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  2. 70796.mp4 70797.mp4 70801.mp4 70806.mp4 70873.mp4 The above videos titles are all "Paris, transgender nightclub in Pigalle". These are actually the Escualita nights organized in a Nightclub in Pigalle a neibourhood where there used to be cabarets, bars, gangsters, police officers, sex shops and prostitutes in the old time. No one knows who's behind this Escualita organization. They created a website with a chat in February 2001 as low debit Internet was just
  3. 2 sisters popping into the p4p scene in the same time. SN3858.mp4 SN3250.mp4
  4. It's never been easy to find relevant information about South American transexuals, either Brazilian or Latinas. I had read once upon a time (in the 2000s) about a TS brothel in Brazil but have lost the link. there had been a few press releases before the football (soccer) World cup and Olympic games in Brazil, then nothing. I prefer not to mention what I remember of the scene. I searched in youtube a couple of months ago. All that I found was videos depicting trannies fighting in Brazilian streets or ugly Latina transsexuals. Meanwhile, I had found 2 videos in Youtube dealing with a par
  5. I received confusing information earlier this week regarding the covid19 in Vietnam. The country has been hit by the 3rd wave. Daisy told me they had to quarantine in HCMC, in other words they were submitted to a new lock down although I had read nothing like this. So I searched carefully the website of the Ministry of Health to try to find out what. New cases were detected in large cities, in Hanoi, Hai Duong, Da nang and in the north of HCMC including the district 1 (the actual centre). The vice minister of health went to Hai Duong province and decided to apply all the provisions pro
  6. Vietnam seems to have been experiencing a third wave for 1 week, not more. I had read no news and no one told me the government was about to make decisions. In December I had been informed that jobs were threatened by a decision to close non essential business but nothing happened. Vietnamese people don't know that vaccination campaigns started in North America and Europe, they even don't know that a Vietnamese vaccine started the phase 1 tests. I also noticed contradictions between what I was told and what seems to be true. A ladyboy going back to her family home in the province is supp
  7. Let's visit other places. First, Milano, Italy. Here are Peruvian trannies in street action. 68836.mp4 Trannies working in the streets of in Mexico city. 68830.mp4 Last but not least, a disco full of transsexuals in Rio de Janeiro (River of January for these PY uneducated boys unable to adapt to a Foreign language) 68829.mp4
  8. Thanks for the update in Vietnam. It is at least as hard hit as Thailand regarding the effect on ladyboys, and the tourism economy. Let's hope that this year will be better with the vaccine roll outs, and reduction of cases.
  9. Tonight (Actually yesterday since it’s already tomorrow in Vietnam), was the 30th of Têt that is the day when Vietnamese people wish a happy New Year. This is equivalent to December 31st evening or January 1st. As above explained, the celebration was spoilt by a 3rd wave of Covid. Restrictions on travels were decided, mainly an obligation to quarantine for 21 days for some people wishing to go back to their family to celebrate the Têt. So a few ladyboys couldnot travel and had to stay in the city. Other ladyboys managed to reach a holiday destination a
  10. Her again 5602.mp4 2 ladyboys from the same town posing for photoshoots 8609.mp4
  11. The Têt festival will take place on the next new moon, next Thursday if I am not mistaken. Vietnamese people, more particularly those working in large cities including many ladyboys stop their activity and visit their family to celebrate. This is why January seems to be a good month for mongering in Vietnam. Ladyboys need money to purchase presents, therefore more amateur ladyboys look for guests during the first month of the year. Their business has not been good this year though. Ladyboys had almost no foreign customers and Vietnamese guests refrained from requesting dates in order to
  12. Here are a few more videos. These videos had been posted in Youtube but Youtube censored them as incitement to prostitution. Thanks Heaven, Kriß Fyl had saved them. 68509.mp4 Here is a mix slideshows and of trannies in the Bois de Boulogne then going to a night club to relax. They enjoy tall and muscular types, preferably black, mestizo or Arab. If you're young and fit to the description, you are likely to go for a free session. When a tranny makes good money, she's also likely to pay for gigolo. 68632.mp4 In 2012, the new gove
  13. More videos shot in the same area. A ride on the road is like a walk in WS in Pattaya. One feel a little bit disoriented when one doesn't know the place. 67816.mp4 Big booties in action. The shemale shot at the mark 1:45 used to dump prices. Kriß Fyl's "girlfriend" punched her head with her stilettos. She then admitted she had dumped prices so her mates didn't destroy Kriß Fyl's "girlfriend". 67826.mp4 Here is an assembly of sequences shot in 2020. The first third of the video was shot as the co
  14. Do you remember Jessi Ca ? There she is working in her shop again. The first lock down in Vietnam almost ruined her business but activity is starting again. Jessi Ca provides all kind of supplies for drag queen shows. I even suspect her shop's the agency that now employs the ladyboy I sponsor who sent me this video. JHD.mp4 I like this ladyboy living in the province. In most of her videos, she's never synchronized with the sound. She's a very sensible person. HMLAN.mp4 Those who
  15. Here's my week's selection. 6855107212763778306.mp4 6811511091579915521.mp4 6907596437614365954.mp4
  16. More, please! VN looking more like a place to be, nowadays.
  17. The above video is the #4 in the Kriß Fyl's collection. I thought that was the best one to introduce the subject. Here are videos # 1, 2 & 3. BMC meant "Military Campaign Brothels" during the colonial wars. Mongers re used the acronym as Mobile Campaign Brothels. Here's an amazon shemale in a BMC. . 67725.mp4 Police crackdown in the 2000s. After 9/11, politicians (President Chirac for his re-election in 2002) proposed a policy to struggle against the fear for unsafety. But it's hard to convince the public opinion that the police is acting to p
  18. The above post was first posted as an answer to my first video of Hitler and the ladyboys. However, since it's rich of coments, I prefered to move it and create another thread. Thanks a lot for your comments Rom. Actually, I got inspired by your own videos and did my own creation. Thanks for your help. You could notice I followed a couple of your advises but soon came back to my original idea. Regarding PY, there would be so much to say about them. I prefer not to add comments. You had given an excellent definition in a thread in your own club and I had added my own point of view
  19. Nice video P&G and great pics of the Viet ladyboys. Also the other threads at what is now your open club... Well done ! I think the video underscores your online existential dilemma in that you are torn between wanting to share your Viet Nam adventures but not wanting to give away unique intel to parasite or hostile BMs, especially the Pattaya-based Clique ones, who could start visa-running there and spoiling the hunting grounds... I know because I used to be similarly torn about sharing as much info on the Philippines as I did. Some BMs openly posted at PY that they started go
  20. Here's the bnew video with AH in the role of Kim Jong One and Vietnamese ladyboys in the role of Vietnamese ladyboys. KJO mix.mp4
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