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  1. Luung

    Areas Of Chiang Mai

    I'd say the old city for you Pdogg, anywhere near the Thapea Gate
  2. Luung

    Why Not Bangkok

    God bless you, Gutsy! I think that was the best PM that I've ever had; I nearly spat my corn flakes out this morning 555... You're a gentleman. And a bloody good way to keep one step of the heroes too. I guess I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time in Why Not bar when I get off that plane, I think she's really got it going on!
  3. Luung

    Why Not Bangkok

    Who says so???.. I think that Natalie's to die for!!... Looking at the previous pics of her makes me really depressed that I'm stuck in the UK right now. Got any dirty photos of her?
  4. Luung

    Do You Like The Smell Of Pussy

    I love it & usually get my my face stuck right in, especially with orientals... But 'ginger' snatch tend to smell like ammonia & that just makes me want to spew!
  5. Luung

    The Attraction of another Man's Ladyboy

    Same as that, Stoolpusher... Although, as a kid I do remember on occasion saying to friends that, "I didn't want 'any old bird', I want someone else's bird. But that was just a pissed up young kid looking for something obnoxious to say. The reality is that I find pretty nasty, to the point of being upsetting, when someone wants to go poaching in somebody else's pond. Thing is... Most blokes I know both in & out of this scene, 'would', 'do' & 'have' done it without batting an eyelid.
  6. Luung

    What Is A Good Name For A Massage Shop

    'Sticky Hands Massage'
  7. Luung

    Who Is In Town? - Let's Meet Up!

    Cool, it'd be nice to see you... Please send me a PM when you get here Funny thing is that I still want to go back to PP
  8. Luung

    Who Is In Town? - Let's Meet Up!

    Hi all... I'm in Patts for somewhere about the next three weeks or so... Anyone want to come out to play?
  9. Luung

    The Pattaya Times

    Money well spent 5555
  10. Luung

    The Pattaya Times

    5555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555 I just glow, every time i see that vid
  11. Luung

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Shame, it would have been nice to meet up again. I had a lovely time with Dao on Tuesday, but bloody well forgot to mention you or the forum, guess i got carried away... Damm, it looks like i'll have to go back again, now!
  12. Luung

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    How long are you in town for, Stoolpusher?.... I'll be down Pattaya on Sunday It'd be nice to meet up again, if you're still about?
  13. Luung

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    Nice heads up Stoopusher!.. I shall definitely be a regular patron whilst I'm down in Patts I do like a massage with firm pair of hands
  14. I get away with every single penny that I can! Fuck em', the girls and the bars! It's a point of principle... They're the one's who try to extort the customer first!
  15. Luung

    Cambodia Nightlife 2016

    55555555555... Go for it, records are there to be broken! Just remember that it took years of honing myself physically, as well as mental preparation... Plus, abstinence... This is not to be undertaken lightly! And by the way, I wouldn't think about downing the lot as quickly as you can, if i was you... That's the biggest mistake people make & it's how you'll completely twist your melon, man!