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    Movies Showing In Thailand

    When I go to the movies, it's generally with the teerak, a date thingy. In deciding what to see I generally check out Rotten Tomatoes, which gives me a pretty good idea if I'll like t or not. But nothing beats the recommendations of our Forum Members and their dates. So please let us know if you and your ladyboy date liked a movie or not. We saw Captain Phillips last night, Two thumbs up!
  2. pdogg

    Ambassador Stealth

    I am quite pleased with how our Forum has developed. Our coverage of the ladyboy scene in Thailand and Cambodia is outstanding IMHO. However, the Philippines has a treasure trove of ladyboys but our coverage has not been up to snuff. I've never been there and neither has BB. We'd like to rev up our PI engine. Very few Westerners know the PI ladyboy scene as well as Ambassador Stealth. He's been going there for 15 years and has lived all over Philippine archipelago. He has kindly agreed to take over the PI moderating duties! Thanks bro!
  3. Thought it might be useful to gather some intel on kebabs. One of the best is the joint rigt next to Baccarat on Walking Street. Very clean and quite tasty. But not cheap as the cheapest is 80 baht and ranges up to 110 baht. So what are your favorites?
  4. Hot fun in the summertime @ Famous 8PM, Thursday, March 29th! Famous changed the color of their logo.
  5. pdogg

    Amy Winehouse RIP

    27 years old, talented but troubled.
  6. Hey guys, want to party down with hundreds of ladyboys? And another couple of hundred of femboys? Check out the Morlam on Monday, February 13th. It's sort of like an outdoor rock concert with an Issan twist. It's on 3rd Road about halfway between Pattaya Central Road and Pattaya North Road. Private songthew will bring your entire group for about 150 baht. Or you can take a baht bus up Pattaya Central Road, get off at 3rd Road and walk for about 8 minutes. Or walk the whole distance or take a mototaxi. It's 100 baht to get in and an additional 20 baht if you want a plastic chair to sit on. Beers are reasonable, about 40 baht for a Leo and about 55 baht for a Heineken. Or you can buy a big jug of Sang Som and Coke. You'll see non P4P ladyboys and also many bargirls who take off from work to go to these things. Don't go if heavy rain. Some guys love these things; other's don't. Never try, never know!
  7. Has anyone used this service? http://grabtaxi.com/bangkok-thailand/
  8. I'll kick this off with Dallas Buyers Club. Please add others ladies and gentlemen.
  9. Seems to me almost all facial surgery that ladyboys have makes them look worse. But the ladyboys seem to love it. Does changing their face give them face with their friends? Do they really think it makes them look better?
  10. A tsunami alert triggered by a magnitude-7.6 earthquake struck off eastern Philippines today has been canceled for several countries, including Japan, leaving warnings only for the Philippines, Indonesia and Palau. The U.S. Geological Survey says the epicenter of the quake was 58 miles east of Sulangan, Philippines and 464 miles east southeast of Manila. Update at 10:33 a.m. ET: The Associated Press spoke by phone to fisherman Marlon Lagramado, in the coastal town of Guiwan, in the Philippines province of Eastern Samara. "My neighbors and I have evacuated. We are now on our way to the mountains," he tells the AP. Update 10:17 a.m. ET: The USGS has revised the size of the Philippines quake downwar from magnitude-7.9 to magnitude-7.6. Update at 10:15 a.m. ET: The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center cancelsits tsunami watch for Hawaii. Update at 10:14 a.m. ET: A tsunami alert originally was issued for several countries including Japan and for Pacific islands as far away as the Northern Marianas, but most of them were soon lifted, leaving warnings only for the Philippines, Indonesia and Palau, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says. Update at 9:52 a.m. ET: The head of the Philippine seismology agency, Renato Solidum, tells the Associated Press that his bureau recorded a preliminary magnitude of 7.7. He says residents living along the coastline of eastern Samar Island were advised to evacuate to high ground in case of the tsunami. Update at 9:48 a.m. ET: Here, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, are some estimated arrival times of a tsunami in the are in the event that it is confirmed that the quake has triggered one: Taitung, Taiwan, 10:41 a.m. ET Okinawa, Japan, 10L46 a.m. ET Guam, Guam, 11:17 a.m. ET: Wake Island, 1:57 p.m. ET Solomon Islands, 2:04 p.m. ET READ: Full list of estimated arrival time of possible tsunami Update at 9:32 a.m. ET: The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has issued an estimated time of arrival of any tsunami in the region in the event that it confirms a tsunami has been created. At the present time, it say it cannot confirm that the quake triggered a major wave. Update at 9:25 a.m. ET: While a tsunami wave has not yet been confirmed, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center issuedthis statement: Based on all available data a tsunami may have been generated by this earthquake that could be destructive on coastal areas even far from the epicenter. An investigation is underway to determine if there is a tsunami threat to Hawaii. If tsunami waves impact Hawaii the estimated earliest arrival of the first tsunami wave is 1228 PM HST FRI 31 AUG 2012.
  11. Here's some great deals to the Philippines! From The UK to Clark. Heathrow £628 Gatwick £580 Birmingham £599 Manchester £621 Newcastle £621 Glasgow £598 Tickets need to be booked by 19th August for travel between 30th September to 12th December. Check out the flights here on Asia Hotel and Travel: http://www.asiahotelandtravel.com/index.php?/topic/45-uk-to-philippines-great-deals/?p=207
  12. We're not talking about cum shots here lads. Rather name the location of the pic. Here's one I borrowed from BumbleBee. At what establishment was this taken? Easy one IMO.
  13. It's being reported that Yingluck broke down in tears todays. But IMO, I wouldn't call this crying.
  14. pdogg

