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  1. Today
  2. duke007

    Eateries in Pattaya

    Pepper Lunch in Central Festival
  3. bumblebee

    Are your first or early LBs still around?

    She was hanging out at Pats bar as I passed by so maybe she moves around.
  4. Pdoggg

    The Bangkok Times

  5. xyzzy

    Is Sunee ready?

    One of the two GOGOs on Soi VC now charges 200 baht for a beer.
  6. duke007

    TJs Bar Naklua

    Yes, the girls will show you the way
  7. bumblebee

    Scenes of Pattaya.

    Thanks BT, one of my personal bests ever I feel. The cloud setting was just right at that moment.
  8. Yesterday
  9. bumblebee

    Party Time.

  10. Pdoggg

    Survey For Men In Thailand?

    Thailand vs Philippines 2018 Miss Universe
  11. bumblebee

    Name That Shot! Pattaya

    As no further guesses are forthcoming I can reveal the location is the place to the left of Hooters on Beach Road.
  12. bumblebee

    La Bamba: What's Up?

    For guys just wanting to chill out and have a beer, sitting outside makes all the difference, at the tall table the girls use. Most of the eye candy is there and it’s amusing to watch their interaction with passers by. Not sure if it’s a runner but removing the ornaments outside and putting in some small seating area may be a way to go. Minnie Mouse again and a new girl who said she has only been in Pattaya a month.
  13. bumblebee

    English Premier League 2016/17

    Sounds like it will be a stressful evening Duke. I’m sure if the Belfast man’s side lose there will be plenty of distractions to console him in Pattaya.
  14. Last week
  15. Pdoggg

    Miss Universe 2018

    Miss USA apologizes to fellow contestants after barrage of criticism. (CNN) — Miss USA has apologized after comments she made about two fellow Miss Universe contestants' English-language abilities sparked backlash online. In a live Instagram video posted on Wednesday, 24-year-old contestant Sarah Rose Summers said that Miss Vietnam H'Hen Nie is "so cute and she pretends to know so much English and then you ask her a question after having a whole conversation with her and she (nods and smiles)." Summers, who was joined in the video by Miss Colombia, Valeria Morales and Miss Australia, Francesca Hung, was attending the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand, which is scheduled to begin on Sunday in Bangkok.
  16. Stroker

    Surprise Yourself Bar.

    A clip from the Blues Brothers themed party last night on FB.
  17. Pdoggg

    Duangjai Bar, Soi Chaiyapoon.

    I'm so for hot for her but she's so cold!
  18. bumblebee

    Katty - Bar and Guesthouse ,Soi 4 Jomtien

    Some of the girls last night on our mooch around the Jomtien sois.
  19. bumblebee

    Soi Buakhao Watch!

    Duangjai Bar has now moved further along Soi Pothole as you walk towards Third Road. It is also on the left hand side now.
  20. Pdoggg

    Movies Showing In Thailand

    Went to see Hor-Taew-Tak 6 tonight. My teerak loved it and I reckon that your ladyboy dates will also love it. Opening scene is a morlam, and references to Silom Soi 2 and Liverpool FC.
  21. 8inches

    Zaza Massage Pattaya

    I was at both shops yesterday evening, neither the sadist nor the nurse were available. I got a good offer from Paxky but I was soaking wet due to rain so I decided to postpone. None of the other staff are into canes and whips, 2 bad what can I do.
  22. Pdoggg

    The Pattaya Times

    Talking about the beach......
  23. Earlier
  24. Pdoggg

    My Fetish Ladyboy Lifestyle - The Phillippines

    I think the Philippines is the best deal as far as chica pay to play goes. If you like the convenience of the street pay for play then Angeles is the best option. A few years ago, Cebu Square in Cebu City was a good option for street pickups. I've heard, but don't know for sure, that it has changed. But it's not Cebu City but rather other parts of Cebu where you would go to scuba dive. I am not a fan of online hookups but many guys feel it's the best way to meet in Cebu. Pina Love is probably the best way to meet ladyboys in the Philippines. It's just not my style. Click here for Pina Love Forum members Strocube and Wastopcat are familiar with the Cebu scene and Forum member Thaibound is an expert at the effective use of Filipina online dating sites. Pina Love is the sister site of Thai Friendly but in Thailand the dating sites are not as essential as in most parts of the Philippines. If you enjoy dating sites then Cebu is as good as Angeles but if you prefer the street then Angeles is the place to go. While the P4P price is cheaper in the Philippines, the price of comparable lodging is cheaper in Thailand. The food is better in Thailand. Infrastructure is better in Thailand. The Filipina ladyboys speak better English. Filipina ladyboys are more likely to be flat chested while Thailand has lots more silicone. Cambodia is not a good option for ladyboys. In none of these places do you pay by the hour. It will either be shortime, which is a coupe of hours without clock watching or longtime which is overnight. Have fun bro!
  25. bumblebee

    Jokes Thread

    At least you made it Cobber, we got waylaid in Jomtien after the quiz there on Monday night. Emmy arrived back from the party and said very loud music, so we had another beer in her bar while we decided what to do. Would have been good to have a drink with yourself and SP, will be around more or less till mid February.
  26. rxpharm

    Old School LadyBoy Scene Photo Archive

    Another Youtube video - this time from an old 1979 Hollywood film titled "Saint Jack" that was shot entirely in Singapore. The video shows a scene in Bugis Street and then in a Singapore brothel featuring 2 postop Singapore lbs performing for a pimp and two customers. It was banned in Singapore from 1980 - 2006 for giving a negative impression of the country.
  27. Rossco

    LBWVB - 2018 - November 17th

    Team Score CardCharitiesSponsorsCommentsMedia Linksare all onhttp://lbwvb.com/ladyboy-water-volleyball-2018-eventHere are 2 Videos from the event:Thanks to Pattaya People Media Group (Barry Upton) for covering the event.http://lbwvb.com/archives/41431Thanks to Kev In Thailand.As Kev says "It is all about the kids"http://lbwvb.com/archives/41424A special Merry Christmas to all the people who supported LBWVB 2018 from those that you helpedTryhttp://lbwvb.com/gallery-category/lbwvb-2018For about 1000 pictures.
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