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  1. Jimslim

    A Manc's view of Thailand

    Tims is a great bar, I also had passed the place for years before I was introduced to it earlier this year by a friend
  2. Jimslim

    The Pattaya Times

    Anyone brave enough to swim there still deserves a medal
  3. Jimslim

    TJs Bar Naklua

    Good man , hopefully, she gets a decent crowd there Deedy is great fun
  4. Jimslim

    TJs Bar Naklua

    Great pics
  5. Jimslim

    World AIDS Day, Pattaya Beach Road.

    A few familiar faces there in their best frocks, nice pics BB
  6. Jimslim

    Terminal 21 Pattaya

    Looks exactly like the Bangkok one which its obviously designed on. The shops are shit but the food court is excellent and inexpensive
  7. Jimslim

    LBWVB - 2018 - November 17th

    I think its safe to say he will win it
  8. Jimslim

    Immigration Woes

    A guy ahead of me in the queue was turned down as it transpired his place of lodging had not registered him, also he was changing room quite regularly which isn't uncommon too. He went away to get the paperwork in order, when he came back they still weren't happy, he started shouting and was chucked out and his paperwork ripped in two , I felt sorry for him As usual in Thailand, the whole thing is clear as mud but it does seem that wherever you are staying needs to confirm your dates for the whole stay, luckily for me Andy at The Hideaway drew up a headed letter with a contact number covering all my dates decent lad that he is.
  9. Jimslim

    Immigration Woes

    If you can do your extension outside of Pattaya it should be more straightforward, but the experience now at Jontiem is chaotic. You need a letter from the place you are staying now as proof of registration and they are extremely fussy on this, this doubles your waiting time plus I saw many people turned away because of the paperwork not meeting their perceived standards of proof. It's like getting a visa at the tower of Babel with all the ranting and raving and jostling going on plus you then add the rude staff to the mix I was stuck in that hellhole for 4 hrs in March, hopefully, it has improved .
  10. Jimslim

    Messi vs Ronaldo

    I agree with you sometimes guys should look at it from a woman's perspective, no one should have to put up with abuse and harassment or assault just because some guy thinks he can get away with it .
  11. Jimslim

    Ladyboy X

    Sad to hear, as others have said one of the good ones
  12. Jimslim

    38% Had Sex With A Ladyboy

    I wonder does this include those that have and still don't have a clue? Some of the gormless looking blokes that pick up LBs late at night on Walking Street don't seem to have a clue about anything much let alone gender
  13. Jimslim

    Best Ladyboy Bar In History

    True, it is all subjective I see newer guys getting excited about bars and LBs and I don't know what the fuss is, but fair play to them they are getting the same buzz we all got when we first started going there Now I prefer a good meal with some friends or a meet up in Scooters/Hideaway / PBG etc, its called getting old
  14. Jimslim

    Best Ladyboy Bar In History

    Stringfellows was great I think all of us who where around in its heyday had some great times there, I know around 2006 when it first opened and I was still ducking and diving ( not yet being out - IE walking in the street with an LB ) Stringfellows and a few Soi 6 joints were so naughty and exciting . Though sometimes it was the ultimate letdown to see some LB you quite fancied having a roll in the hay with slobbering on some slovenly looking guys bell end across the room , always a passion killer. Koyo 7 was great too though we all moaned about it at the time, too bright, too in your face etc, but I wish we had it back now, I remember wanking off an LB at one of the tables as we looked down at the throng going to Walking Street, ah the joys of Pattaya !