    Strong Baht Weak Baht

  15. pdogg

    Ladyboys Smoking

    I thought we had a thread of pics of ladyboys smoking but can't seem to find it. Here's a pic from Miyaka's Profile. Feel free to add your own. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/ladyboyreview-profile/miyaka08/
  16. pdogg

    Ladyboys On Pool Tables

    Something quite sexy about ladyboys on pool tables. Here's a pic posted by Gutsy Bastard of the sexy Mxz who can be found at Darksde Bar in Bangkok.
  17. By now, you've probably heard about the Indonesian ladyboy tht was killed, cooked, and maybe cannibalized by her chef boyfriend. An Aussie newspaper is being criticized for using the words Shemale and Ladyboy to described the murdered ladyboy. RIP. Shemale is usually used by porn sites. What is acceptable may vary from country to country. In Thailand, the word Ladyboy is perfectly acceptable. Ladyboy is commonly used throughout Southeast Asia. OTOH, I could see the transgendered community being upset aboutthese words if not commonly used in their home country. What do you think of these words?
  18. Both Bumblebee and I have been able to check out Darkside Bar in the last couple of months and it is now officially Ladyboy Review's choice as Bangkok's Best Ladyboy Bar. The bar has a lot of good things going for it. Sexy ladyboys, a spacious comfy layout, good music at the proper volume, no hassle environment, a civilized Soi 33 location, drinks at reasonable prices and a great owner/host! For all the details check out the Darkside Bar thread: http://www.ladyboyre...bar-soi-33-bkk/ Get your to Darkside!
  19. A few forum members were having a chinwag the other night at a Pattaya bar and Lung thought a Before and After thread would be interesting. Here's Baloon, from Deep Throat's Top 20 thread, think the before pic was taken by either EyeMahk or BumbleBee. EDIT: These pics won't load guess there's some pronlem with the bmp format. Here's a link to the thread which shows the full progression. Baloon Before and After BallonBefore.bmp BaloonAfter.bmp
  20. A friend asked me about good Italian and Thai restaurants in Pattaya so figured some more of you may be interested. I'm a 30 baht street stall kind of guy myself, but occasionally I venture out for mid range dining. My choice for a Thai restaurant is Cucumber on Pattaya Tai. Good food and comfortable seating. My Italian choice is on a small nameless soi off Soi Buckhaou. If you are walking south on Buckhoao it is the second right after Soi Diana. It's near the end of the dead end soi. I forget the name but the customers are nearly all Italian so that should count for something.
  21. Peggy just added some new pics to her Profile! She seems quite nice; check her out! http://www.ladyboyreview.com/ladyboyreview-profile/achirayakorn/ http://www.ladyboyreview.com/ladyboyreview-profile/achirayakorn/
  22. pdogg

    Boy Gogos In Pattaya

    Most of the boy gogos are probably not going to be most of our FMs cup of tea, especially in Boyztown. Throughout the years some Sunee gogos have had a few ladyboys in training but it's hit or miss and very often miss. As of this writing the gogo with the femmiest boys is Nice Boys on Soi VC just about a minute away from Famous Bar. I asked a gay friend of mine what is the ettiquete in the gay gogos and he said if you call a boy down from the stage you are expected to buy a drink but if u don't call a boy down they won't come over univited. Suprisingly boy drinks are cheaper than customer drinks. If you enjoy the boys company then a small tip is appropriate. If one is fiddling about I'm told 100 baht is the going rate. If a boy is rocking ouwith his cock out on stage you can go over and play with it for a short while and 20 baht is expected for that. The waitstaff are often pretty ladyboys who don't get offed often. For some reason the term barfine is not used in gay bars and instead they talk about offing a boy or taking him off. So even if you don't like the boys you may like the waitstaff! One buddy of mine offed the waitress and all the boys on stage started clapping. Guess it is a rarity as the gay clientelle are not looking for ladyboys or at least what we call ladyboys. My friend says the mamasans in some gogos can be quite annoying referring to them as useless leeches. Supposedly they can help the customer choose a boy by letting the customer know if the boy takes it up the ass or is a good top whatever. But the mamasans agenda is mostly to extract tips and drinks from the customers and get kickbacks from the boys. Note, I am using the word boy because even if a gogo dancer is 28, farangs still refer to him as a boy just as the dancers in the girl gogos are referred to as girls. Sunee does seem to get raided more often than other areas but I am told the farangs in the bar don't get hassled during raids. So that's what I know about the scene. Again not everyone's cup of tea but worth a look if you're curious.
  23. In the World Cup Trivia thread, Willie The Pimp posed the question why the Spanish football team wasn't singing the national anthem (check out that thread for the answer which Ciobha guessed correctly). Got me thinking, I've always disliked The Star Spangled Banner, the national anthem of the USA. Think America The Beautiful is much, much better, the lyrics and tune are quite moving. But if it was up to me, Woody Guthrie's ,This Land Is My Land, should be the national anthem since it brings home the point that what counts is the people, all the people. Maybe that's why it's not the national anthem. Do you like your country's national anthem or would you prefer it be replaced with a song you like better?
  24. pdogg


    Wednesday's Powerball has a $400 million jackpot. Anyone playing? What do you plan to do when you win?