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alaskanbear    159

Great video AB! :clapping:

Must have been the best Velentine's Day ever! :D

thank you pd

yes it was i think i kissed every girl in the bar at least once and bought a drink or 2.i plan on double next trip.

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alaskanbear    159

Monday Night

With a no-show from any BMs, it was a pretty dismal night.

On the bright side, Sonya breezed in and asked for an audience with me and NingNong. Our eyes rolled to heaven. But she made us laugh so much, neither of us had the heart to turn down her request to try again. And neither of us think she'll last until Christmas, but here she is: a couple of necessary kilos heavier, healthy, and looking better than ever!

Sonya is back omg....... :nurse: :devil: :devil: :devil: :devil:

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