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  1. Yeah the sad part is the morons that support him. The best argument against Trump is a five minute conversation with a guy in a MAGA hat :) (Winston Churchill reference) Ironically when some Brits I know asked for my opinion of Trump, I said he was an idiot. (Actually, he's not. But he is a self serving, draft dogging coward.) One Brit was amused but the other two were mildly offended. They really like Trump. Not being critical of Brits, just an observation of some guys I know that happen to be British :)
  2. lance2546

    Live from AC...

    I used to love going down to Phillies, perch myself at the rail and check out the talent. But I haven't been to Phillies for around six months and don't even bar hop much. I just got burned out. Off to Cambodia in 2019 and I'll hit the bars most every night. My "vacation" from Angeles :)
  3. lance2546

    Live from AC...

    A LB friend messaged me last night that she has not been to Phillies or Walking Street for three weeks. Seems like there is a LB crackdown by the authorities. If some one is plannigna trip, I wouldn't worry, bar raids/LB harassment is usually short lived. More public relations so the police can demonstrate their diligence against human trafficking, lol. OT, but a LB shared with me that her first sex partner was her cousin; he gave her P5 after he fucked her. Not a typo, five pesos guys. I must have shown some disbelief because she quickly said "That was many years ago and I could buy several pieces of candy with 5 pesos."
  4. lance2546

    Ambassador Stealth

    I hear you buddy. I went to Pattaya this past July and weeks before departure, I was perusing the Pattaya threads. As soon as I leave, I loose interest. Not nocking Pattaya, I just focus where I'm at. Off to Cambodia in January; first time back there fir several years and looking forward to it :)
  5. lance2546

    How Do You Roll?

    I was there in July and stayed in the Soi Bua Kao ghetto :) Pulled girls and LBs from social media, so D. LB/GG bars bore me now so I hook up online.
  6. lance2546

    The Pattaya Times

    We sorta know about pay toilets when we visit here. No excuse for crapping on the bar's floor. If paying to use the toilet is such a big deal, don't go to Thailand
  7. lance2546

    The Phillippines , Barstool Banter Discussion Thread

    A few days ago a girl sent me some pics of herself, on the beach at Boracay. Me "I thought Duterte closed Boracay?" Girl "Only on news hon." LOL, always interesting here
  8. lance2546

    The Pattaya Times

    Taking a crap on the floor.... no wonder some of the locals hold us in low regard...
  9. I take em to Crown Inn Hotel; P200 for three hours. Sleazy hotel but I like 'em to think I'm broke. Wala pera, lol
  10. lance2546

    My Fillippino Ladyboy Gallery

    Attorney Lance calls Stealth to the witness stand: "Mr Stealth, Isn't it a fact that you made these innocent Pinay ladyboys pregnant?" Stealth "Well, er I.." Lance "And isn't it a fact that you have neglected to pay child support?" Stealth "Well she, I mean.." Any way, compliments buddy, sweet little guapa girls :)
  11. lance2546

    Looking for a big cock top ladyboy

    3,000? Seriously?
  12. lance2546

    My Fillippino Ladyboy Gallery

    Careful, she might try to shake you down for child support :)
  13. lance2546

    My Fillippino Ladyboy Gallery

    Nice Stealth; we have similar tastes in girls :) Always wanted to try big butt Mashe :) Had an appointment set up once at the ST hotel, but she insisted that I get a room and txt her the number. Naa, not my first rodeo, lol.
  14. lance2546

    I Love AC Alpha Shemales

    YOu can have the alphas buddy; I like 'em sweet :)
  15. lance2546

    Live from AC...

    Yes buddy, you are correct. Its that first trip abroad on a new passport that seems to trigger suspicion. Its also luck of the draw about the Immigration officer's attitude :)