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  1. duke007

    Duangjai Bar, Soi Chaiyapoon.

    That Rolling Stones tune was playing when I was in there, love it... wicked
  2. duke007

    Eateries in Pattaya

    Kev in Thailand with two generous Irish subscribers dining in Steak & Co on Soi Lengkee Kev again at Royal Garden Plaza with Sea Views Chinese meal in the Chow Soy on Soi Pothole (Chaiyapoon ) Also a place that I also know very well, have stayed at many times, and I would highly recommend the food too
  3. duke007

    Eateries in Pattaya

    One of my favourite Vloggers Ian Black commenting on his first ever Lobster (You may want to skip the first 2 minutes 30 secs) Sea Bass at TL Restaurant on Second Road
  4. duke007

    Eateries in Pattaya

    The 2 Nicks on 5 Breakfast choices
  5. duke007

    Eateries in Pattaya

    As there,doesn't seem to be a Restaurant /Food section I may as well post this here. Basically I will be posting Vloggers videos about eateries they have visited recently (last 6 months) Other BM's here are more than welcome to add their comments, videos and pics of places recently that they can recommend For those that don't like these type of Vloggers please don't post here dissing them, I am not doing it for your benefit, nor want to waste my time on you, thanks I will start off with Nick 1
  6. duke007

    A Manc's view of Thailand

    BigTel had a couple of beers with Geoff the other day in Pandora's
  7. duke007

    A Manc's view of Thailand

    Hilarious, love it
  8. duke007

    ZAZA 2 MASSAGE soi Chaiyapoon Pattaya

    Hmmm, never got around to visiting the Zaza massage places last month but the thought of two girls giving me a soapy could make it a priority in February The last time it happened to me was going way back to 2001 in Patpong, it was Heaven
  9. duke007

    Surprise Yourself Bar.

  10. duke007

    TJs Bar Naklua

    She is extremely popular, not surprised your finger got stuck