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    Some more shots from last night in the bar.
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    Those of you who know me know that I’m am seldom, if ever, without my trusty camera by my side. This is not a trip report as such but a collection of some scenes I encounter on my trips around the area. I got into town last Thursday and was greeted in the late afternoon by a serious downpour, welcome back. I had seen Geoff Carter’s video about the development of the beach and was curious to see it myself. They have completed the section from Pattaya Klang to the north end, so the place finally has some sort of beach. And of course there is the daily sunset to capture, plenty more to come folks.
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    When Singapore is mentioned one usually just thinks of Orchard Towers where a couple of the bars have some lbs - but back in the 70's and 80's Bugis Street was the place for the lbs and their admirers. Although there are only a few seconds of photos of the Singaporean lbs, you can see they were quite attractive. You can skip to the 2:07 mark for the beginning of the photos.
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    Welcome to katty bar. I have new ladyboy. Her name is Jeab. If want to know her more. Come to my bar. And happy Loy kra thong day tomorrow for everyone too.
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    Is anyone aware of an archive of old ladyboy life and scenes photographs. Would love to see pictures from "back in the day" of ladyboys, ladyboy sectors of cities, and what the scene looked like from 70's, 60''s and even earlier. My first experience (if reading a book is an experience) with ladyboys was when I was sixteen, I was in the George Washington University library, and I found a book on human sexuality (don't ask what a 16 was doing either in college library, or reading sexuality books), but in this book there was a one picture that is still blazed in my memory. It was a photo taken in Bangkok during the early Vietnam war showing 3 ladyboys posing on the hood of an Astin Martin. Would love to see other images from this time period and before. Hoping someone somewhere has put together a collection of this "ladyboy" and mongers history.
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    Took an old saunter over Pratamnak Hill and down to Bali Hai yesterday afternoon. For anyone wanting a view of metropolis then this is well worth the minor hike.
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    It's Hunny Bunny Bar. The two LBs on the ends are farm fresh. Last night was their first night and neither speaks English. They are also hormone girls.
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    Nights out are rare for me but did a mini bar crawl tonight. Here is a quick summary. Met up with a few guys at the Hideaway to start out, hospitable, relaxing, and a good cup of coffee. Baby Boom is around the corner. Good bar if one is hunting though probably not the best joint for a chinwag with mates. On to to New Bar for Petsie's birthday bash. Packed house. Then to Duangjai. Think Duangjai's location has allot going for it. Soi Chaiyapoon reminds me of the way Victory Hill in Sihanoukville was a few years ago before the Chinese casinos completely changed the entire town almost overnight. Think a dark unpaved soi is perfect for a ladyboy bar and cheap drink prices are a plus.
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    Some more shots from Coco.
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    Was handed this yesterday on Dongtan Beach, may be of interest to some here.
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    What a knob Restaurant Guest Slaps Ladyboy Waitress Who Told Him Not To Smoke CCTV footage shows the moment an angry restaurant guest slapped a waitress after she told him not to smoke inside the building. Businessman Surasi Haengsrisuwan wanted to light up while he was tucking into food at the Krungsri River Hotel in Nakhon Ratchasima province, Thailand. But the waitress Panita Kochprapa, 25, told him that smoking inside the hotel’s restaurant was forbidden. The pair began arguing before Surasi delivered a deft blow to the face of Panita, who was born a man. The transsexual later filed a police report but after mediation she agreed to drop charges in return for 40,000 Thai baht (1,200usd) in compensation. https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=usznJ_1543234031
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    How about this one gentlemen.
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    A shot of Sophia who kept the Fogmister happy.
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    Paid my first visit of this trip to Dongtan beach in Jomtien yesterday, and boy has there been a facelift since my last time there almost 2 years ago. This photo is just to the right of the police station.
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    Emmy is the sexiest Bar owner in all of Thailand
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    Since Craigslist went down, Grindr is now the defacto site for part-time working tgirls, and femmeboys. They have a "tribe" called "trans" so you will only see other people in the trans tribe so you don't have to wade through a bunch of leather daddys to find your Trans princess. Unfortunately, it seems the straight married guys have also discovered the TGirls are on Grindr. I have my TGirl friend who showed me how many hits she gets. We were sitting at a restaurant having lunch and she put her smart phone on the table with the app open. She was literally pinged every two minutes. She says she doesn't like grindr because she gets too many hits..
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    the best trip i had was in 2014...only 7 days....the best 7 days of my life...i still remember it as the best week ever....at woraburi soi 4....and darkside at soi 33 in BKK...was like swimming laps...back and forward. It was like drinking a concentrated red bull...gives you wings
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    Yes Katesiree is pretty cheap. The place is packed on English football nights. Sorry but you likely won't catch me at the Family Mart! https://www.google.com/maps/@12.9292656,100.8850956,3a,15y,348.9h,77.38t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sjYj3iCWNBAKrRNTcvDo35g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
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    Yes it's US$20k these days. Hard to find something official on line for me. But this is from the Thai embassy in Singapore: http://www.thaiembassy.sg/visa-matters-/-consular/bringing-currency-in-or-out-of-thailand
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    as per the law there is NO restriction what you can bring in... However as of 20,000 USD or its equivalent you have the obligation to declare it and prove origin of the sources. Of curse, nobody in their right frame of mind would bring a pallet full of 100 dollar bills because justification would be hard . But in theory possible with proper bank documents that show origin. As long as you bring less than 20,000 USD all is ok.
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    I actually like the bite of Chang but I drink Sangsom with orange juice quite a bit because I get tired of the lack of flavour of Thai beer fairly quickly
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    ..That was in 2011 when i met her first time...and i had to buy her a drink..she told me her cock is bigger then mine n she won.. well just .. ..