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  1. What's new in this club
  2. That I am going to look forward to my friend, sitting there enjoying a Beer with you we can look back at this current situation re :Travel etc and say we knew we would get back here.
  3. You know you will always be welcome there Tel. I might even buy you a beer if I am feeling in a generous mood.
  4. This sounds perfect to me, dedicated outside seating area is a bonus , Good luck to Nok , Sindy & the whole crew as you say in the not too distant future it sure will be good to get back to where many of us fortunate ones consider this to be our second Home.
  5. Let's be honest. Ever since Nancy was bought out, it's been downhill.
  6. Many bars in general failed long before the pandemic, but somehow seemed to limp along along regardless, no doubt haemorrhaging money along the way. But to be fair, bars now in every country in the world, even Ireland, were failing long before the pandemic, as attitudes changed and there was too much competition for an ever diminishing customer base.
  7. Hi Guys Welcome to Red Poppy Bar, which could also be known as the New La Bamba. It will be slightly different from La Bamba in that some of the staff will be different, and there will be a few GG's in the mix, but enough of the old La Bamba crew to give it that nostalgic feeling. I know you will be met with the same frienfly but hassle free atmosphere you experienced in La Bamba, and with Nok at the helm, and Sindy day to day manager, you are guaranteed to be well looked after. The new bar, in case you didn't know, is directly opposite La Bamba. It has been established f
  8. Many LB bars failed even before pandemic.
  9. Spot on SP! I think many businessmen underestimate risk. Some fail because of weak management. The tragic thing though is that a bar could be doing everything right and through hard work and smart work be successful and have it all wiped away because of the pandemic. Risks such as "what if tourism falls by 20%" or "what if customer preferences change such as preferring Treeetown or Chaiyapoon instead of Action Street or Soi 7" are something a prospective business owner should take into consideration. But who could foresee that tourism drops 99%?
  10. Any business can be a bad investment, it's the risk you take from day one .I have not met anyone that can look into the future and say this is going to work , two of the most well known franchise in the world " Hooters and McDonald's " have both failed in the wrong location.
  11. Looking at history, sooner or later all the ladyboys bars are closing. Among the worst investments one may make.
  12. The end of an era in Pattaya. One of the last remaining LB venues from most guys’ early days in town. I first visited a week or so after it opened in its original, and some may argue better, location across the road. Good times back then.
  13. I took Jen the first time from Stringfellows, more than 10 years ago, when she was a still very tight femboy. Last year she offered herself to me, but instead I took someone else less seasoned
  14. you'll see no doom and gloom about the actual covid bug from me QG. only from the stupid actions of men causing all this mayhem.
  15. Doom and gloom from bbg?! Surely not - things must really be bad.
  16. This one left La Bamba some years ago, being sponsored. Now she is back and can be found on TF. My mate, some days ago, paid her 1000baht for 1 full day sex. Some years ago she cost me 2000baht for ST
  17. not nice to hear about the closure. not my fave bar but an original well-known name. i suspect the first LB bar i ever visited....am i right it was originally across the street from where it is now? But just one of many doomed i fear... things, as you all no doubt know...are very bad here in pattaya, and getting worse all the time..
  18. Sindy has just confirmed to me that La Bamba is no more. Nok has finally abandoned it and is now running the Red Poppy Bar across the street as a sole project. Rent and bils in La Bamba were much too high, so she probably wisely decided to get out at the first opportunity. The girls living above the bar have been given until the end of the week to vacate their rooms and clear out. I was sent some pics by Sindy of her gathering all her clothes and belonging and putting them into bags ready to move (must say her room at the top of the building was actually very impressive when seen without all t
  19. I liked La Bumbar, many a good memory from the olde days.
  20. Not too far of the mark Barforth - the girls are splitting their time between the bars. Nok has taken over interim ownership of Red Poppy Bar (and Beach Bar next door) and due to lack of staff some of the La Bamba girls work out of here now. La Bamba remains as is for the time being, but no telling what the future will hold.
  21. The ladies have all moved across to the Red Poppy bar, I had trouble with understanding why, but seems she wants to sell La Bamba bar. This bar has a pool table, but no dance poles.
  22. Yep, originally they planned for Friday reopening due to having to put the implemented new processes and procedures in place, but in typical Thai fashion changed their minds at the last minute and decided to open today. The girls are eager to get back to work (Jennifer included), I just wonder where the cussomers will come from?
  23. I believe the bar should've opened this evening, as I was with Jelee at about 6pm and she had only just found this out herself, typical Thai organisation and she lives above the bar, go figure?
  24. Thank you BB :) Guess I shall visit again ! :D
  25. She was still there early this year. Not sure how things will be after the long closure mind. Welcome aboard aLG.
  26. Hi all :) Funny, didn't expect to see her again someday. Just came across your forums. I was there in 2018 and walked through that soi regularly to go to my condo. Someday that tall LB, Jennifer, was there and somehow caught me, caught my attention, got me in for a drink. After a bit of conversation, in which she made me pretty shy, she seduced me in going over to some place where she ended up on top of me, and slided her quite long sized (5.5 or 6 ? ) , downward curved shaft deep in me... She said she loved how small I am and that it's like pussy to her, and she F*ed

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