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  1. Sustra4

    Travel insurance

    A factory I know with many workers abroad uses William Russel global health...have a look
  2. Sustra4

    Jokes Thread

  3. Sustra4

    Little Known Bangkok Bar Areas

    Would You like to have a sightseeing from the top of the roof of MAHANAKHON SKY WALK?
  4. Sustra4

    Old School LadyBoy Scene Photo Archive

    earlier than this is impossible..Sleeping Hermaphroditus at Galleria Borghese in Rome....haaaa the greek & romans....and we think we were pioneers in the 60's
  5. ask for Piazza Pasquali or via Longoni or via Prenestina ( same area ) if You have a car....so many....but watch out...some are crooks https://goo.gl/maps/QJT5Z6GZ8gT2
  6. Sustra4

    The Shortest Time in Los

    the best trip i had was in 2014...only 7 days....the best 7 days of my life...i still remember it as the best week ever....at woraburi soi 4....and darkside at soi 33 in BKK...was like swimming laps...back and forward. It was like drinking a concentrated red bull...gives you wings
  7. Sustra4

    Jokes Thread

    made in china...bought it and after use there is the expiry date
  8. Sustra4


    Was fined once on Sukhumvit for smoking....threw a cigarette butt in a drain hole...since then always been careful...trying to quit by the end of the year....hope not to have problems anymore in BKK ( and with my wallet and health as well ) I spend almost $ 3.000 a year in this poisoning me
  9. Sustra4


    Tiger...but mostly 'cause i like their ad campaign..reminds me old adventure comics when a kid
  10. In BKK huay kwang night market for food ( and lbs too )
  11. Sustra4

    Messi vs Ronaldo

    And about ladyboys, in general, do you prefer being searched or search?
  12. Sustra4

    Messi vs Ronaldo

    i agree 100 % i have the feeling that the accusers would be nothing but profiteers, ready to do anything to earn money and showcases of popularity
  13. Sustra4

    Messi vs Ronaldo

    Seems the only way not to be accused of being a rapist nowadays is to wank on porn...but you could always be accused of being a wanker... In this particular case something stinks...a failed model from lasVegas...a millionaire...an ass penetration...9 years later...a $ 400.000 refund....mmmh. More than a fake looks like a swindle...but I wait to judge....by the way..if I had to cash so much money for every ass penetration of my life...I could buy an isle...yesterday going home seen a ladyboy driving a brand new range rover...( € 70.000 )
  14. Sustra4

    Piso At 13 Year Low

    Are there ladyboys over there?