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  1. redrock

    Scenes of Pattaya.

    Yeah, your photo captures the atmosphere at that area really well. Enjoyable spot to rest and be thankful.
  2. redrock

    Old School LadyBoy Scene Photo Archive

    Great statue. Seems to make my desires much more valid seeing it set in stone from antiquity. You got to love the Greeks.
  3. redrock

    Chiang Mai News

    Fucking hell. That's some sick shit man. How could anybody get their rocks off to that??
  4. redrock

    One Night In Pattaya

    I agree. However, I'd have to see the pee being freshly skooshed. I wouldn't just take some unscrupulous bar owner's word for it.
  5. redrock

    One Night In Pattaya

    I suppose it could be bottled too. I could have a shot of Bow 2016, or on special occasions crack open a bottle of Yoyo 2012 vintage. I'm sure BigTel would join me Oh God, I'm taking this too far.
  6. redrock

    One Night In Pattaya

    Mmm...what would I pay for a skoosh of hot pee on the rocks?? I suppose it depends whose pee it is. I think it's a great idea for a bar - Drink My Piss Bar!!
  7. redrock

    One Night In Pattaya

    Interesting. Never really cared for any of the sexy antics before. This would get my tail up. They should sell it by the pint.
  8. redrock

    Movies Showing In Thailand

    I'll maybe give it a watch. I've been thoroughly disappointed with every movie I've watched lately. The real stinker being The House with a Clock in it's Walls. Holy fucking moly that's one dog shit movie. In fact, it's not a move at all. It's a con. An artless, talentless, child-like swindle. It felt like the entire cast were laughing at me for being stupid enough to buy a ticket. Meg was another one that really grated on my tits. Hollywood has hit an all time low.
  9. redrock

    One Night In Pattaya

    Yes, agree with xyzzy. Fist impression is the bar is just the same, but after a while you begin to notice the lb presence. They'll try to catch your eye. A little bit more squeaking and squawking, bending over and shaking of ass. The general silly bollocks that lbs do. But relaxed atmosphere, no dramas. Definitely worth the trek. I think Terminal 21 has been jamming up the roads in Naklua lately, but that should settle.
  10. redrock

    Soi Buakhao Watch!

    Oh Gawd! Why does the thought of a young man dressed as a young woman, dressed as a vampire, give me a hard on. I need a shrink.
  11. redrock

    One Night In Pattaya

    Yes, thankfully.
  12. Good shout Pdogg. I seem to blow cash on stupid shit. Time to be a bit more frugal.
  13. redrock

    Immigration Woes

    I don't like the sound of this. Jomtien was always one of the better immigration offices in my opinion. I did a visa run to Laos back in April. Fucking horrible experience. I don't know how guys can do that continually. For what it's worth - Nong Khai immigration office is a piece of piss. A bit of a trek though.
  14. redrock

    Katty - Bar and Guesthouse ,Soi 4 Jomtien

    Be good to have a blether you as well Dukey. Fucking years since I've seen you mate.
  15. redrock

    Katty - Bar and Guesthouse ,Soi 4 Jomtien

    I'll defo be in town. Fucking hell BB, it's been a while since I've had a catch-up with you.