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Qantas now in Terminal 3

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As of yesterday October 28th all Qantas flights will arrive and depart from NAIA terminal 3.

For those arriving and going directly to Angeles, the Genesis P2P bus by exiting terminal using the bus and taxi exit and turning right. Bay 14 is only 1 - 2 minutes walk and clearly marked. Price to SM Clark is 350 PHP. From SM trike mafia want 100 PHP . The day I arrived Grab taxi was 120PHP which I showed trike driver who wouldn't budge on fare. If weather was cooler I would have walked but took the Grab who arrived in 30 seconds just to pissoff the trike driver 

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Thank you for turning me onto this bus earlier this year SJ!

I strongly recommend this bus. FROM the airport, it only leaves from Terminal 3 so you need to make your way to Terminal 3 if flying into another terminal.  Not sure how to do that in the most cost effective manner.

TO the airport the bus will go to Terminals 1 and 2 for an extra 50 pisos, so the price to Terminal 1 would be 400 pisos.

There are also a couple of extra VIP each days that have a Comfort Room (bog, hong nam) onboard and these busses charge an extra 50 pisos so S&M mall to Term 3 would be 400 and toTerminal 1 or 2 would be 450.

From my hotel I offered the trike driver 50 piso. He refused so I walked.  Unless it is raining or very hot or I have lots of luggage, it is easier for me to walk than to get into or out of the trike. The walk from my hotel near Narciso and Fields is actually more direct than taking the trike.

From Dau, where the Victory Liner would leave me off, I am willing to pay 100 pisos but offer 80 pisos, the driver would counter with 100 and I would say let's go.  But I saw Victory Liner now picking up/dropping off passengers at SM. 

From Clark there is a jeepney that drops you off at JOlibees for just 50 piso. It is 100 to Dau so make sure you say Jolibees or Fields.

I thought having a toilet onboard could be useful if we hit very bad Manila traffic so I got to SM before the noon bus.  Not sure what happened to the noon bus so I sat in the nice outdoor but covered waiting area listening to non-stop Christmas tunes in early October.  A bus arrived at 12:30 with no toilet and charged the lower price (400 to Terminal 1).   At that time of day traffic will be light (for Manila) but a girl in the Windmill gave me a god idea.  She peed in my mate's empty beer mug.   I wound up arriving at the airport 5 hours early but I'd rather arrive way to early than be stressed out by cutting it too close. 

At Terminal 1, after you check in, there is a Lounge with free snacks and free booze that you can use for 750 or 790 pisos that some guys might like. But I have little interest in drinking alone before a flight.   I found the food prices after check in to be quite reasonable compared to other airports though. 

You pay on the bus. I don't think you can buy a ticket in advance on the same day.   There is a guy sitting by the desk in the waiting area and he said don't worry, the bus is never full.  But what if it is and I have a flight to catch?    

Btw, the Southern Cross bus which left from the Brass Knob, from Angeles to Manila has been discontinued.    

Not sure what Grab costs but you can arrange a car to/from Angeles/Manila airport for 2500 pisos from Beeway Travel which is in the lower Perimeter not too far past the Brass Knob.



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The guy who used to run Southern Cross shutle is now working as a manager at Phillies and said the cost of running the business outweighed the benefits so closed down late 2017. The Fly The Bus shuttle running between Swagman hotels in Angeles & Manila is still running but only in mini buses  price used to be around 650 PHP.

The Victory Liner with stop at SM could have been their new P2P to Olongapo or Dagupan https://www.victoryliner.com/P2P.aspx

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