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  2. Feeling sad, and a bit angry too.. KB had so much going for it, as the reported turn out one recent evening attests to. What an absolute cnut the sister is. With bars re-opening we can hope that the kittens - as young, attractive and personable as they are - will all find jobs quickly. Emmy has a lot of goodwill among the ladyboy community (shared here and on the other forum) - That means many of us will follow her to any other bar with which she's associated. She has experience now that is hard to beat... but best wishes to all - perhaps some of us can get back before the end of the year. Here's to hope - it springs eternal.
  3. Very sad news. Hope Emmy will return somewhere. She's a very nice person.
  4. The end of an era sadly. Had some of my favourite nights on my last two trips in the place, here is hoping Emmy and the gang can come up with a Katty 2 at some stage in the near future.
  5. I feel really bad about this. It was a bar that you could feel very comfortable in, with no pressure at all. There are a couple of degenerates who habit the place and bring the tone down a bit, but we could excuse those. Nothing stays the same does it?. I think part of its appeal was the location. Out of the way. But I guess that may have been a drawback as far as pulling customers in. Sure enough the regulars know about it, but not passing traffic down Beach Rd. Also the passing foot traffic in Jomtien is not the same as that in parts of Pattaya such as Soi Bukhao, if you know what I mean?. They are not in the main, looking for ladyboys. I really feel for Emmy. With no customers for months and now this. I am guessing the money needed to setup a new bar would be substantial?. Hope she can open a new bar with her present staff and make a go of it. If she has the will to do it?.
  6. Wow, that is sad. I feel bad for Emmy and the girls. With all the shit going on in the last few months, this takes the cake as far as our scene in concerned. Trouble is it could be one of many. I hope not. Lets hope they can get work very soon.
  7. Very sad to hear. I was afraid that the bar would not be viable with lack of foreign holiday makers, but didn't expect the rug to be pulled by sister. I think Emmy needs to take a break to take stock before looking for another bar. There will probably be more available as other owners find it will be a struggle without tourists. I hope everyone has a good 'farewell' night. Good luck to Emmy and the girls!
  8. Damnit. That's terrible. Hopefully she'll be back.
  9. Feels like someone just kicked me in the nuts. Hopefully Emmy can open a new bar with Teya soon. Perhaps there will be low rent deals with no key money. But it won't just be the same to me. I really liked how private that side of Soi 4 is. There would not be many outdoor bars (I know Katty is technically an indoor bar) where the Annabelle show could have taken place. Best of luck to Emmy and the girls!
  10. Not good news. Emmy has asked me to post on her behalf the reasons why as she is concerned that she may not really know the English words to use. None of this is anything to do with Covid or lack of custom, it is quite simply that Emmy’s sister who lives in Denmark has sold the lease and thrown Emmy out, with a day’s notice. Emmy has had problems with her parasite sister for a long time. she is a greedy bitch. She has long been trying to get increased rent monthly from Emmy, even during lockdown. Although the landlord agreed to lower the lease payment paid by sister by a substantial amount during the closures, she still wanted more from Emmy. The discount was not passed down the line, more was actually requested. Enough is finally enough for Emmy. The Katty will cease to be at 11.59 tonight. Hopefully, to arise in a different guise in the future. Please come along tonight if you can to say goodbye to Emmy.
  11. Dear everyone. tonight 4 july will be the last night of the Katty Bar. i have to close the bar. Please come tonight to say goodbye. i am sorry to my friends and customers. but I will definitely be back. When I found a new bar. soon ^^ Emmy
  12. sure JSG... understand what you mean by police involvement, which is actually why Emmy has opened the speakeasy to help prevent possible overcrowding in her little bar area downstairs.... At least until all these stupid rules made by stupid little men are totally forgotten about in a week or two. Otherwise.... The bar and guesthouse business is totally owned by Emmy, her sister is leaseholder, not business owner. Sister has nothing to do with the business itself, just collects her rent from Emmy every month. Emmy has also now agreed with the young fellow 'Jay' who owns the moonshine hotel next door that when his hotel closes at 10 p.m the Katty can use his tables in the front area of the hotel as overspill seating
  13. just because cops have never been there means nothing, all it takes is for one Covid hero to call in what they think is unsafe numbers in a bar and wham...the man WILL be looking to make examples or at least tea money from possible offenders. It costs nothing to think out possible scenarios that might avoid that. As I said a while back, as a GUEST in a room (which I believe is the biz owned by Emmy's sister) one would fall under different rules than a bar, those having only recently been eased up on.
  14. you think the kittens would risk upsetting Sophia Woodie? she's about a foot taller than any of them.....
  15. If she was able to close the deal I was ready to offer to pay if I could watch! Monday the 6th is the beginning of Buddhist Lent. Tuesday is a government holiday. Will Katty be closed for either of these days?
  16. bbg you could suggest to Emmy that I am willing to be a test case for the girls to try out activities suitable for near the downstairs bar area. Anything they deem usable would be ok with me. I might even have some ideas I could throw around. I would not charge the girls for my services.
  17. The staff living in has long been mooted JSG. I guess that it may arise again now that there will be no overseas guests for some time. Obviously it's a good idea to do like Herberth does in his bar, employ freelancers , give them a shared room or two with proviso's that working hours are maintained. Problem is in the Katty that all upstairs rooms have aircon and normally when they are occupied by staying guests the monthly electric bill can been upwards of 12k baht. Emmy considered having seperate meters fitted in each room, but not that cheap to do. i suppose she could always disconnect the aircons, but would possibly be loath to do so. Another idea... no rent for the staff, as after all there is likely to be no income anyway from the rooms for the forseeable future... but the electric bill is shared equally between all the girls staying there. But, that too could start arguments if certain staff don't use aircon. teya was offered a room back in her cashier days but turned it down because she worries about Emmy knowing what she is up to! Glad you like the idea of the speakeasy, to me it was logical, some of the things that happen in the downstairs bar could be somewhat problematical if seen be passers-by. Its success or not depends now heavily on the girls [no problem there i think ] but it's also important that guys don't think it replaces the short-time room for heavy stuff. Not fair on Emmy if that happens, she needs the S/T rental. If any one out there has any ideas or suggestions for Emmy, let me know and i'll pass them over to her. Also JSG...The police have never been to the Katty.. never. No need to worry too much about the Speakeasy... oh my god! if only the speakeasy had been open in Annabelles day!
  18. the speakeasy idea is a WINNER too, balcony for smoking...hopefully the cops don't check in while it's buzzing with a couple girls snuggled up to customers fondling their goodies. As I've said before if they moved a few kittens into a room or two upstairs, they could conceivably host for a friend or two no? :) So, um say they LIVE there? and are told to keep friends visits to one or two at a time in accordance with safety regs? hehe
  19. Not only is Teya back....but tomorrow the 3rd July....Our Sunny is back too. Think her plans regarding working in Big C, or becoming an Astronaut or whatever have been thrown out of the window. Surprise surprise! Sara was also working last night. MInd and Moon were both there early on in the evening but because of the downpour became convinced that no customers would come last night so went home. And not only but also... to be officially announced soon, Emmy and Sunny's joint birthday bash will be on July 21st. It's actually Sunny's birthday on the 6th but as with last year they have decided to have a joint 'do' on Emmy's birthday the 21st. No-one will be expecting crowds to come along but we hope some of you locals can.
  20. Did you wear mask and glove? Hope y'all had a great night at Kattys after your quarantine.
  21. Actually it was busier than ever except for some party nights! Could be the busiest in Jomty. Soi 2 and soi 3 were dead. Katty is uniquely situated in these trouble times having been expat friendly

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