Pyongyang with me posting daily all sorts of multimedia, not just the cartoons I am salvaging in this thread. A lot of it was in the form of Romscar-staged ladyboy pics for live interaction, as I happened to be on a trip at the time. There were also photoshops, songs, riddles, videos. Nothing like it had ever been done in the History of Ladyboy Boards, and anyone with half-a-brain or a quarter-of-a-heart would have felt compelled to preserve it. There were also impromptu Romscars for fun BMs as we went along, and this post records one such award along with the non-cartoon media that accompanied it. It was the Romscar for Zombie BM of the Year won by fellow-PY-banished BM cherjam who makes it his business to pop up at PY uninvited and rattle the Kims' asses under as many new discardable accounts as he can expeditiously open. cherjam is a self-proclaimed Scotland separatist and the photo below shows the indomitable Scots from the hit TV show Outlander, each named after one of cherjam's banned accounts. He had more accounts I could have listed, but I ran out of Scots...
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    It's strange staying in for the evening instead of going to the bar...not quite used to that routine just yet. We ventured into town today to Makro just to get the staples in; they did temp check everyone on the way in and sanitiser offered & applied at entrance & exit. As expected the car park was packed but no sign of panic buying, just most folks Saturday morning shop with the majority, including us, masked up. We then shopped at Baan & Beyond for some more lights for the bar & some stuff for the house, stopped at Boontavorn to pick up some bedroom furniture and returned home. Town wasn't dead but definitely not as busy as the previous week. There is a Brit food shop which does a wide range of products who do home deliveries which I'd recommend to anyone who doesn't want to mingle at this time. The girls are confused as most of the locals are & as they don't usually listen to the international news they are subject to FB rumour control. A lady who came to wallpaper our bedroom was telling us how many were dead in Rayon...hadn't seen that on any newsfeeds. We had planned on going to the local gym but invested in some home fitness stuff instead; Doris is walking for an hour every night and is getting quite into it...now if I could only manage to kick her out of bed in the morning...
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    @stoolpusherThank you for the welcome. I do have access to the blue pills and will use them especially when I am at the tail end (lol) of a marathon session. I don't think I had any in my system in either of the situation. Again, I had no issues getting a blowjob and being hard. Ever with Jerlin, I was sexually very aroused and was hard...for whatever reason, I just couldn't take it to the next step. I guess I just have to keep trying. @Ashoka I always have an alcohol buzz when I am in Angeles. I never get completely inebriated but always have a constant buzz. Never had an issue with losing an erection with any girl...the situation with the LGs I think is just mental. After all, I am in Angeles to have sex so I always find it silly when people say they get too drunk visiting different clubs with their barfines only to fall asleep without having sex. Not this cowboy!
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    More and more Thais are leaving Pattaya for home in the soi with that many rooms will become vacant as they can't pay the rent , I must say its very sad to see . As with all cultures you can always go home but the problem is most workers send money home to help the family and now they have nothing. This situation may prompt more Thais to save money for the future like in western cultures.
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    I went for a walk at 12.30 am this morning from soi 6 to walking st , across to soi vc then back to the shop , many people on the beach and more than the usual number of girls out .There were quite a few lady boys from different bars along the beach front , I wonder if they think it's a step down from doing bar work . Laser disco was open but only for shisa smoking and drinking, the cops did come for a payment then left . It good to know money still works
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    An article from Pattaya Mail. I don't know if link will work, or how to open it. I just took screenshots of a couple of paragraphs. https://www.pattayamail.com/news/pattaya-reverts-to-its-sleepy-fishing-village-roots-292266
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    Well we are locked down in the UK I wonder how you feel. This is real big time, no jokes , no this just a flu, no I am going on holiday whatever may. Now you not even allowed out your house. The question is not will we conquer the virus of course we will, but affect is this being in your home, especially if like me you live on your own, going to have both on your health and your state of mind. You have 14 days to wait to see if you get the symptoms. Then one might feel a better. I had to go and pick my meds up at the pharmacy today, even though I am in the high risk category, they could not deliver, so I queued outside for 30 mins, woman appears red eyed and coughing, I ask her why she was out, she said ‘I need meds to help me’. I thought great come and infect others. The pharmacy had taken their phone off the hook, and of course left out my injection. Bloody wonderful. So a bit of a rant from me. I just feel, sad, worried and lost. But sure I will make it. Final thought all this is being done to help the elderly as they are at risk, but Italy are having now to put young people at head of the queue and make the hard decision to let the old pass on. Also, Boris is showing leadership qualities I did not think he had – well done to him
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    Yeah that pretty much sums up what I read. The truth is that if Trump does go ahead and reopen everything or most things well ahead of when it is safe to do so, other countries, including the UK will probably follow for fear of falling further behind in terms of their economy. Much as this lockdown/restrictions are pain in the ass, I am willing to go along for as long as it takes to make sure as many people as is possible can survive. There are going to be deaths, absolutely no doubt, but if they can be limited then that is good. Sadly some governments will view the old and sick as collateral damage and get back to business.
