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  1. Pdoggg

    The Bangkok Times

  2. Pdoggg

    Eateries in Pattaya

    I'll leave the 99 baht joints to the hiso crowd. A food court will be opening soon near the back of Avenue Mall. If they come it at the price point of Bic C food courts then I reckon it could be an option for hot or rainy days. But if priced like Central Festival food court then I will give it a miss though Central Food Court is a reasonable option for guys not on a tight budget. But I prefer small portion 40 baht street food.
  3. Pdoggg

    TJs Bar Naklua

    Are their short time rooms near TJs?
  4. Pdoggg

    Eateries in Pattaya

    I enjoy the Beer Garden and would certainly be disappointed if it were closed and replaced my a tourist trap. That said, if I want Penang Gai, I'll go to the Tin Cup joint where it's awesome. If I'm hungry at the Beer Garden, I'll order Western food. Generally there at night but the other day had coffee out on the deck at midday. There was a good breeze coming of the bay so it felt great to be out in the sun.
  5. Pdoggg

    Survey For Men In Thailand?

    Thailand vs Philippines 2018 Miss Universe
  6. Pdoggg

    La Bamba: What's Up?

    She looks like a youngish Drew Barrymore.
  7. Pdoggg

    TJs Bar Naklua

    No stage or food, but that doesn't really matter much to me. Well run bar without ladydrink pressure. Like the open air feel to the bar and good music at the proper volume, loud enough for fun, but low enough to converse. Excellent lineup of girls. I think Nicky (Nikki), not sure how she spells it is stunning.
  8. Pdoggg

    English Premier League 2016/17

    Sunday 11PM Thai time, Ciobha's beloved Liverpool FC take on the Duke's Manchester United.
  9. Pdoggg

    Miss Universe 2018

    Miss USA apologizes to fellow contestants after barrage of criticism. (CNN) — Miss USA has apologized after comments she made about two fellow Miss Universe contestants' English-language abilities sparked backlash online. In a live Instagram video posted on Wednesday, 24-year-old contestant Sarah Rose Summers said that Miss Vietnam H'Hen Nie is "so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she (nods and smiles)." Summers, who was joined in the video by Miss Colombia, Valeria Morales and Miss Australia, Francesca Hung, was attending the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand, which is scheduled to begin on Sunday in Bangkok.
  10. Pdoggg

    Are your first or early LBs still around?

    As Bill Clinton said, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" She had a cock, your honor!
  11. Pdoggg

    Eateries in Pattaya

    Highly recommend #6. also known as the Tin Cup joint.
  12. Pdoggg

    Duangjai Bar, Soi Chaiyapoon.

    I'm so for hot for her but she's so cold!
  13. Pdoggg

    Eateries in Pattaya

    Useful info. Love breakfast but am a very late riser. Would be interesting to know which are all day brekkies. Generally stop at Simple Simons for their 129 baht all day brekkie when visiting Immigration on Jomtien Soi 5. Very large cup of coffee with one free refill. As the Nick's say, "it's all in the sausage", and they're quite tasty at Simple Simons.
  14. Pdoggg

    Is Sunee ready?

    Last night saw a lad with obvious ladyboy energy but had a crew cut and wearing red speedos. Put a dress and a wig on and he would fit in anywhere in our scene. Although Sunee is a shell of it's former self Winner Bar has some possibilties although most will not be to most ladyboy lover's liking. Expat friendly pricing, 79 baht for a draft, 99 baht for a bottle of Heneiken or San Miguel Lite. The aircon gives the excuse for the lads to cover themselves with a towel or blanket when sitting with a customer, so lots of fiddling going on. There is no other Boy Gogo with this sort of pricing in Thailand as far as I know. And they even came around with a tray of free Bailey type shots. The less discreet Eros, more like a twisted version of Sodom, is or was, fairly inexpensive too at 110 baht for a Leo,, haven't been there in a year or so, but fair enough for a place that makes Baby Boom look like a paragon of decorum. I'm priced out of the two gogos on Soi VC as well as Boyztown. If you want to try one of those joints suggest you tell the doorman you want to look inside before going in. No sense paying around 180baht for a beer if the bar has no twinks or with the twinkiest a bridge or two or three too far.
  15. Pdoggg

    A Manc's view of Thailand

    I've always called the joint BOW-DAY-GA Bar as in a Latino mini-mart.