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Fake Police “Arrest” Sunee Go-Go Bar Worker

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A 21 year old Go-Go Bar worker complained to officers at Pattaya Police Station on Thursday Night after he was detained and accused of possessing drugs by 6 men who claimed to be Police Officers and who later stole 40,000 Baht’s worth of cash and valuables from his apartment.

Khun Wirapon told Police Investigators that he works for a Bar in Soi Sunee Plaza in South Pattaya and as he waited for his sister in the street, he claimed to have been approached by three men who claimed to be Police and stated they were told by an informant that he was in possession of illegal drugs, a claim that Khun Wirapon denied.

The three men, thought to be aged in their thirties, were soon joined by three more men, who escorted Khun Wirapon to his room where they insisted on conducting a search. They forced the bar worker to open a room safe where they claimed to have found drugs, which the victim believes were planted there by the men.

At this point the men demanded 5,000 Baht to clear the case and at the same time they stole mobile phones and other items worth an estimated 40,000 Baht from the apartment.

Eventually the victim’s sister arrived with the money and the so-called Police Officers disappeared.

The real Police are now investigating and hope to catch the 6 men soon before they strike again.


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