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    The Donald just had a press conference. He was talking about the future when things reopen. He said it would be sooner than a lot think but gave no date. But he says lots of stupid untrue things at these press conferences. He was again touting the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine along with azithromycin (generic Zithromax) taken at the same time as a possible help for the very sick. Doctor Fauci was not at the press conference. He usually steps in later and gives a more realistic view of whatever drug Doctor Trump says is going to be the next great thing. But Fauci was recently quoted in an article saying in regard to Trump "I can't jump in front of the microphone and push him down." Reportedly Trump is growing a bit tired of Fauci. So we unfortunately maybe losing that voice of reason. https://news.yahoo.com/trump-reportedly-getting-frustrated-dr-142831198.html
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    I only know one Thai who has saved money, but only after she lost all she had gambling in BKK, now she has big bank balance and just built own house in her village. Then again she is 40+ and not worked in P4P for 15 years and is in a steady relationship for last 14 Most girls still believe 'Its Buddah's Will' and will not save, just keep borrowing money off friends. We will see, but sad for them to have to go home - but I think many of them will be happier at home with family than selling their ar**'s
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    Getting you Michael Jackson on with one glove? For me a mask makes it easier to remember to not touch my face. Gloves do no good if you are touching your face.
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    They said it was a sex tourism guide and kept all the money , a few weeks ago I was screwed but my former patrons sent paypal donations and helped establish my new site It's an old story , patreon is at the mercy of there payout masters PayPal and stripe but keeping my money was a low blow thanks for asking :)
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    Please support my patreon ladyboy vlog as I need to buy a decent camera,:) http://Www.patreon.com/cinederose
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    Police shut down Coconut Bar Jomtien. Open only from 6 am till 8 pm. Curfew coming soon. ?
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    I just discovered this website recently and read a lot of posts and reviews. I am happy I found this site and thank you for everyone that shared their comments and experiences. I wanted to share my experience...or lack of it I guess. Ladyboys to me look like women and for that reason I do want to experience an intimate experience with them. The first time I finally decided to do anything about it was in Bangkok. Decided to go for a massage with a parlour on Sukhuvit near Soi 7. I had walked by many times and the ladyboys sitting outside always caught my attention. So I went in one afternoon for a massage and a handjob or blowjob. Wasn't sure. I have been to many massage parlours in Asia and received many happy ending so I think I know the drill and prices. Went upstairs, I was asked for the money for the massage (500 bhat) which I handed over. Led to a room, asked to change and then my masseuse came in. Within a minute of her touching the skin on my legs, I was fully erect. She asked what I wanted to do and I asked her how much a handjob or blowjob was. She said handjob was 2,500 and blowjob 3,000. I laughed. i told her I only have an extra 600 bath at which point she stopped massaging me, said the massage was over, turned around and left. I was stunned at the price and mostly by the attitude. Another masseuse walked in and asked what I was still doing on the bed and I should leave. I left and was okay with my first experience - ladyboys weren't meant for me. It was my mistake for handing the money over but, still... A few years later, I am in Angeles City and walking down Perimeter Road after breakfast at Angels Bakery. (They have wonderful coffee and cinnamon rolls!) At the bottom of a set of stairs was a ladyboy who was trying to drum up some business for the spa. There was something about her that caught my attention. She was obviously a lady boy but had a very casual look and attitude about her. She didn't look feminine but she naturally acted feminine. (Does that make sense?) I decided to get a manicure. I was the only customer and even the Korean boss wasn't around. We talked and she just talked like a normal girl next door type girl. I was getting mesmerized. I go back a couple of days later because I wanted to see her. During our conversation, I told her she was beautiful and made it clear that I knew a thing or two about the ladyboy scene. Jerlin was so cool. Nothing happened but some good bantering. I was staying at Scorebirds and as I was leaving around 9 pm, there was a trio of girls that I walked past. I thought they were hot slutty dressed girls but as I got closer, realized they were ladyboys. On an impulse, I stopped them, started talking and we negotiated for two of them to come back to the hotel and put a show on for me for the next four hours. I forget the price but it was a negotiation and each girl grabbed my arm and off we went back to the hotel. This was when Ladyboys were not allowed to stop on Walking Street so were forced to walk one way and then loop around a different way after the mcdonalds. Sam and Christina were beautiful, had sexy smiles but when we got back to the hotel, Christina changed her attitude. She sat on the edge of the bed, got angry, Sam tried to calm her down. Not again with these people and decided to kick them both out. Sam didn't want to leave but Christina was starting to cause a scene. Called security and she was escorted out. Sam apologised and said she just met her. She asked if I was angry which I visibly was. She calmed me down and proceeded to give me a wonderful blowjob. I am not going to lie...I enjoyed it. We talked and it turns out she usually has long term relationships and the last one had promised her the world only to abandon her abruptly. She showed me her Facebook page and it was littered with some pretty impressive trips with this Aussie boyfriend. We talked and I kept rubbing my hand over her skin. Such soft skin! And oh so feminine. Small