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    Famous Bar Current Crew

    DC, I hope the Kwang 'hoofing out' wasn't down to me,I think it was a while after I went,but may be wrong,don't want her holding that against me aswell.Diversifying from the thread so just got to say enjoyed the brief time I spent at Famous,the music is the killer for me.As you know I'm a miserable old man and fed up to listening to foreign/afro/caribbean 'rap' music so Famous must be the best place on earth,with Karl playing the music for anyone over 30 years old.Bit pissed and off to bed as my regular lb sleeping partner has a customer tonight.As one of the 'veterans'...'it's a strange world' when you go to eat with your lady and walk her to work then she calls you at 2am to say she has a customer and will see when he goes away and you have all her clothes and a bin full of her laundry here.Does he know?Take it all as it is and enjoy the moment.If Kwang attacks me again I'm used to it by now!!All for now,maybe start posting a bit more on this forum as I am here a lot of the year.Just don't want a slagging as I've seen before on other forums as I don't post too much.Seems very easy going here.
  2. ericeric

    Famous Bar Current Crew

    Kwang did attack me(again)on Friday at the party.I assume it was because I took another ladyboy there.There is some history between us,but no more than the usual customer relationship.I spend a lot of time here and have done for many years so we know each other well enough.Presently been here 3 weeks and not seen or spoken to Kwang yet.Did have an sms but I'd only been here a day or two and very jet lagged so didn't reply,Kwang must have sent it on spec as she didn't know I was coming.the usual brave Thai slap on the head from behind,but not really necessary.Like I say we've always got on very very well,but nothing more than that,stayed at my condo many times,but never for more than a day.Ages ago Kwang attacked me for turning up late in EZY bar,so maybe I have to expect it now.As many know drink and anything else aren't well dealt with by Kwang,can be great fun ,but can take things out of context too easily.Hope to meet up again and hopefully laugh it off,one night at my condo I hid all the knives whilst Kwang insisted on sleeping on the floor,only lasted a while then crept into the bed!Hope she sorts it out with Karl as I assume it's just too much drink.Shame as I haven't seen Karl for ages and he just started putting the oldies on for me,was just getting into a bit of Showaddywaddy but thought best to go elsewhere as didn't want my partner to get into any awkward situation,was missing the music more than anything,oh those heady days of dancing to Tiger Feet(Mud-1974)in EZY.