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  1. seven

    Scenes of Pattaya.

    Thanks for posting these snaps, BB. It's much appreciated.
  2. seven

    Ramblings & Replies

    What a knob Restaurant Guest Slaps Ladyboy Waitress Who Told Him Not To Smoke CCTV footage shows the moment an angry restaurant guest slapped a waitress after she told him not to smoke inside the building. Businessman Surasi Haengsrisuwan wanted to light up while he was tucking into food at the Krungsri River Hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. But the waitress Panita Kochprapa, 25, told him that smoking inside the hotel’s restaurant was forbidden. The pair began arguing before Surasi delivered a deft blow to the face of Panita, who was born a man. The transsexual later filed a police report but after mediation she agreed to drop charges in return for 40,000 Thai baht (1,200usd) in compensation. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=usznJ_1543234031
  3. The french get it right once again. Vive La France.
  4. seven

    The Shortest Time in Los

    2 months minimum. The flight over gets harder each time. I don't know how 2-week millionaires do it.
  5. Melanias pubes stolen by mexicans, you liberal elitist hollywood-bubble globalist jew mouthpiece. https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-news/borat-midterms-kimmel-752919/
  6. seven


    Ah , right, that makes sense. TIT. I'm getting one of them ashtrays with a lid to carry with me, but i'm sure the BiB can find a way to clamp down on that too. Thanks, BB.
  7. seven


    They fine you for that? Or for littering?
  8. There might be hope for Texas. Bad news for Lyin' Ted. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/photo-booth/calling-for-beto-in-texas
  9. seven

    Marine Dicso

    Now that is a surprise. I personally hate the place and will never set foot there again.
  10. seven

    One Night In Pattaya

    Yes, I remember that night, we were there a few years ago with your american buddy and Ant. Lovely place :) Oh dear.. who says there's no romance in Patts.
  11. Thats good. I prefer this place. Central is too loud and v/hip. I still have mine, although not holding my breath about this one.
  12. seven

    One Night In Pattaya

    THE FORUM, yes. New Bars talent look a lot better than bar69, not to mention Sensations Bar. The talent in Sensation atm leaves a lot to wish for. TJ girls look great and I hope TJ continues to do well for Jimbo. I liked the place before he took over and I'm sure its even better now. I can't understand the hype of flavor of the month, Lilly, though.THE FORUM boys is blowing smoke up her ass on daily basis. I Love how Josh puts: And there will be no karaoke on his event postersHe doesn't fuck around Surprise Yourself looks alright. Lots of recycled familiar faces as staff.
  13. seven

    Naklua Watch!

    Is it 4 years? I met you when you had your arm in a sling.
  14. seven

    Immigration Woes

    Thanks for all the info, boys. Sigh,.... all this trouble to chase ladymen. Maybe one is better off being a 2-week-millionaire.
  15. Here he is supporting the president of the USA.