tits as she was on her hormones and was going for the surgery but Aussie bf took off instead. She asked if I want to go again and I asked for another blowjob. I told her I wasn't ready to fuck her. Wonderful evening and did want to meet her again but wasn't sure if I would have enough time. She promised that she could show me a really good time and more than a blowjob. I don't know why but I didn't want to see Sams cock. or her arsehole. I liked the way her tits felt and the way she put her mouth on my cock. That was perfect for my fantasy. The next day, I noticed there was a ladyboy with huge tits (for the philippines) in the salon near Scorebird. On a whim, I decide to go in and ask for a manicure. As I am getting my manicure, my girl is talking to her colleague and giggling. They know I took two ladyboys back to the hotel. (Insert Screaming Face emoji x2) My spa girl asks if I would like to take her back to the hotel as she gives a really good massage. I am, like, ok. We get to the hotel, I undress and I am expecting her to get undressed and unleash her tits. But she doesn't. She spends maybe ten minutes on my back, asks for the flip and then does a pretty useless massage on my legs. I asked if she can do more than a massage to which led another ten minute conversation of "up to you". I ended up with a handjob that was not very memorable. That night was my last night and I wanted to spend it with two girls that I had met earlier on the trip. Around 10pm, I get a call from Security saying my friend is here. I have my hands full with these two lovelies and not expecting anyone. Tell the girls to relax and I will be back. Sam is waiting for me by the bar. And she looks absolutely stunning. And innocent and shy that she was interrupting my evening. I am enamored by Sam. We sit down by the pool, have beer and she wants to spend the evening with me. I tell her i am sorry and I can't because I "need to catch an early plane tomorrow and need to sleep" line. She leaves and I have regret right away. Oh well. Fast forward a couple of months and again I am in AC. I stop by the salon on Perimeter road and Jerlin recognizes me, gives me a hug but she can't help me because, in this spa, it's a hierarchy of sorts and her colleague has to help me. I leave and come back after getting breakfast and Jerlin is able to help me. She so wanted to come back with me last time I was here. She remembered our conversation. She is putting a conditioning mask on my hair and it feels so sexy. She walks me to the back of the salon where she washes my hair. This is the only part of the salon that doesn't have any cameras, she whispers that to me while the back of my neck is resting on the sinks edge and clean water is running through my hair. She bends down and kisses me on lips. Such soft lips. It was my first kiss with a boy teeheehee! Instant erection! We make a plan for her to meet me at my hotel after her work. She arrives, I am nervous, she is nervous but looks so beautiful. We sit by the pool, have tequila shots and beer. I am determined that tonight is the night I lose my ladyboy virginity. We are walking back to the room and in the hallway I stop and we madly and passionately start kissing in the hallway. We stumble to my room and she starts giving me a blowjob and I am in heaven. She looks at me naughtily with her lips on my cock and asks if I want to fuck her. I don't know what it was but I lost my erection. I went from instant hard-on to the exact opposite. Jerlin spent the rest of the night with me but the moment was gone. Don't know why, but I couldn't do the sexual act of my fantasies. With Jerlin or Sam who were both wonderful individuals that would have made me very happy. Does this happen or am i just phobic with my issues?
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    From the Financial Times
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    Its incredible how this two week shutdown affects so many different people's lives . The workers from the bars/ massage shops then it goes down the line , the bottle shop and delivery guys , the ice delivery, people selling dresses, bags and shoes to the girls , the rooms the girls rented now empty, the landlords aren't getting money to pay the mortgage and so on and so on. Ofcourse there are a few bars that aren't affected by this and that's the boys in brown owned establishments. I do hope it doesn't get extended like bkk , I was told today immigration at Jomtien was standing room only as many tourists have to extend the holiday Visa.
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    well..the size of it did!...........
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    I have to disagree with the article and the statement. This article is inaccurate and will make the next pandemic worse. The statement that China does not cooperate with World Health authorities is wrong. China shared the genetic code results of the virus in the early days, so vaccine development started and in fact there have been human volunteers who have received it for testing already. That could not have happened this quickly without cooperation from China. China has sent medical assistance to Italy to advise them how to deal with the surge of seriously ill patients they have, which is close to overwhelming their ICU capacity. They have sent N95 masks to France (who sent them supplies during the peak of the crisis in Japan). Blaming a country for a pandemic will only reduce cooperation in the future. While you may think it is unlikely it isn't just countries like China where pandemics may originate. The next one could originate in North America, South America, Europe - cooperation is the only way to successfully combat pandemics. This does not excuse China for its past and future actions of authoritarianism, but isolating it or trying to punish it would be a terrible mistake.
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    Here is another guy whose Vlogs I watch and like very much, Noel is from the Midlands (UK) and gives his view of Flights, I am a big fan of Flight Vloggers and spend many hours watching their Videos On this particular Vlog it is his view of the Milk Run from Seattle to Anchorage (Alaska) with various stops and a night stopover in Juneau, apart from a a little quip at my home City (Manchester UK ) I found it very enjoyable
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