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MARINA BAR, Chiang Mai

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I'd love to write something nice about our premier local Ladyboy Bar up here in Chiang Mai, especially as these threads are really for promoting venues... But

I've always had a problem with the place & yeah, I've been guilty of some pretty anti social behaviour in there in the past, but it was all induced by 'Marina' herself who is up there with Pattaya's worst as a greedy, conniving, thieving, twister, intent upon extorting the maximum.

She's always tried to rip me off & pad bills & because of that I stay away from the place unless I'm seeing a personal friend who works in there or entertaining other BM's

Anyway, I've been sniffin' around with 'The Hound' up here this week & our attitudes towards the bars, their pricing, their attitudes, their silly little tricks & tactics is just about 'spot on' the same.

Now, neither the Hound or myself like having the piss taken out of us & we've avoided all the Loi kroy area 120Baht per Vodka & tonic bars as they're absolutely taking the piss & we were happier drinking up the road for 60 baht most of the time.

Last night, being The Hounds 'last night' he conceded & said, "What the heck, fuck it, let's entertain the prices just for tonight", so off we went to Marina's where we were constantly & forcibly pumped for lady drinks (a bit like quick sucession machine gun fire), with the girls, quietly & in confidence literally begging for a drink otherwise Marina was really going to rip into them & believe me, there sincerely was a look of fear on their faces (lady drinks not expensive, 100Baht, BTW). My personal friend actually had tears in her eyes & of her own volition she'd never ask me for a drink in a million years & it was totally demeaning & humiliating for her.

At any rate, as we were passing the time, I said to the Hound to check his bill & his change... And low & behold, what happened when the bill did come, we'd been smashed 800Baht for four 'already expensive' vodka & tonics & one 100baht ladydrink... WHAT!!! luckily Marina had already fucked off with her silly little 'Euro Poof' boyfriend so we could calmly sit the cashier down & politely get her to go through the bill & point out the unfairness of Marina's methodology & then under duress she eventually & timidly knocked 200baht off, which was a lot more like it, but she was only willing to do it because The Hound & I said that we would never ever, ever walk in the place & spend our money again unless this was resolved.

The cashiers name is Gate & she was an absolutely lovely girl with an arse like a peach, in spite of being a rather clumsy lump standing at about 6'1"; she told us that Marina had even done exactly the same with her boyfriend!!!.. What a fucking bitch!


Marina's the one with the red hair

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Pretty poor attitude she would really deserve it if her girls just got up and told her to get fucked, I have seen some real nasty pieces of work running bars but Marina really takes the cheese.

I wish I had got a picture of it flouncing out with its euro puff boyfriend carrying the handbag like he was carrying Obamas football with the nuclear launce codes, what a pair of soft cunts they looked, i hope she is paying him well cause I wouldnt fuck it with Lungs :clapping:

You forgot to mention the seconday sell....not "do you want fries with that", "but and one drink for Marina" :girl_devil: Yes I always get the impression that most of the girls are scared of Marina, my friend an old hand, is probably the exception, she told me don't give into the constant drink requests, let me manage that!

It is the Old slappers Birthday party tonight, she told me that she expects 200 people, it's probably the only way to get their own back, at least there will be free food.

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someone might be ready to poison the snap ,that will fix the horrible old cunt, I know your friend Patrick and she told me the same , we were not introduced but I was sat with Lung the other night when you was there, Lung told me yesterday.

Yes I was sorry we didn't meet hound, Lung was introduced to me later in the evening and we had a good yak.

I am in China now, but head back to Pattaya tomorrow, I was supposed to be back in Chiang mai on the night of the 3rd, for dental work, but I've just changed plans, now Chiang Mai will just be a daytrip, enough time for a bite of lunch with you know who, followed by an hour and a half of less pleasant probing and I'm on a 1730 flight back to BKK and then the Big bash.

I'm sure Lung told me you would be at the party so it would be great to say hello, you have the advantage of knowing what I look like so I can leave the rolled up copy of the Bangkok Post and the white carnation at home.

I must say you sound like an argumentative Lancastrian cunt with right wing leanings. That's fine, I was married to one of those (Burnley) for 17 years, although her only leanings were towards the bar. :diablo:

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